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2 days ago

I would say 4WD is for the muddy days only, but it is a dirt road for at least / almost 2 mi up to the trailhead. WOW for a mystical forest experience, this is the one! Trail is uncrowded just because of how far up it is. You do drop down, and into the rain forest where all the plants are dripping wet, even if it's not raining. Very misty in here. Beautiful views. There are also many more trail options that are not listed here.

beautiful run down the switch back trail. goats at the bottom. we went clockwise. recommend it.

Fog limited the visibility, but overall was a great and beautiful hike.

My family did this hike today. The 4x4 road is no joke, so park at the hunting check in station. it was beautiful in the trees with the mist. We set off around 0900 and were very comfortable. We saw 4 other people throughout the hike. A solid moderate hike with some elevation changes and slippery loose lava and leaves. The trail is maintaned very well. My kids are 8 & 4 and completed the hike with only minor complaints from younger one. We stopped at the Kula farmers market on the way back for some treats. A good break from the beach.

1 month ago

Beautiful area, and not overly difficult. We saw no other people or wild pigs on the trail. I would recommend bug spray and at least one trekking pole as there were loose rocks and a few slippery areas. Park at the hunting shack and walk in .7 to trailhead. Good for families.

This was a great trail! Shade, cool, ups and downs, loop, no wind. Loved it. Recommend going clockwise. Agree with others in parking by the 4WD sign - walk 0.7 miles till the start of the loop. I used my apple watch to gps the hike and it gave me 4.4 miles from that 4WD sign round trip, not 3.5. The loop itself is about 3.0 miles.

on Waiakoa Loop Trail

2 months ago

Had an awesome time. Hike itself was not bad at all. Scenery is very beautiful. It was relatively rainy today and added to feel almost like hiking through a rainforest of some sort. Ran into one group, otherwise it was just my family and I. It was at times pretty muddy, definitely bring some good shoes or hiking boots. I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to drive through the 4wd only section. We thankfully decided against it and hiked through. Absolutely no way anything except a lifted heavy duty off roading vehicle is getting through that. I would recommend the hike to anyone. My mom doesn't hike much at all and was able to make it through just fine.

3 months ago

We parked at the top prior to the 4wd sign. Good thing, that road wouldn’t have been passable without a lifted 4wd vehicle. It was completely rutted out in places and would have been a struggle in a basic 4wd vehicle.

The hike was great but we mistakenly did it counter clockwise and I swear it felt like the whole thing was uphill. We had the whole trail to ourselves, didn’t run into a single soul. No rain and a perfect cool day with light jackets. We saw goats and piglets which were adorable but we didn’t want to run into mama hog (or mistakenly separate her from her piglets) so we barked like dogs to scare them all off.

The trees were stunning, birds were chirping, and the trail was in good shape which other than the uphill factor, didn’t require too much effort to traverse. We did not locate the “cave” which was on the map/sign at the trailhead.

3 months ago

Use 4WD! We drove it in a car, and the potholes were very difficult to maneuver. Too risky without 4WD. We did the redwood and plum trails to make a full loop. There were several downed trees across the paths that required you to crawl over, under, or around. Be cautious because the ground is soft on the edges of the paths. It’s a touch climb back up the plum trail. Not for the faint of heart. I wore my heart monitor because I’m an avid runner and I track my rates, and I was in the red for many parts of the way up - had to take it very slow. Beautiful hike on a clear day, but I would not want to drive the dirt road if it rains.

4 months ago

Great hike and 4wd not required if you park before the sign that says it is and start from there. Just a lot of exceptional sections of forest and flowers. Nice and cool but don’t expect views of the ocean or island. Mostly different trees (including a section knocked down by wind). If you go to the forest cabin you can take the road back to your car, although that’s not so fun

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Drove all the way into the park. The signs said 4WD only but as long as you avoid the potholes it's fine. Walked the Plum Trail which was a complete loop. Very quiet, relaxing, and uncrowded hike.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Took us slightly more than 2 hours, with a 9 year old kid, the road to go there is a bit edgy, but ok, we did the loop counter clock wise, actually coming back by car the view is very nice. Pedestrian traffic was minimum when we did it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Short and sweet but there lawless to some nice longer trails around here

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Great trail. The 1km walk in on the 4w only road was no big deal at all. We did the loop counter clockwise to make the the traverse of the mountainside at the far end of the loop a downhill hike. There's 1 sitting bench along the trail, just before making the downhill trek.
Wonderful towering eucalyptus trees & majestic old growth pine trees.
The songbirds in the trees made a great chorus as we walked along.
Saw some ferrule goats but no wild pigs.
We'd watched the Kula weather forecast and began hike about 10am. It was cool but quite pleasant with a long sleeved shirt. The clouds started forming later in the morning.
Made the loop in 2+hrs with a stop for lunch along the way.
Will definitely come back and do this hike again

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Wasnʻt expecting the terrain and wind conditions to be so gnarly and wiped out 15 minutes into the descent. Once I knocked the butterflies out of my stomach it was on!!!

In my two decades as an avid mountain biker never thought I would be blessesd to descend such a gnarly yet epic trail higher than the clouds!

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

I did this today and it was a beautiful day. The forest is beautiful and the hiking is easily done. The four wheel drive is necessary to get down to the start. Overall a good hike today.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Great hike. We had to walk to the trail itself as you need a 4x4 to drive to it. It took us 2 hours for a round trip. You can go for a much longer hike from the same direction, you'll see a map before starting the trail. We did just a loop and it was nice. No real breathtaking views (hence 3 stars), but the forest itself is beautiful. Loved the smell of eucalyptus and wild lilikoi. Google directions took us to the wrong place, you need to stop once you see a hunters hut on the left side of the road and there will be a gate toward the hike, you can drive through the gate if you have 4x4.

on Waiakoa Loop Trail

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Nice overall hike. We drove up to the hunting hut checkin point. You can park directly below the hut off the road. You need to walk in 0.8 miles along the dirt road before you reach the actual trail head. If you have 4 wheel drive, you can drive to trail head.

It's a loop trail so read the sign/map to ensure you know where you're heading. Take a picture of the map at the trailhead to ensure you know which trail to take. The north fork splits after a short distance in, but it's not clearly marked. This is where the map helped.

The trail is in kula which is higher in elevation. Give yourself time to walk slower, bring water, and an extra shirt or layer in case it gets cold. The hike is mostly under a canopy.

The overall trail is easy to moderate. There is some elevation gain and loss, but not strenuous. The Trail relatively well maintained.

We went during pig hunting season. It unnerved me a bit to know there might be hunters in the area. But stay on the trail and you should be fine.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

You are required to have a 4WD to get to the trailhead. Dang, wish I knew that before going up the windy road for 7 miles. The views were beautiful at the top. But would have been nice to go on the hike.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stunning!! My girlfriend and I attempted to view the sunrise at Haleakala's famed sunrise spot (very close to the summit). Mother Nature had other plans and provided a chilled and intermittent drizzle/rain.
After the chilly start to the day, we set out looking for this trail head. The two descriptions I read in the 'insider' type of travel books both mentioned that the trail head is not actually in Haleakala NP, but it was close by. Neither one actually said where this elusive trail could be found.
As of 9/24/15 the trailhead is no longer accessible by private vehicles (incl 4wd vehicles). You have to park at the summit and walk back to the access road just before the summit lot. It will look like you're heading to the telescope area.
This is where it gets even trickier. There is a fork in this paved road a few hundred yards down. Signage for both options appears ominous, but you are perfectly legal to take the paved road to the left. You may need to crawl over or around the hefty gate.
This paved road continues for about a quarter-half mile with some dramatic views of the Pacific, dark volcanic rock fields and shrubs. Just after passing the impressive radio towers, you'll finally come to the trail head.
The trail itself varies from gradual to fairly challenging decline. The footing can be a bit tough too, as there are parts of the path that have larger loose volcanic rocks.
The trail is definitely wide enough for the mountain bikers (we only saw one) and interesting enough for us hikers. We didn't plan on hiking all the way down to the lavender farm, so we turned around somewhere around 3 miles?? We took two hours to go down and about an hour and change to zip back to the summit parking lot. It was a pretty tough climb up - thin air (almost two miles up!!), no protection from the elements, strong sun (even though it was in the 40s with the wind chill).

Pros: Stunning, one of the most unique terrains on earth, views of the entire island (and several others too!!), barely used, cinder comes, volcanic craters, well-maintained, did I mention the views???
Cons: Hard to find, bit of a haul just to get to the trailhead,

Tips: Wear sunscreen, bring lots of water, leave a car down the mountain if you're adventurous and going to do the whole trail, display your Haleakala NP pass on the rear view mirror at the summit parking lot, take lots of pictures, but leave everything as it is for others to enjoy:-)). What a treasure!!!

Thursday, July 09, 2015


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Overall, good moderate hike. This is actually a 2.8 mile loop. Not 6 miles like the description says. The trails aren't marked well as you get deeper in, so you need to pay attention. We almost went off the trail at two spots on the North end where the trail starts to descend. You'll also need to be prepared to go around/over downed trees.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We started this three mike loop at the hunter sign in station, well marked and other than the one pig and one cow we had the trail o ourselves.

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