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Was on the easy side of moderate rained about 1/2 of the hike can be slippery in spots so be prepared to get muddy

beautiful trail with some parts to get your heart pumping haha.

Super muddy but well worth it. Most of these reviews will cover what to expect (views, cliff, climbing). Definitely worth the struggle.

Best hike in Kauai!!! Be carful and wear appropriate shoes. It’s quite hard because slippery. The view is the best.

5 days ago

Unbelievable hike. The views never end and every corner you turn, it's keeps getting better. The finale overlooking the ocean is truly special. A bit muddy as you're weaving through some wooded areas, but well worth it. This one takes some beating, anywhere in the world!

We did this hike with a toddler in a backpack.

We did not have 4WD so had to walk along the muddy road to get to the trail head. No biggie... just make sure to allow for time.

A good portion of the trail is covered. Quite open and very hot closer to the top.

Great views and some cool little spots for the nugget to explore.

Got caught in heavy rain on the way back on the road. I imagine parts of this trail would be very slick when wet.

6 days ago

Me and my wife did this hike today!!! EPIC!!! Don’t let the rain fool you. Once you get out on the ridge, the clouds cleared up and we saw some of the best views. This hike is definitely doable... but it is very slippery. I would definitely recommend wearing hiking boots. This is the best hike in the park! The end of it is pretty sketchy, especially because it was wet. Just go slow and use your judgment. I will definitely do this one again!!!

Well traveled trail. Great views from the top. If you don’t want to deal with the slippery first half of the trail, bypass the original trail head and stop at the next intersection up the road. It’s a 4X4 road that takes you to the midway point on the canyon trail. There are other trails off the 4X4 road but they are all marked.

We drove a mini van right up to the beach. Great place to walk along the ocean and was a awesome sunset.

9 days ago

Awesome! Not the best trail I've ever hiked, but this thing packs so much raw exposure and scenery into such a short distance that it might be the best value per linear foot I've experienced. Even clouded in, this is an incredible experience.

Great views of the North Coast accompany the easy trails at the beginning of this hike. The views soon are covered by the jungle that you will be scrambling through. Muddy hills provide exciting, at times challenging, hiking but after less than a mile of scrambling, you'll come across boardwalks which provide easy trails once again.

The boardwalks carry you through the jungle and across the bog to a lookout point which was unfortunately thick with fog. The journey was definitely worth the time, the view would have just been the cherry.

Highly recommended to moderate hikers in sturdy sandals or shoes that can handle some mud.

Me and my girlfriend did this trail today, and it was fantastic. Some of the best views we've ever seen. A couple quick tips to help you plan for the hike:

First, getting there: go to the kalalau lookout and park in the normal parking lot. You'll walk up to the view surrounded by a green fence. When looking at the valley, on your far left there is a gate that has a small latch that can be opened. Go through this gate and you're on your way.

Second, difficulty: I'll start by saying that if this wasn't on a ridge it would probably be rated moderate. What makes it hard is the narrowness of the trail and the fact that there is steep ridge immediately to your right. Don't let this stop you, as it is easily manageable and views are breathtaking.

There are several lookout points along the way. As early as 10 minutes in, you'll want to stop and take a picture.

The ridge line will pucker you right up.

15 days ago

So rewarding. The trail is not as hard as they lead you to believe but I can see it being more difficult for those who don't hike regularly. We hiked this trail and the Nu'alolo trail. Both incredible but would probably recommend this one because the views of Kalalau Valley are unmatched.

Nice hike but views are best at the lookout of cliff edge portion near the falls.

19 days ago

Amazing hike, one of the best I’ve ever done. Outstanding views, great workout, plenty of exposure to keep you on your toes. A must if visiting Kauai.

This hike is absolutely stunning. We had to be patient and wait for the clouds to roll out but when they did, oh baby! So beautiful and a fun, tricky hike with foot holds and mud. We loved it!

24 days ago

TLDR: Big guy not in great shape was able to easily accomplish this beautiful hike - easily one of the true highlights of a Kauai vacation!

Alright let me start this out by saying WOW! What an amazing trail. And let me follow it up by suggesting that everyone who does attempt this use caution and common sense when approaching the trail. I am going to give some personal feedback based on the reviews I read on this site but that does not mean that my experience and others will be the same.

Allow me to point out that I am a middle aged 350+lb 6'2" guy. I have bad knees from years of retail and bad ankles from being too top heavy - but I also do a fair bit of hiking/walking and have recently been working on C25K, etc. So I would elect to say that I am in a fair bit better fitness than most people my size.

When my wife and I were planning hikes in Kauai for our trip this was one that clearly stood out to us. Being 1.9 miles out and back it was a trail we knew I could handle fitness wise - but based on all of the reviews I was very concerned if I would be able to handle the steep decline/inclines and was scared of how the ridge hiking would be. Ultimately - it was no big deal! I am glad people are warning caution but at the end of the day I never felt like this trail was too much.

In fact, I encourage people interested in this trail at all to give it a shot with these two things in mind:

Firstly, you will learn quickly what the descent/ascent is like (within the first .2 miles). If the first descent makes you feel overwhelmed that's a good sign you've gone far enough and should not keep going. This is as bad as it gets for steepness/slickness (we were very fortunate to get 98% dry hike!). There is one more very steep section after a campground but this early indicator would help someone concerned about this hike to make a decision.

Secondly, as you approach some of the narrow portions where there is a quick dropoff shortly to your right you can make an assessment if doing the last section is something you are comfortable with. One of the things I never saw anyone else mention was that you can do 70+% of this hike without the fear of the double cliff ridge line AND feel like you've seen amazing sights and experienced a great hike! But that being said, if you are willing and feel comfortable with the ridge hiking the final payoff is WELL worth it!

The return hike was definitely making me huff and puff but the entire thing was no more than moderate when taking it slow and easy. A mistake near the end would no doubt be bad but I never felt like I was at risk.

So please, give it a shot! Enjoy it! Be safe! Use poles to keep your balance!

This was a beautiful hike. However we went a day or so after it rained pretty hard and it was extremely muddy. That made this trail much more difficult. Without that it would not have been bad. There are a few steep climbs. The sad thing was when we reached the peak of the canyon the fog had rolled in and we couldn’t see anything. The waterfall at the end was worth it though.

25 days ago

The trail starts at the Kalalau Valley Lookout so there is plenty of parking. The trailhead is not marked but if you are looking out over the lookout, turn left and follow the fence until there is a break in the fence and that’s where the trail starts. As noted but others, it’s a steep downhill covered in dirt and is very slippery, and there is also a lot of underbrush at parts, so I would strongly recommend wearing hiking boots and long pants (otherwise you will be scraped and/or dirty).

Very beautiful trail - totally worth the short trip out and back for the views and it’s a fun hike with some scrambling.

The view is amazing!

An astonishingly beautiful hike. The trail is mostly downhill through root-lined switchbacks, which is great on the way down, but definitely save some energy for the hike back.

The trail opens up on a wide cliff ledge with sweeping views of the canyon before continuing on to two waterfalls. The smaller of the two hides behind a rocky scramble, but the true gem of the hike is a few yards away. A short, easy scramble places you atop of Waipoo falls, with the canyon opening up far below you.

If you have a drone, definitely send it out for one of the most amazing views you will ever see.

nice trail. it was tough for me not for my hubby. the falls were small but pretty. killer hill workout.

The trail provides nice views of the canyon. When you get to the end, you can scramble down some rocks to the cliff edge and peek down the waterfall.

awesome hike. this hike is my go to hike if I'm limited on time. This is where I take or recommend to my friends. Beautiful views with a small waterfall.

Very pretty enjoyable hike. The waterfall is gorgeous at the end. The trail was heavily trafficked on the Sunday we went.

Absolutely gorgeous! We started with cloudy and misty conditions in the morning but as we continued along the trail the clouds faded revealing the most beautiful breathtaking views! Totally worth it!

Great trail, but for a solid 1/3 of it you’re crawling down big hills on your hands and knees. Many roots which people have used to hold onto are broken/ripped, making it a bit more scared. Best advise- wear shoes with really good tread. I was sliding all over in trail runners.

A couple water crossings could use some better setup, otherwise a great hike!

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