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Kawela Bay, Hawaii Map
1 month ago

Great walk with younger kids with great views of the ocean. Watch for overnight rain as the back portions can get muddy.

AllTrails really needs to revisit this one. There is very little trail, most of it is a walking path along the golf course. On the 14th hole I had to make a detour as there is a land development underway and there is also a new water hazard that does not show on the AllTrails map. The biggest disappointment about this one is that the golf course is closed to any kind of walking traffic when play is in motion. The only way to complete this course is to hike it about 2Hrs before sun rise or after sun set otherwise the course marshals will advise you that the course is closed to walkers and you are requested to leave which I completely understand.

There are a few really nice views of the well groomed golf course along with some very interesting trees along the walk. I managed to complete 6.1 miles of the course and think if I had been able to complete the rest of the course it may have come in around 8 plus miles.

This one is a nice walk but I rated this as a one start based on the restrictions of access and out of date map.

4 months ago

Sweet easy stroll along a gorgeous shoreline. Trail shared with hoses and their poop. Banyan tree is otherworldly.

A pretty walk to check out the Banyan Trees and there is also a pillbox. Very easy to check off the list. You can walk along the beach, so bring your suit and get in the water.

I loved walking and jogging this trail, it is flat and plenty of trees for shade, I love looking out over the bay while running this path. However beware of theft in this area. We parked right actress from the fruit market on the road outside the tree and were only gone from our car a half hour and someone broke our window and stole our snorkel gear, it was a rental car and they say rental cars are targeted. DONT leave anything in your car!!!

7 months ago

the path is super short and easy to find. the trees are beautiful but other than that, the only cool thing there is walking a bit further to the beach or left to the pillbox

good views at the end

10 months ago

A nice peaceful walk, decent distance if you don’t want to go to far but still want to get exercise. At the end my husband & I sat on the beach & took in the beauty and watched the waves. We went when it was overcast & some rain but it made it so refreshing.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A very easy and quite nice walk. There are some beautiful points on the way (near to the ocean). And beside of them mostly a golfpark. If you are lucky, you will see seals or turtles on the beach. But be respectful and don't bother them.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Great shoreline hike - challenge: 1. take the path and view the ocean or 2. Walk along the beach and enjoy the tidepools. Option 2 is more of a work out trudging along the sand, then when the 12-15' waves roll in you get wet. Well, we enjoyed option 2 today until it took out our phones....oops, time for an upgrade.

Monday, October 02, 2017

This walking path is short and dirty, lots of trash! We were also treated so rudely by locals with houses in the bay. Was not a pleasant experience.

Monday, October 02, 2017

The beach was very dirty and small, plus the locals were very rude. We parked near the fruit stand off the highway and when we returned one of the fellow cars had been broken into with the police present. I would recommend just enjoying the Turtle Bay resort pool and beach- very clean, friendly, and safe!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Where the west side of Turtle Bay is heavy on movie sets and television props and locations, the east side bears a bit more homage to the regional history and nature.

My recommendation to anyone exploring Turtle Bay East, though, would be to stick to the trail out to the point, get your fill of ocean and sand and seals, because all of that it really great. Then, when you're done, go back the way you came on the return trip. There’s really nothing special to see getting lost on the back nine.

Oh, and watch your head.

For full review, go here: https://astephengetty.wordpress.com/trail-blog/turtle-bay-resort-trails/turtle-bay-east-kahuku-point/

Friday, August 04, 2017

Very nice place for a walk. Great memories. Nice sunsets.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Beautiful place. Great memories.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

I do this hike every time I stay at Turtle Bay. It is quiet, not frequently used, and a good place to hear yourself think while hiking. At times you have to cross the golf course so be mindful of golfers. Ocean views nice for that part of the hike. Not a hard at all but varied scenery. Will be back this fall and will definitely be out hiking all over Turtle Bay.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Since Turtle Bay is a resort, the trails are less “hiking trails” and more “walking paths;” fairly short, designed for quick out and back walks that don’t chew up too much of your vacation time and get you back to places where you can spend money as soon as possible.

For full review, go here: https://astephengetty.wordpress.com/trail-blog/turtle-bay-resort-trails/turtle-bay-west-banyan-treehidden-beach/

It is actually called Kuilima, not Kulima. Gorgeous place. Just hope it doesn't get spoiled by more development because it is absolutely beautiful. Keep the country country.

horseback riding
Saturday, May 13, 2017

Really nice trail via horseback taken during Christmas 2016.

Awesome workout

Amazing ocean views! Beautiful hike along an ocean trail past horse stables - one of the most romantic hikes ever! I'm in love! ❤️

Turtle bay is actually on Northshore theirs several trials we did 4miles worth one day some sandy some paved all with the ocean view beautiful! Hardly any people we really enjoyed it

1 month ago

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