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We had a great time finding our way to the arboretum, sloshing through the mud and traipsing through overgrown vegetation. It was a lot more fun than it sounds! Based on previous reviews, were prepared for a rough hike. I had full length pants and a full length shirt, and they came in handy. I regretted not also having serious hiking boots. My trail runners were soaked in mud, guava juice, and snail guts by the end of the hike. The full length clothes also helped to protect against the many bugs on the trail. You may consider bringing bug spray.

As has been mentioned, there are a few parts of the trail where it seems like trees and/or overgrown vegetation are blocking the way. For the first obstacle, at the beginning of the hike, we were able to make our way over the fallen trees by staying to the left of the trail and walking over the fallen trees.

The second time, we found overgrown vegetation next to the golf course, immediately after we re-entered the unpaved portion of the trail (the trail passes on the rod for a short portion). So, instead of staying on the trail, we turned back to the paved road and followed it to the right until we got to some building structures on the right side of the road (including restrooms, which are locked, by the way). We got back on the trail right next to the restrooms and followed the trail for a while.

At some point, the trail took us to a beautiful view of the valley and ocean to our left. Then, the trail headed into a dense patch of vegetation on both sides, which is where we reached a third portion of the trail that was overgrown and barely discernible. As we were about to turn around, we noticed that there was a (poorly maintained) ATV road to the right of the trail. It turns out that, once you get to the ATV road, you can follow it to an intersection where, if you hang back left (where the trail is), you can get back to a very beautiful and rewarding portion of the trail. This was my favorite portion. Lush vegetation and a trail that stayed dry even in spite of the rain that was falling around us.

The trail was fully discernible until the arboretum from there on. However, I note that we encountered some extreme mud and prolific spider webs - though we were hiking in the rain so perhaps other hikers would find less mud. And so much fermenting fruit on the ground!

Finally, we reached the arboretum, which we found muddy and poorly maintained. It seems like nature has completely taken over what used to be a well maintained exhibit. There were also many signs and references to a shuttle that was never to come. It felt like we were surrounded by ghosts.

There is at least one port-a-potty at the top, where the shuttles used to be, though we did not try using it.

As has also been said, the incline of the trail does not warrant a “hard” rating. It seems like the difficulty lies in the navigation and mud. I suggest that you download the trail map on All Trails and follow it. It was the saving grace for us whenever we lost our way. And we lost service for most of the hike.

I’m giving it five stars because, for us, the ruggedness and difficulty in navigation was part of the fun.

Follow up for next poster:

We navigated around or through the overgrowth in three locations. We got really lucky and we’re able to find the trail after these points.

1) near the trailhead had to climb over a huge downed tree. It would have been much easier to enter at the paved road crossing just past this point.

2) we also took the cart path to the bathrooms

3) From his description, I think this is where Peter turned back, and we were ready to as well. If this is just past the pine trees, once you hit the overgrowth, there is a parallel 4x4 road to the right of the trail. The road is about 10 ft higher so you need to climb a short hill to get there. Once you get on the 4x4 road, continue parallel to the trail until it forks. At the fork, the trail crosses the road and you are able to re-join the hike. It was clear sailing for us from this point.

2 days ago

I'm curious to hear more from Chris Olson, poster below me. I read most of the reviews here about the difficulty of tall foliage and inaccessible paths, and can attest to much of it. Lots of potential for this trail but they need to clear the path. There were at least 3 times when I was squatting through the foliage in order to keep eyes on the path. Although I never was, it seems like an easy path to get lost in the overgrowth. I made it past the stepping rocks (to the left of the private property sign), ascended the red clay hill, and hiked through the pine trees. At this point, I had to make judgement calls on whether or not to venture through the overgrowth. There were moments I almost turned around b/c I was unsure where I was going and that's why I ultimately gave up about half way in, according to my AllTrails app. I couldn't see what I was stepping on anymore and there was no clear path ahead. I had been making assumptions based on the overgrowth that I had been stepping on as to whether or not I was heading in the right direction, but I could not do this any longer since I was afraid of falling off 1 side of the ridge. I had to be more cautious than not since I'm unaware of the area. I did achieve some altitude and got scarce beach views, but my views were mostly of the adjacent ridge. I'll upload a few pics that can be used for reference, along with a screenshot of how far I apparently got on the trail. ALSO, the original trail head from Fleming Beach, where entrance is left of the preschool, has a landslide about 300 yrds in, so you need to enter another way. Park at Fleming Beach and ask a lifeguard or the preschool nearby. Both should know. You need to walk past the pre-school. At the end of the Preschool lot is another gravel path past the trees and onto another road. Take a left uphill, and go about 100 ft before turning right back onto the path. You'll see signs and it'll become more obvious at this point. You'll be crossing a couple driveways until you need to make your first right into the trail (overgrowth already obvious) before entering the golf course.. There is a lot of overgrowth at this point. Although the sign advises not to, I'd recommend going onto the golf cart path, take a right, walk down a very steep hill and you'll see a restroom/break station for the golfers at the bottom of the hill. Take a right around that area and you can hop back on the trail. I think is where they originally shuttled you from Kapalua Village, but the shuttle is no longer in service. I've called...

Started at D.T. Fleming park. About 1/4 mile in we came across a wall of vegetation. Stayed left and crossed above the downed tree. From there the trail is reasonably easy to follow, except in a few spots. We snuck off the trail a couple times to avoid serious bushwhacking. About 2/3 of the way up, the trail was very muddy. Overall a good trail, I wouldn’t call it hard, except for some extra mud and trail recognition in a few spots. The trailhead had a sign saying it was 17 miles round trip. I’m not sure I believe that sign, but it felt longer than the 9.9 miles all-trails indicates.

I would call this a moderate hike compared to the 14ers in Colorado. If you are looking for a walk in the woods, this is probably a hard one.

Yesterday the beach was effectively closed for all activities except for surfing. Local park person stated the sharks come into the bay whenever it is brown due to rain runoff. And it sure was brown in the whole bay. I don't think you would have seen your hands on front of your face. There were a lot of papayas on the trees heading to the beach. Just need to learn how to climb those trees!

Pretty hike and easy. Compared to some other coastal hikes we've done this one just isn't AS awesome but nonetheless still beautiful!

A short walk on the shore line. Good views, but quite warm in the middle of the day. Recommend you do both this trail and Kapalua Coast Trail at the same time since you don't even need to move your car.

26 days ago

A nice easy stroll along the north shore. Enjoy the views all along the way, and imagine how many millions it would take to own one of those residences with those views. Saw one turtle when we were at the south point of Onelua Bay. Can get quite warm on the trail in the middle of the day.

28 days ago

Unfortunately given the recent storm it is not passable after about a quarter of a mile - but it is very well spoken of, easy to find and seems very do able even in the unpredictable Maui weather

This is a nature walk through a tropical area. There are many vines, beautiful trees, and tons of chickens! I enjoyed the walk very much.

1 month ago


Great coastal walk! Awesome views throughout, even got to see some turtles hanging out on the bay waters. No dogs allowed due to several bird nesting areas. We had the opportunity to see a lot of small birds up close!

Definitely a hike worth doing if you’re in town. It’s close to civilization, but makes you feel like you’re deep in the jungle! As you keep hiking up you get some pretty nice views of the ocean. Warning, there are some areas of overgrowth (tall foliage) on the trail, which may cause extra fine cuts to arms & legs; I survived. Proper outerwear is recommended, as well as appropriate shoes with good traction -lots of moisture on the ground. We didn’t make it the arboretum because of the confusing signage atop, but will definitely plan to do it again, someday!

2 months ago

Enjoyed this hike very much. Went up on a day when it was misting or raining for 90% of the hike, but that made it more enjoyable. Trail was a bit hard to follow in a couple of places so keep your eyes on the signs. Was good to have the gps to see when I was off track. Great flora on the way and loved it all.

Today something happened that left me completely speechless, devastated, and in tears. I could not believe it today when I was taking my friends, who are in town, to see the Honolua Bay jungle to find that it was destroyed. There was nothing left but the piercing skeleton of what it once was; of what I once loved. As I walked in the usual opening I began to comment and notice that the foliage was greatly cut apart and the trees were cleared back and the sunshine was beaming in like never before. I could not grasp what was happening until I was able to see through, the former dense and abundant forest, straight to the other side. I then found myself in a graveyard of chopped apart trees thrown about to create a shoddy path to the bay. I have spent countless hours in this forest climbing and hammocking in its ancient trees, swinging from vines while reenacting Tarzan, snorkeling in the beautiful bay, and wandering around like a lost boy in Neverland. The magic was gone, the green glow through the jungle’s once dense leaves was faded, and my hope was lost. That jungle brought me so much happiness, joy, and peace. I consider this a death and have been mourning the loss all day. I could not bare to take a picture nor even spend much time in there today because I was so deeply hurt. It is ridiculous to see, first hand, what we are doing to nature. Whether we realize it or not we are all taking part in destroying the earth. We buy plastic, drive cars, kill animals, use paper and furniture without putting much thought into the origin or the result of its being... but those are just a few broad examples. I will never forget this jungle, I have never cried because a tree got cut down, but this is seriously so so wrong. I loved that place. This is the first place I explored when I visited Maui in 2016, this is the first place I came back to when I moved here in 2017, this is the first place I bring anyone who is visiting, this place is my go-to and so very special to me and now it’s nearly gone. I absolutely cannot believe or fathom why or how this could have possibly happened but I am so disappointed and heartbroken.

3 months ago

The trail very easy some of it is a boardwalk or sidewalk. Best part is along the lava rock peninsulas great views of ocean, waves, tide pools. Lots of fun.

3 months ago

The trail is long, but not too strenuous. There are some steep areas but the view at the top is beautiful and so worth it.

We went up 7/9/18. It was partly cloudy with a gentle breeze in the upper section of the trail. I would say it was moderate in difficulty, but it was uphill all the way until we came back of course. Some of the signage for the trail had been blocked by plants so it made it difficult to find the second half of the trail, but we eventually did. If you are wanting many beautiful vistas this is probably not the trail for you. There are some but they are few and far between. If you like walking through a forested area this a great trail. There are many different species of plants and trees to see. You may want to bring some bug spray. There were some biting bugs, but nothing horrible. Overall, I would rate this trail good. It has a wide variety of plants to see that I found interesting to look at. We saw six other hikers on the trail during the 4-5 hours we were there, so it is not a crowded trail.

on Mahana Ridge Trail

3 months ago

Good challenge in 90 degree weather and humidity. Overall nice hike but was expecting a better payoff (views) at the end. The muddy sections sucked, but got a solid workout.

Super easy walk. Not much of a hike. But kids any age could easily do this. Ends at the beach. Guess lots of people scuba dive there but no one could enter water today as sharks were swimming nearby. Amazing to see sharks. Kids loved all the chickens and baby chicks along the walk.

Really beautiful flat hike. Picturesque water views and easy terrain. There is a point at the far end where you can do cliff jumping into the waters from different levels 10'-30' high. My 13 year old loved it. Bring your suit!

Amazing views, don’t forget sun screen!! We spent a lot of time on the rocks and I was pretty burnt.

Did it in conjunction with the Makaluopuna Trail. Nice and easy with typical Hawaii coast views.

Amazing, super easy

Not a hike but a beautiful walk to the bay. Absolutely gorgeous and a must see.

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4 months ago

This trail is not about the beginning or end it’s about everything in between. This is a tremendous hike (run for me) and it seems to have three separate eco systems. The tall grass helps focus and take you away from everyday life Next up is an amazing climb up 182 stone steps and with each step you rise closer to a an awaiting tropical forest. The trail underfoot thus far is dry and stable and well marked. Moving along now you are in lush growth with peek a boo views of a beautiful valley. The plants change from grasses, to pine to bamboo and many other plants. It’s a run where time and distance don’t matter as it’s a journey. Soon the trail turns to a wonderful wet squishy red mud and with each step it’s getting more real. You rise through more deep and dark growth and enter the watershed. From there the mud was above my shoes and the pace slowed but hey it’s fun! I opted to turn right and hit the overlook - wow! I pivoted back and made it out of the each easily 50% faster than going up.

The first day I hiked 3’miles with my teenage daughters and they loved it. It felt like a safari to them and the high grasses became a game.

We didn't do the whole thing because of time. the tall grass was no joke, but wasn't painful or problematic. We parked near the golf course but there were a couple parking lots closer to the trail head that we would have preferred in retrospect (specifically we would have parked close to the beach). The trail was moderate and we were the only ones out there. Would have liked to do the whole thing.

This is the most magical trail! I loved every, beautiful step of it! Just stunning!

5 months ago

Beautiful trees down here.

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