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13 hours ago

See our review of hiking this trail here: https://savingtimeinabottle.com/2018/09/18/kuilau-trail/

Grueling hike to the top but the photos from the top make it totally worth it. IG: @0utd00rwan3r3r

If you are a tourist, don't go out of your way to go to Ho'opi'i Falls. There are many more beautiful waterfalls on Kauai that deserves your cameras time and attention. It probably deserves three stars but the trailhead was across the street from where I used to live, so it was a great reason for my friends to come over, and for that reason it gets four. Kipu Falls was an infinitely better waterfall with a couple rope swings which I would recommend tourists to go to instead, but I guess too many people died there from jumping and landing on rocks, or swinging and hitting branches that had fallen into the pond. I remember one guy climbed up on the branch above the rope swing and it broke and he died. So the trail there is closed.

Gorgeous and mostly shaded. I’m in pretty good shape. Took me just under an hour up all the way to the nose and about 40 min back down. I can see how it would be a little treacherous if it were wet. Views on the way up are pretty as well. I’d rate this moderate not hard.

2 days ago

Beautiful but dangerous hike. Don't attempt if you don't have real hiking shoes: you will slip, fall, get scratched, bruised up, etc. Please be very careful as some people broke their legs and slipped very bad. Overall, it's definitely a jungle adventure and you will get a real good workout: think jumps thought trees, hiking thought the mud, walking through a thick bamboo forest, swimming in waterfalls, climbing, balancing on rocks and more. It's a very beautiful hike! Do your research and don't get lost (it's very easy especially on a way back).

This trail is not hard, a big part of the trail in the forest, you can feel a quiet atmosphere, it feels like good, the 360 view on the top looks beautiful, oceans and mountains of Kauai

Excellent views even when a little cloudy. It was muddy when we went so that along with the incline made it difficult but worth it.

The view from the top was not as dramatic due to cloudiness but still breathtaking. High winds made me feel uneasy at the summit so I didn’t get to take it in as much as I had planned.

Go off the beaten path just below the summit to find and open sky cave - that was my favorite part!

Quick hike - took a couple hours. Would highly recommend.

3 days ago

Difficult hike in that the trail is not clear, you will end up rock hopping, climbing under and over trees, route finding, getting muddy and questioning your path constantly. If you lose the trail you can stick to the river and continue up but you will find several spots challenging and slippery. Watch your footing closely. Start by following the fence around the water tower to the main trail on the right side of the river. Cross the river at the concrete slab with rebar sticking out and enter a beautiful bamboo forest. After the bamboo forest you come into the dry creek bed but make sure to go to the left at the cairns. This will save you a lot of time as you will be following a trail through the jungle trees rather than rock hopping and wondering where the trail is if you go right at the cairns. Next make sure you recognize the fork where the canyons split and go right. There are 2 smaller falls to the left but a difficult trail and small falls makes it not worth it for me. Follow the canyon to the right and it’s only 20 mins to the falls from the fork. Surely an adventure and the falls at the end are pretty unique. Do this if you want a challenging hike that will feel like an adventure with few people around.

Absolutely beautiful hike! You get nearly 360 degree views of the Island at the top. We highly recommend this hike! Pay attention when you’re coming back down the mountain as it splits - one direction goes down the east side and one goes down the west side of the mountain. There isn’t a sign when it splits, so just make sure to watch for the split and go the correct direction back to where you parked.

Often quite wet. Kinda like a jungle maze sometimes. Had a hiker slip on rock and split forehead requiring stitches. Pretty waterfall and pool at the end.

Second time on this trail. Tried some new paths... I should learn by now. Here’s the actual road map... start on right side of water from parking lot. Cross at old piece of bridge ( rebar sticking out of concrete). Left side of water is bamboo forest.. easy hiking and totally cool. After big rock in bamboo move to creek bed and boulder and old dry creek bed. Cross back to right when convenient. This is where work begins but no way around it. Fallen trees and rocks and bouldering. Stay to creek. Then left side after first falls. Mostly bouldering from here. Follow right branch of creek. Easy if you don’t commit too heavily to one path. Stay to stream when in doubt. We loved it so much we did it 2x in week. Best hike ever- Troy and Janis!

Intense hike, very slippery, have cross water often, climb over fallen trees, but well worth it! It was an amazing hike, my favorite yet.

Challenging due to the incline. But only a couple of technically difficult parts. My old joints can't do the final part to his nose(?), but I Enjoy the view while John does that part.

8 days ago

Super tough but totally worth it!!

Great trail to experience the mountain. Relatively shaded so the sun isnt beating on you. The views from the top were amazing and made the all-uphill climb well worth it.

You use all systems - strength, agility, patience to be ok with not knowing the EXACT way. If in doubt, as many others have said, stay to the river and boulder a ways until you see a trail. There will usually be mud tracks in the rocks to follow as well.
The first crossing at the rebar- concrete suggestion was dead on!
Definitely the icing on the cake is the last waterfall ( right at the fork) and jumping off the ledge into about 10 feet of water. Go early and beat the heat.
It’s defiantly do- able. We are average hikers from the PNW and this was a fun challenge but nothing that would have stopped us from getting to the pot of gold.. the last waterfall . Xo

This was a relatively easy hike - a few tricky moments but as average hikers we were able to do it.

Make sure you wear proper footwear. We ran into a few people who were wearing water shoes or Converse — they were struggling at some of the muddy points.

I will say — some of the views along the way were better than the summit.

Amazing hike. Conditionally moderate, but not dangerous to get to the top! Amazing views. Liked this hike a lot.

15 days ago

This is well worth it and so fun if you are adventurous! Trust your instincts! When in doubt, Follow the stream! If you can’t find the trail, climb the rocks in the stream and another trail you will find! When you come to the clearing and can see the falls from afar in the mountain side.... keep going up stream for 15- 20 minutes and you will find the most amazing wonder nestled between a narrow canyon! We swam in the two tiered waterfall and jumped off the cliff! It’s beautiful!! Don’t give up! Stay along the stream!

Great hike/run with great views, slippery when wet!

Nice hike, but muddy and slippery in spots. Great views along the way to the top

slick and muddy, need sturdy shoes. in some area you have to crawl under low limbs to get to head of the falls. At the first waterfall there's a trail that is not easy to find where you can climb down to the base of the falls. we saw the trail that went to the right and climbed up it part way but it look like it didn't go anywhere so maybe the other one was there too and we just missed it. I think it was an easier climb down then it was a climb up for the trail we took because we saw some people with young children that had gone down to the base of the waterfall on the trail that we could not see. It would be helpful if there were some signs.

Loved this hike! Tool us about 35 minutes to the end of the trail! Amazing views and everything is just sooo green around you. Easily manageable and not very dangerous. Would recommend it!

The directions do NOT take you to the trail head.

Really enjoyed the hike. Amazing views plus a good blend of forest and trees with varying terrain. The trail is fairly steep which is particularly tricky on the way back down. But I was able to complete it with my baby strapped to me for what it's worth. Also, it should be noted that there is a designated trail head with a sign. The app's directions lead us to a neighborhood a few blocks east of where we should have parked and started our hike. So, if you don't see the official sign and path entry, wander in a bit closer to the mountain and you'll find some better parking options.

Great views, good shade, fun terrain all the way up!

Very hard! But really nice at the end if you are in shape! Be concentrate on your steps.

This was a great hike! We took our 5 and 7 year old girls. It's mostly flat with some areas where maneuvering rocks, steps. or branches is needed but definitely doable. BRING BUG SPRAY! And dont be afraid to swim in the 2nd falls...just beware, the rocks in the water are SUPER SLICK from algae. We wore swimwear under dry fit clothes and it wasn't a problem. The swim was refreshing. Make sure you stop at both falls! The first is small but the second is bigger and worth the trek.

28 days ago

This is a great hike but be prepared to get very muddy. The trail starts off on a wide path, you will have to clamber over a fallen tree and then the incredible views of the lush surroundings will start to appear. It gets quite muddy as you continue. The trail ends at a bridge but I walked further along the Moalepe trail until I came to a wide open space where the views are really spectacular before turning back.

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