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It turned out to be the most challenging hike/trail when several paths threw us off our mind and we were full of uncertainty. When we got lost and had to find our way to restart once again. When we thought of turning around at some point. When all we hear was the forest noise and nothing else. When we know it was in the middle of no where of Makaleha rain forest. The view at the end was worth it but I would suggest to go with a local guide next time. It was by far the most difficult hike in Kauai for us.

Don’t forget to bring insect repellent.
Get ready to get muddy.

Follow the stream if you are uncertain of your way back and forth.

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Beautiful hike. Must go past the picnic tables. The view is extraordinary! Put on mosquito repellent before the hike.

3 days ago

This hike is fun, however when we we're hiking the trail we actually ended up going in a circle we had to come around and hike up the river. After that the hike went smoothly however what is and isn't the trail isn't clear, but the destination is well worth it.

Short and enjoyable. the highlight is the jungle greenery, which is as good as we've seen it anywhere on the island in the last 3 weeks. two very nice waterfalls, although they won't blow your mind. gorgeous flowers, vines, and vast soaring trees, though. slightly muddy but nothing to worry about.

7 days ago

Take DEET or similar as there are lots of mossies.

Did not go to the final waterfall but even so the view was spectacular and worthwhile. Muddy, sure, but just dunk your feet at the numerous crossings and wash it off. Really enjoyed the first bamboo section just after the initial crossing.

7 days ago

Great adventure! Super muddy and trials aren’t well marked, but it’s fun finding your own path, and finishing at a beautiful water fall. We couldn’t find the first waterfall, so we went to the secret falls. This is where the pictures are taken. There were places to jump into the water.

We really enjoyed this hike which was our first in Kauai. As others have warned it was muddy, but nothing too bad. The hike included a little of everything-hiking through forests, mud and some scrambling. Lots of great views throughout the climb up. I definitely recommend continuing past the picnic tables at end for some fun scrambling to incredible views. We were the second car in the lot at the trailhead when we started at 8. Lot was full when we returned.

Amazing views. Not too bad climb. But it's muddy. Better to bring a walking stick. There were few walking sticks that people used at the beginning of the trail. Find a good one and that will help you coming down.

most of the trail was washed out due to the heavy rains in April. it is a rough hike especially with the trail being washed out up near Princeville. and since this road is not maintained I don't think it's going to be accessible anytime soon. hiking 3 to 4 miles turn around and head back. or find another Trail.

11 days ago

Like others said, lots of mud. We did the trail two days ago and the river seemed like it might have been higher than other times. I had read reviews of people being able to keep at least one foot dry, no way that was happening for us. In places you had to walk through calf deep water or risk jumping from slick rock to slick rock. Trail can be hard to find and there are many offshoots. Overall, it's a great adventure in a beautiful place.

12 days ago

On this my second time on this incredible trail I was accompanied by my son and daughter in law, both very adventurous hikers. The trail is, as before, poorly marked with little indication of where to attempt the numerous stream crossings. As others have warned, this is NOT a hike for inexperienced or less than very fit hikers and definitely NOT a hike for young children. The water level in the stream can rise significantly without warning due to rains existing far from the trail. You will get lost on this trail and will have to back track on occasion. Twisted ankles and other trip and fall injuries are all to possible. Don’t expect a fellow hiker to be nearby for help. This trail is very lightly traveled.

Having said all that, the beauty of the hike and the accomplishment of reaching the triple falls makes this an epic hike and well worth the effort, if you exercise caution.

Amazing hike! We went around 2PM on a Monday and the parking lot was almost full. It took about 2 hours for us to get to the peak and about 45 minutes on the way back down. The trail is heavily shaded until you get to the picnic benches. My dad wore basic tennis shoes and I wore chacos and while we were both fine, I would recommend proper hiking shoes. The hike is a pretty constant incline but there are a few spots to stop and rest along the way if needed.

Once you get to the "top" with the picnic benches, go past and to the left along the ridge. It's definitely a climb to the peak but nothing too crazy- the path is decently wide and the rocks are pretty sturdy. It's 110% worth the extra effort because the views are incredible.

Really enjoyed this hike! It was worth going past the picnic tables for a higher view of both the ocean and Kapaa.

a good work-out trail. A steady going upwards, some few times you have to climp a small bit. the top view is definitely worth the walk.
after pictures at the top, immediately when going back down, turn right at a small narrow path (before the climbing back down). go through a small "cave" and out to another view point. this is very beautifull!

Wet, muddy, fairly strong water flow in creek beds; lots of fun! The higher water flow made it more challenging to find the sometimes hard to spot adjacent trails, but if u don’t mind scrambling over, under, and often on fallen tree limbs, this is the hike for you! Beautiful hidden waterfall at the trails end. It was in full vigor today.

The hike is fun and somewhat challenging. The initial part of the hike is through a forest of gigantic trees which by itself is worth checking out. There are some funky parts of the trail you will have to climb around but getting to the series of views at the top is totally worth it. There is also a really neat wind cave just under the first peak. Don't miss it!

22 days ago

Mudmudmud. Even behind the ears, and, even better for us, it started raining in the middle of the hike. But it was all worth it. The waterfalls are amazing. Prepare for never ending hike , sometimes not knowing which way to go, through water, so sneakers are all wet, then bamboo forest, covered in mud up to knees, walking on wet rocks. Moment of desperation

Well worth the trip. We took the west trail and found it somewhat challenging only past the picnic tables (make sure you continue past the tables for nearly panoramic views!)

As a moderately experienced hiker I would definitely rate this a little on the harder side. It’s uphill most of the way and with the humidity it gets exhausting fast. However the multiple views of the city below and the mountains around are breathtaking. When you get to the picnic baskets DO NOT STOP GOING! That are is NOT the end of the trail. If you stop there, you’ll miss out on the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen while hiking.

This was a great hike with beautiful views. Nice picnic spot at the top. Fast hike definitely worth the trip. Can't wait to go back and do it again. Captain Hook forest was very cool.

25 days ago

To the end, which was not the bench with view but the small ridge after mud swimming it took us around 90 minutes. The views were really nice sometimes but the mud was really everywhere and you could just go barefoot cause my shoes just turned brown. I was expecting this since it was sparkling since morning though maybe if you go after 2 days of not raining itll be ok. Its chill trail, okay for even kids, and yea theres a big eucalyptus tree blocking the road in the beginning so its funny to go over it.

Beautiful hike was accompanied by 7 other people we ended up doing both sides at the same time the top was worth the amazing full view it rained a little which made things exciting and fun!

1 month ago

Beautiful end muddy start :) Plan on bringing water and snacks because it doesn’t feel like 2.6 miles. The left side of the trail is the best to stay on for less boulder hopping until you get to the first waterfall. After that stay to the right for the last 1/2 mile to the big falls. My husband and I are pretty experienced hikers and I would only recommend this trail for someone who likes adventure and who hikes often. The waterfall was amazing and totally worth it :)

1 month ago

This hike was awesome if.... you like trail blazing. My family loves getting muddy, walking creeks, and breaking bamboo. We went with no water or snacks (only 2.5 miles), but we regret that. It takes longer then you think because you are constantly trying to decide which trail to take. You will usually have three options: left side of creek, right side of creek, or creek walking. There is usually a fastest route, but in the end they all work out.

Not sure what the excitement is about this trail. The water was muddy and I've seen better waterfalls and found this disappointing--along with the other 6 of us who were very hopeful. Definitely take the bug repellant and you can skip the swimming/rope into the water--too fast of water, not to mention it's not anywhere near clear, thus not safe to jump in since you wouldn't see what you are landing on. Take an extra pair of shoes for the return drive as you will get muddy.

It was a nice hike but you really have to follow the instructions on the way up! Bring a lot of water! It is really hot! It is way better if you have hiking shoes because it is really muddy sometimes! The view is really nice! You can see mountains, the sea and the town of Kapaa! It’s a 360 view! You have to make it to the top!

1 month ago

Great trail and views throughout the hike. Definitely feels like you're hiking through the Jurassic Park movies, very cool. A bit muddy here and there but that was expected given that we're hiking on one of the wettest islands on earth. The slope is not steep making it a relatively easy hike, slightly muddy areas can be slippery and we had a few people in our group slip once or twice and get covered in mud. There is a huge eucalyptus tree that fell across the trail that you have to either go up and around or climb over which could be a bit precarious for older folks. Younger kids will probably enjoy the challenge and stomping around in the mud.

We completed the hike in about 3.5 hours taking our time and made it to the bridge where the Kuilau trail meets the Moalepe trail before turning around. Most of the trail was dry or damp and only a few areas were really muddy so bring good shoes and prepare to get dirty. Also, a little bug spray will help keep you from being eaten alive in the wetter parts of the trail.

easy but fun hike to the top and for how short it is the views are absolutely awesome not to mention being along the ridgeline up top was a blast

Fantastic hike! Scenery was out of this world and the falls were spectacular. It was slippery as it had rained most of the day and the trails down to the falls were steep but the views were definitely worth the mud and the effort.

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