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This trail was pretty busy today, but had a great time. Labeled as Hard, which I agree, but only as far as the handful of areas you need both hands to scale a rock face. Otherwise it's not technical at all. If it rains or had been raining recently, it will be slippery.

The view from the top is pretty amazing assuming you go all the way to the rock outcrop.

This was a very nice hike. Shade most of the trail, but with glimpses of great views along the way. The main attraction is when you reach the top of the rocky outcrop. It's a little challenging to get to it, with some technical rock scaling involved. But not something to keep you away unless your afraid of heights. Once you reach the covered picnic area your almost there. Keep going towards the pinnacle by crossing the grassy area and back into the woods. This is where you come to the most challenging part of the hike, the rock climb.

If it's been raining or going to rain, the trail will be slippery (Hawaiian Ice). For us, it had rained a bit the evening before, so some muddy areas and a few areas that were slippery and needed extra care. The trail is not marked that well and you can get off-trail by taking a few well warn paths where people have wandered off looking for a better view. The trail was well used the day we went. The parking area was also full with overflow into the street. All-in-all a very nice hike. Ware sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water, maybe a walking stick and be ready for a stunning view from the top! It only rated 4 stars in my review since it didn't have a key element, a waterfall.

Trail was a great hike. Not too difficult, but some climbing in a few spots. Trail was dry but after a couple minutes of rain, it became a little slick. Not too bad though. Views are great. Nice slow pace to enjoy the flowers and birds and still only took a couple of hours. Make sure you check the caves at the first peak. Other than that, great hike.

Amazing views, was able to view the falls from both the top and the bottom of the waterfall. Can be slippery and muddy!

Hiked but didn't swim. Really easy walk with some views of a farm initially and two falls. First one was more powerful than the second but good views all around. Lots of mosquitos so bring bug repellent!!

Beautiful trail and a great trail to get warmed up for Kauai! a bit tough going up with some rocks to climb up and down but the views are impeccable!!

easy hike ..sometimes muddy. nice falls.

Good trail. Was pretty dry most of the way. Not too difficult but had some steep spots.

Hiked to top of the Sleeping Giant today. Trail was dry in most places with super views. Some scrambling on the top. Small cave/opening also worth seeing and just short sidetrail below the "chin" to get there. A very lovely Kauai trail with wildflowers and forested areas. Be careful scrambling to the top of the chin..very narrow and small landing.

Did this hike today in good weather. Some tough spots with mud and rock scrabbling, but not too bad. Took about 2 hours round trip with about 10 mins at the top. Saw a lot of other hikers with sandals, etc and some small kids. Would rate this hike as moderate. Definitely worth the 360 view!

This was a nice hike with a great 360 degree view of the island at the summit. I would rate it somewhere between moderate and hard. A walking stick on the way down made a big difference as the trail was a bit muddy. Be careful on the way down as there is an unmarked fork that will take you down the wrong side of the mountain - I learned this the hard way

Great views but recent floods made it super muddy and slick.
High risk for falling, spraining an ankle or just landing the wrong way. Do not rely on rocks or tree branches when you have recent floods. Use common sense.
Though, if you watch your step and go slow it’s worth the walk. I would rate easy, and moderate in some areas due to mud.

17 days ago

I liked this trail. Easy to moderate (depending on conditions can be slippery after rains). Some bugs & mud but that’s to be expected. Beautiful scenery! Waterfalls and streams make this hike a great reward for short distance. Definitely recommend.

Amazing views! You must climb past the picnic tables to see the 360 views of the island! Very muddy, definitely bring extra shoes for after and a towel to wipe off the mud!

We just did this hike in the rain and it was great. Definitely wear clothes you can get wet or muddy. There were slightly slippery parts coming down but we felt very safe. Fun views even with the clouds. It was a nice warm up hike to start our day.

There are two Sleeping Giant trails, this one is longer and steeper than the west trail. They come together below the picnic area. This trail gives a vigorous workout and is very managable for a healthy person. The rock scramble is not overly difficult. Best 360 views of the island.

Did this hike yesterday - HARD. Don't be fooled, this is a difficult/steep trail with some climbing at the end. Wear hiking boots and bring lots of water (I had a camelbak). We went all the way up past the picnic benches. Rained last half mile going down making the trail muddy and very slippery. Fell a few times. Still had fun though! (lol) Beautiful views!

Great hike! And yes is was a bit muddy and slippery but unlike the previous review, (I hike it the same day) it was completely manageable. Quite honestly, the trail is probably always wet in certain parts. The interior was beautifully thick and lush and the bird songs were amazing. We too, saw a barefooted local who shared with us a handful of strawberry quavas she picked along hike. The approach to the summit was actually easier and footing better due to exposed solid rock. The views at the summit were breathtaking and rewarding and If you explore, you will find several keyholes in the rock. Yep, trekking poles would have been nice but light hiking shoes are all you need.

29 days ago

Beautiful ‘jungle’ hike along an old logging road, which makes for a good trail. Muddy and slippery at parts but easily handled; your shoes will get covered in mud though! Giant trees, beautiful views and a wonderful view of the higher ridges in the distance all make this very worthwhile.

There is a downed tree near the start of the trail, but you can scramble over it fairly easily.

Great trail! Lots of mud. Gets tough at the end, but worth it with the 360 view of the mountains!

Great short hike, it is listed as easy but I went after a rain which I think it makes it more moderate of a hike, don’t be afraid of getting muddy.

Very muddy and many slick roots which made for a slow hike. Note that we hiked this about five days after Kauai received 30 inches of rain in 24 hrs so everything was saturated, smelly, and swampy. Trail was a bit hard to follow at times but could have been the debris from recent storm. The first flat part through the forest is not very interesting - in fact, a bit creepy in parts where the tangled trees envelop the trail - it affords shade if there is full sun, but it was very dark. Many parts of this trail, you need to keep your eyes down as there are lots of slick roots and gripping hazards. I saw a lady walking barefoot - maybe she’s onto something. But I also saw a dude in crocs and lots of folks in sandals looking miserable. Wear boots on this one and bring your poles if you are unsteady or nervous about slick muddy trails. Plenty of mosquitos in the wooded portions. saw and heard plenty of birds, so birders may like that. The payoff was ok - nice views in all directions - but the muggy monotony of the first three quarters of the hike makes this one to miss for me.

Made it to the top. We started with Eight of us and the younger kids turned back at the bench. The trail gets pretty slimy and slippery and you can't prevent getting covered in mud if there's been any moisture on the ground recently. Once you get to the top it's worth it. Just under 4 miles round trip but it took a lot longer than normal due to the slippery, steep conditions. I just wish there was water to take a dip in somewhere on the trail...

My 10-year-old and I did this hike on a sunny afternoon following a morning down-pour. It was so muddy but that made it more fun for her. The views were so breathtaking and nobody else was out there which made for a peaceful hike.

Okay hike...found out last night this was the trail two tourists were brutally murdered on thirty years ago. Trip Advisor left that one out.

Beautiful trail. A little muddy but we had rain earlier in the day. Prepare to get muddy. There is a few places we have to weave through the trees. Did it with an 8 month old on my back just fine. At the falls there is a rope swing. Bring a towel if the weather is cooler.

Awesome hike, very pretty. We weren’t paying attention and totally missed the first falls and ended up at the second. We couldn’t figure how to get down to the bottom of the falls to the rope swing but asked a local and he showed us. Where it looks like it dead ends you climb up some rocks and trees on the right side of the trail to a higher trail. Once you walk about 50 feet you descend back down. Rope swing was cool, water felt great.

Just hiked this today with my 13 year old son. We cliff jumped about 40 feet down stream from the first falls on both sides of the stream. The jumping cliffs are about 10 feet high on the trail side and about 15-18 on the other side. I checked the depth before we jumped and the water was over 10 feet deep.

We then walked down to the second falls which are higher but there was no cliff jumping there - just the rope swing which also looked fun, but we didn’t do it. We went back to the first set of falls, jumped a few more times and ate the Subway sandwich we had packed. It was a great day we will both remember forever.

Really neat trail with beautiful views and waterfalls but is all private property and we were forced off.

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