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Not sure what the excitement is about this trail. The water was muddy and I've seen better waterfalls and found this disappointing--along with the other 6 of us who were very hopeful. Definitely take the bug repellant and you can skip the swimming/rope into the water--too fast of water, not to mention it's not anywhere near clear, thus not safe to jump in since you wouldn't see what you are landing on. Take an extra pair of shoes for the return drive as you will get muddy.

10 days ago

Great trail and views throughout the hike. Definitely feels like you're hiking through the Jurassic Park movies, very cool. A bit muddy here and there but that was expected given that we're hiking on one of the wettest islands on earth. The slope is not steep making it a relatively easy hike, slightly muddy areas can be slippery and we had a few people in our group slip once or twice and get covered in mud. There is a huge eucalyptus tree that fell across the trail that you have to either go up and around or climb over which could be a bit precarious for older folks. Younger kids will probably enjoy the challenge and stomping around in the mud.

We completed the hike in about 3.5 hours taking our time and made it to the bridge where the Kuilau trail meets the Moalepe trail before turning around. Most of the trail was dry or damp and only a few areas were really muddy so bring good shoes and prepare to get dirty. Also, a little bug spray will help keep you from being eaten alive in the wetter parts of the trail.

Fantastic hike! Scenery was out of this world and the falls were spectacular. It was slippery as it had rained most of the day and the trails down to the falls were steep but the views were definitely worth the mud and the effort.

Very muddy and slippery you will get dirty. My kids did in bare feet maybe better

Great trail with excellent views for most of the way. Good shade and only muddy in a few patches.

18 days ago

Loved the hike. Only slight drawback was the mud in several locations. We quickly learned to embrace the mud instead of attempting to avoid it. Make sure to go right before the picnic table to continue hike to the bridge.

An enjoyable walk on a path that wasn’t that muddy but I suspect it would be if it had rained recently. Some trees down cross the path at a few places but not really a barrier. Bit steep right at the end. Good falls with a rope swing someone has put up but watch out for the submerged rock about 10ft/3m out scout that out first you don’t want to hit it!

Lots of downed trees to crawl over and under but wasn’t overly challenging. Trail was also a bit muddy from rain night before, and bug spray (mosquito repellent ) would be SUPER helpful! We really enjoyed the short hike and thought it was a great first day “starter” trail.

25 days ago

Easy but muddy trail. I was prepared for the mud from previous reviews (waterproof) hiking boots and poles helped a lot). The fallen tree was still there but okay to get around by going behind the tree roots. Ventured beyond the picnic area to the waterfall before turning back A nice short walk for a relaxing but muddy day :)

Beautiful panoramic scenery with bird sounds. Muddy at several points.

Cool short hike. It’s 3.3 miles with 971 feet climbing to the giant’s nose. I did it 3 times and got the same stats each time. The lower 1/2 mile can be slick after rains. Trail is well maintained and easy to follow. Go past picnic tables to the nose of the giant. Best views are there

28 days ago

Very easy nature forest hike. Lots of shady spots and nature sights and sounds. Very muddy at end even on sunny dry days.

Beautiful views. Not too challenging. But as of 6/20/2018 there is a giant fallen Eucalyptus tree blocking the trail about a half mile in. Quite challenging to get over or around it when wet. My wife and I made it and continued on to the picnic tables. Love this hike and hope they clear the blockage soon.

Steep hike with great views at the top.

Muddy, mosquitoes, and no views for the first 2+ miles. Just not a lot to like for a while. Would be a very easy walk in the woods if not for the mud. As long as you keep moving at a quick pace the mosquitoes will leave you alone, but if you stop for 10-15 seconds they will be all over you.

Mud is bog like. Not too deep, but squishy. You have to go slow to keep from getting mud all over you.

Only the last 3/4 of a mile is somewhat challenging and interesting with views of the mountains, valleys, and ocean.

Easy trail that is shade with two waterfalls. The second waterfall has a rope swing into the river. This was one of our favorite hikes in Kauai with our teenage boys. This trail starts in residential area, which confused us at first.

Quick but beautiful hike. Definitely head to the very top - past the picnic tables. Light scramble towards the top. I’d rate this as moderate vs ‘hard’.

It was a good climb and a friend and I did it at dawn to reach the peak as the sun came up. We did go off trail due to missing a sign and arrow in the dark - took a shortcut, went vertical and took a third of a mile off the distance up. Breathtaking views and well worth it!

Great little hike! about a mile or so each way. Very scenic and tropical. Rope swing a falls at the end. wasn't busy at all.
only downside is it was very muddy and slippery when we went in May due to the massive rains.

1 month ago

This trail can be muddy at the beginning, but it’s still hike-able when it is. Long pants are a good idea to avoid scratches on the legs from dried, cut back fern stems along narrow paths. Watch out for loose dirt towards the end of the trail on a few steep inclines. Overall, the views along the way and at the end are well worth the steep hike back up!

It is a pleasant easy trail with a nice view on the East coast. It is a nice classic trail, but I didn't have the same "wow" effect as during the trails in the Koke'e national park.

Good hike, pretty views! make sure you have the right shoes and water. It will be slippery after rainfall. There is some rock scrambling involved. At the top it is easy to miss the trail to the left that goes to some cave tunnel viewing points with a cooling breeze rushing through.

Great views, lots of shade, and a little scramble at the top

My first hike on Kauai and it was really nice. I'm not sure it should necessarily be hard, as I'm a pretty amateur hiker and didn't find it too bad. You will probably need proper hiking shoes if it has rained, I made it to the second turn and couldn't walk up a slope in my sneakers, and actually went and bought hiking shoes.

The rock climbing aspect is very minor. Pro-tip: you'll come across some picnic tables near the top, where I and some others were temporarily fooled into thinking we were at the top. The views were nice, but it would have been a let down. Don't be fooled, keep going and you will be rewarded.

super fun hike, definitely worth the effort!!!

Breathtaking views! Definitely worth the hike up. A little congested with people so try to go early in the AM. Steep but nothing too crazy hard - gets your heart pumping and there are a few instances where you need to rock climb etc. Trail is marked pretty well but we were told to stay to the left when you hit a “T” towards the end. Pack a lunch and a beer to reward yourself at the top because the views provide the best place possible to enjoy a meal and take it all in :) also beware of after rain mud - it made the trek up a little tricky but it’s only in the beginning and walking stick helps. Enjoy!

Beautiful hike with an awesome 360 degree view. Trail was a bit damp but I wouldn’t call it muddy. Take the little side trails/shortcuts if you want a little extra challenge and some climbing! Lots of people on this hike. Go early!

This trail was pretty busy today, but had a great time. Labeled as Hard, which I agree, but only as far as the handful of areas you need both hands to scale a rock face. Otherwise it's not technical at all. If it rains or had been raining recently, it will be slippery.

The view from the top is pretty amazing assuming you go all the way to the rock outcrop.

This was a very nice hike. Shade most of the trail, but with glimpses of great views along the way. The main attraction is when you reach the top of the rocky outcrop. It's a little challenging to get to it, with some technical rock scaling involved. But not something to keep you away unless your afraid of heights. Once you reach the covered picnic area your almost there. Keep going towards the pinnacle by crossing the grassy area and back into the woods. This is where you come to the most challenging part of the hike, the rock climb.

If it's been raining or going to rain, the trail will be slippery (Hawaiian Ice). For us, it had rained a bit the evening before, so some muddy areas and a few areas that were slippery and needed extra care. The trail is not marked that well and you can get off-trail by taking a few well warn paths where people have wandered off looking for a better view. The trail was well used the day we went. The parking area was also full with overflow into the street. All-in-all a very nice hike. Ware sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water, maybe a walking stick and be ready for a stunning view from the top! It only rated 4 stars in my review since it didn't have a key element, a waterfall.

Trail was a great hike. Not too difficult, but some climbing in a few spots. Trail was dry but after a couple minutes of rain, it became a little slick. Not too bad though. Views are great. Nice slow pace to enjoy the flowers and birds and still only took a couple of hours. Make sure you check the caves at the first peak. Other than that, great hike.

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