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Trail was a great hike. Not too difficult, but some climbing in a few spots. Trail was dry but after a couple minutes of rain, it became a little slick. Not too bad though. Views are great. Nice slow pace to enjoy the flowers and birds and still only took a couple of hours. Make sure you check the caves at the first peak. Other than that, great hike.

Fantastic hike!!! One of my favorite on the island. Venture to the right past the bench and climb to the top. Takes a little bit of rock climbing skill and the top is a little precarious but any careful hiker will be ok. View and breeze at the top were totally worth it. Pretty easy trail and mostly shaded until the top.

Amazing views, was able to view the falls from both the top and the bottom of the waterfall. Can be slippery and muddy!

Hiked but didn't swim. Really easy walk with some views of a farm initially and two falls. First one was more powerful than the second but good views all around. Lots of mosquitos so bring bug repellent!!

Beautiful trail and a great trail to get warmed up for Kauai! a bit tough going up with some rocks to climb up and down but the views are impeccable!!

4 days ago

My wife and I (31 and 35) did this hike in approximately 4 hours including breaks for a swim, photos, and resting. We’re both in good but not incredible shape and found this to be a pretty tough hike. The trail is not well defined or marked in many places. We hiked most of the trail on the way in, but we found hiking the stream on the way out to be quicker and easier despite having to scramble and wade most of the journey. By our count, we were the 3rd party on trail that morning. On the way out, we encountered several groups that had received reports from other hikers who had turned back because the trail was too difficult, impossible to find, and not worth the attempt. The hidden falls are definitely worth the journey, and you can swim right up to the base of them. The water is cold, but it feels great after the arduous hike. If your not an experienced hiker, think hard about whether you want to attempt this one. It’s not impossible but be prepared with proper footwear for wading in water and scrambling on rocks. Know that you may lose the trail at times, and that when you find the trail, it can be extremely muddy often with obstacles to climb over and under. Follow the stream when possible and always be on the lookout for telltale signs of that you’re on the right path.

This trail is a MUST!!! Absolutely breathtaking. A great half day hike. If you’re looking for hiking in Hawaii, this will give you everything you could hope for.

Beautiful view, especially on a clear sunny day!

easy hike ..sometimes muddy. nice falls.

Good trail. Was pretty dry most of the way. Not too difficult but had some steep spots.

Going to rate several aspects. Cardio is easy. Never pushed and I am a bit out of shape right now. Hiking is brutal. Very little hiking, almost all climbing over and under fallen trees. Wading through the stream 1/2 the time. I actually enjoyed the wading as opposed to the scrambling. Water shoes are a must. You will get your feet wet. Okay, the falls. Up the stream, it finally forks. At this time you can see the falls to your left. The other 1/2 mile (or whatever the distance is) you should just stay in the stream. Liked the hike. Would not repeat. I can’t move right now. Trail after the really cool bamboo forest is poorly marked. Lots of mud. But plenty of time in stream to rinse. But it is like oil base paint, you have to work to get it off.

Hiked to top of the Sleeping Giant today. Trail was dry in most places with super views. Some scrambling on the top. Small cave/opening also worth seeing and just short sidetrail below the "chin" to get there. A very lovely Kauai trail with wildflowers and forested areas. Be careful scrambling to the top of the chin..very narrow and small landing.

12 days ago

Difficult hike due to the recent flooding. Trail is difficult to find, at times, and lots of fallen trees, debris and mud. Must be an experienced hiker to safely navigate the terrain. The bamboo forest is breathtaking.

Nice shorter hike. Not too taxing. First fork stay left. Next fork (near top), stay right. Picnic tables at top. Nice views at top. Had problems with my GPS. Never happened before.

Did this hike today in good weather. Some tough spots with mud and rock scrabbling, but not too bad. Took about 2 hours round trip with about 10 mins at the top. Saw a lot of other hikers with sandals, etc and some small kids. Would rate this hike as moderate. Definitely worth the 360 view!

This was a nice hike with a great 360 degree view of the island at the summit. I would rate it somewhere between moderate and hard. A walking stick on the way down made a big difference as the trail was a bit muddy. Be careful on the way down as there is an unmarked fork that will take you down the wrong side of the mountain - I learned this the hard way

Great view and I’m sore the next day! Worth the efforts to get to the top. Due to recent weather it was muddy and more difficult to navigate. The top of Sleeping Giant was breathtaking and a great reward. Bring water and snacks for the picnic table up top. Avoid top of ridge if there are high winds, or for the person who is scared of heights.

Great views but recent floods made it super muddy and slick.
High risk for falling, spraining an ankle or just landing the wrong way. Do not rely on rocks or tree branches when you have recent floods. Use common sense.
Though, if you watch your step and go slow it’s worth the walk. I would rate easy, and moderate in some areas due to mud.

14 days ago

I liked this trail. Easy to moderate (depending on conditions can be slippery after rains). Some bugs & mud but that’s to be expected. Beautiful scenery! Waterfalls and streams make this hike a great reward for short distance. Definitely recommend.

Definitely slippery when wet. Nice views from the top though.

Definitely recommand when visiting Kauai...beautiful trees , short but very slippery when rains..

15 days ago

You must go to the very last waterfall! So worth it! We swam and jumped off rocks at the last waterfall. There are five waterfalls you can see towards 3/4th of the hike but they are way high on the mountain! But the last waterfall on the trail you can swim right up to! We did a mix of following the river, jumping on the rocks and going on the muddy trail. We made it to the last waterfall in 1hr 15mins and made from the last waterfall to the car in 40 mins!

Amazing views! You must climb past the picnic tables to see the 360 views of the island! Very muddy, definitely bring extra shoes for after and a towel to wipe off the mud!

16 days ago

Awesome trail. The waterfall was definitely worth seeing. Since the bamboo trail was extremely muddy, I stayed in the stream almost the whole time and didn't have any problems. However, if you don't feel like jumping across a thousand rocks, don't go on this hike!

Beautiful hike. Left from the trailhead at 6:15 to miss the crowds. Boots and a stick will help, as it is very muddy. I did the hike in tevas, but wished I had my boots. Absolutely keep going past the picnic tables, as others have said- the views are 100% worth it. Obviously you’re going at your own risk, but I did not find it to be sketchy, and we went when it was wet. Just keep three points of contact and all is good!

We just did this hike in the rain and it was great. Definitely wear clothes you can get wet or muddy. There were slightly slippery parts coming down but we felt very safe. Fun views even with the clouds. It was a nice warm up hike to start our day.

I had A BLAST. Loved the challenge of trail finding and mud and bamboo forest. If you're an experienced hiker. This is a must do on Kauai. If you're a rookie go slow and take a friend.

This trail is shorter and easier than the east trail up Nounou. Do not miss this when visiting Kauai. Cannot beat the 360 views. Trail has lots of roots that keep it stable and not as slick as some island trails.

There are two Sleeping Giant trails, this one is longer and steeper than the west trail. They come together below the picnic area. This trail gives a vigorous workout and is very managable for a healthy person. The rock scramble is not overly difficult. Best 360 views of the island.

22 days ago

Trail is never boring and has you on your toes!

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