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Kaneohe, Hawaii Map

It was good hike, it easy but gave you a sweat! And the end state of the hike is pretty.

Took this hike on Friday, February 23. Only a few other hikers were encountered. The falls were running strong. Highly recommend this hike for anyone looking for a 2 hour hike through some beautiful tropical forests.

Nicely maintained gardens, although it was wet after recent storms it was still educational and fun. Certainly, would go back and bring others.

Unique garden trail but path was blocked due to recent storms. It was in the process of being cleaned up as sections were roped off, so give it a few days.

Crazy difficult during or after a heavy rain. Easy fair weather hike with nice sunrise view at the pillbox.

Went on 13th after the rain - the road was a bit muddy but fine. Great dive into the waterfall - don’t make my mistake and bring towel with you, you’ll want to do it!

PS- I lost Sony lens cover on a trail today, if anyone finds it - please DM me in Instagram @birdinthesea or FB @denis.astakhov — I’ll pick it up for a reward

A short hike with a few steep hills. There was more people than I expected but it was a Saturday. The water was flowing a lot too, definitely one of my favorite waterfall hikes on the island.

2/10/2018-Started about 0817 and came across 9 groups/solo hikers. The weather was good but hazy and the ground was a little sticky but not super slick. View at the end was awesome and enjoyed seeing all the different blues of Kaneohe Bay!

Didn't encounter any hikers, probably since it was a weekday and it was rainy. The entire path is gravel/paved, making it a pretty easy and straightforward hike.

Easily one of the most peaceful and beautiful getaways on the island.

Nice short hike, cool bunker hangout at the end.

So fun! Water was really flowing on Sunday out of Hamama. Tried to find Waihe`e and was unsuccessful. There was no tape to guide us but I swear I could hear it!

Please be thoughtful to the neighbors. No loud music, don't block driveways or trash bins and please pack out what you bring in.

Swim in the swimming hole on the way back! It makes for a cool pleasant hike back out!

1 month ago

Good hike !

Short, but awesome view

Easy hike. The additional hike up the ridge is fun and was accomplished by a 12 and 8 year old.

Great for dogs, kids, trail running, but is VERY crowded, especially on weekends and holidays.

the up hill, was up hill.

Nice little trail to waterfall. Gets prettier as you go. Go to end of road, cut around fence to left. Hike. Please carry in carry out.

short but views are great

This is not a hike, it is more of a walk. There are a few nice views along the lake but nothing really spectacular. Half of the trail is on the paved road that leads through the park, and cars kept driving by. That’s why I gave the trail low rating. It’s hard to enjoy nature if you have to look out for cars. All in all an easy walk even for younger kids, if you have to push a stroller you get a little workout because some stretches go a little uphill but it’s not too bad.

We parked in Hui Iwa Street (turn in where the Mc Donald’s is) and walked along the main road to the trail head. ( about 5 mins walk) Trail Head has a yellow marker. Loved this hike, not scary at all. I walked the trail with my 7 and 10 year old, took us about two hours with a nice break at the bunkers. View is spectacular. Always stay on the wide main path, there are no turns, you just walk straight. Didn’t see the bees on the way up but on the way down they must have been disturbed by people going by, they were swarming. Be careful! Hike is a nice mix of stroll and exercise and is well traveled. Don’t go after rain, first part is red dirt and steep hill which will get slimy after rain.

Great hike, but definitely tough in some spots. After it’s rained, the bottom is very slick. The views were amazing. When we got to the top, the peaceful vibes were ruined by some young kids blasting music on a portable speaker which was also blaring their notifications. Pretty infuriating. We finally had to ask them to turn it off. They did for a few minutes, long enough for us to capture some videos. Over all, I had a great time and can’t believe I saw those views. I just ask fellow hikers to please be considerate and think of others when it comes to the music, especially when it’s at the the goal of the hike.

We did this for New Years sunrise and it was great! Parking was rough. the trail was very easy to follow only one split from main trail but even at night it was easy to tell with our headlamps. Slightly muddy, but we managed to stay clean. Enough people to feel safe but not crowded trail. There was a beehive near the top we were given a heads up about so keep an eye and ear out.

The kids and I needed a fun, quick excursion to get us out of the house, and this was the perfect fix! They love the tropical rainforest feel of the over growth, bamboo forest, and lots of unique plants. Some of the vegetation is marked, but most isn’t. There are two steeper points (easily tackled by a 3 & 5 year old with a little reminder to watch their step), and the views from the top are pretty beautiful. There happened to be a few sail boats on the water!
Parking wasn’t an issue for us since we came during the week, but it will definitely require planning for most people. There are two small dirt spots right at the start of the stairs leading into the trail (tiny overgrown sign marking), and there seems to be a few more dirt areas where people routinely park. However, be very careful that every inch of your car is on the dirt and not the pavement or else you’ll get a ticket. There are signs everywhere with that warning!
It’s a heck of an uphill hike if you can’t park at the trail head...be prepared for a harder hike to get started than the trail itself!

The start of the trail was pretty slick and muddy, but once we got up the first couple little hills it was no longer a problem. Definitely worth the views at the end! Now we have to head back down, and not looking forward to the slick, muddy finish.

This is by far one of my favorite places on O‘ahu! It has some of the most beautiful views, but it is about as family friendly as it gets. It’s definitely more of walking trail than a hike, but the paved roads make it easy for the small kids and those of us needing to bring strollers!
I love the weather, too! It’s much cooler than the rest of the island, and the constant rain from the mountains makes for some gorgeously overcast scenery. I highly recommend a jacket, though, as I have never been without it showering at least a little.
There are lots of beautiful flowers and trees, some historical sites, wild animals like boats roaming around, and even a fishing pond with an awesome view of the mountain range!
The fishing is only on the weekends, and it’s fairly difficult to catch anything as the fish have learned the game. They check out bamboo rods and even offer bread to visitors, so it’s a fun experience regardless of what’s caught.
Fair warning—be careful with feeding the ducks. Our 3 year old was bitten by an impatient duck that was about half his size. He was fine, but the ducks followed close behind as we hurried back up the muddy hill!

This is a easy trail but difficult to find at first (esp if you aren’t good with directions) right in the middle of heavy traffic (next to), parking isn’t the greatest. And not to mention the trail is muddy as all get out if it rained anytime during the week before you come. Definitely not a good place to hike on a rainy week. Muddy all the way up and down. Prepare to get dirty

I really enjoy this one. Great vantage point at the end of the trail.

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