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8/12/2018-Started at 0730 with tons of other people (parking lot in Diamond Head was full) so it was slow going to the top. The weather was sunny but not super hot yet and the view at the top wasn’t super crowded but the ocean was really pretty at least.

A good alternative but much quiter and more lush hike is around the Makiki-Tantalus Trail System. There are 5 main points of entry into the interconnected system of trails - Judd Trail/ Nuuanu Trail from the Nuuanu Pali Dr., Maunalaha/Kanealole/Makiki Valley Trails via the Makiki Nature Center , Pu’u Ualakaa/Moleka Trails from Round Top Drive, Manoa Falls/Aihualama Trails at the end of Manoa Rd, and lastly Pu’u Pia/Kolowalu Trail from the end of Alani Dr/Woodlawn Dr. Study the trail map and have fun exploring.


Extremely crowded, as in traffic jam on the trail, even midweek. Very slow as people just decide to take a break in the middle the trail and block people in both directions.

The view at the top was nice but not worth dealing with all the people

A nice hike! Easier than anticipated. It is all uphill and parts of it are through concrete tunnels- nothing small, enough room to move. The view wasn’t breathtaking- but a fun day hike !

Nice hike, but crowded if you don’t go early. But worth the view and steep steps to get to the top

The hike was fun, met lots of people from all over. The views are spectacular.

Its definitely a wonderful view of the city but as far as views go there are several others that are less touristy and require you to walk back to back in a slow moving line and waiting your turn to take selfies. Wiliwilinui and several others have epic views without the long lines but keep in mind they won’t be paved and you will get muddy. There are some advantages here in the sense that you can’t get lost and won’t get muddy or eaten by mosquitoes but then the true hiking aficionado would say then you really aren’t hiking. Its 5 strs for a tourist but 4 as a Hawaiian resident who loves hiking. If you want to group up for some truly epic hiking adventures email me at justindavidsands@gmail.com.

This was a challenging hike! We were surprised how limited parking was. We arrived at 7:30 AM on a Sunday morning and the parking lot was already full. We decided to park down below Diamond Head at the park and walk up the trail (through the tunnel). Round trip from this location was 3.7 miles. There were definitely A LOT of people sharing be trail, but the crowds were worth the spectacular view. Unbelievable!!! And a much easier hike going down!!!

killer views at the top.

The crowds leading up the side of diamond head crater are enormous, and if you get stuck behind them that’s exactly what you’ll be doing- walking! I’ve been able to trail run along the paved path and solid trail leading up the side only a couple of times either extremely early or very late in the day. The views of the city and looking back toward Koko Head Crater are beautiful. This is definitely a “tourist” destination that you have to hit if you’re visiting the island, but the crowds deter me from visiting too often. Bring sunscreen and water. There’s a dry heat on the trail with little to no shade. 4 star views, 2 star crowds= 3 Stars overall.

beautiful hiking

18 days ago

Went at 415pm knowing I had to be up and down by closing at 6pm. It was perfect because by that late in the afternoon there are a few spots that have shade. The trail was not nearly as packed as when you go at noon or one in the afternoon. And the views were spectacular. It only took me 30 minutes to get up. With all of the stopping and pictures of the view, the entire trail up-and-down was 65 minutes.

View is amazing! Worth the steep climb!

Lots of stairs that suck in the heat but the view is well worth it. Tends to be crowded most of the day as Diamond Head is a pretty large tourist attraction.

Kind of a must do for views of Honolulu. Crowded and a bit hot.

Glad I read the reviews before heading out to it yesterday mainly due to the the entrance fee. Planned to wake up at 5:40am and run to the crater. At 6 I headed out, per my planned run, and took $1.00 as per a previous review (Thankfully I had cash) yet did expect so many people already venturing up/down the crater. Got my workout in - despite the foot traffic and enjoyed the view - even with the gloomy & rainy morning.

lastly, if you have young children I don't think they'd enjoy this very much as I counted over 300 steps and it being a good trek up. Definitely water and a hat. there is no shade and no water source except for at the beginning. Oh and a word of caution - don't touch the rails unless you have something to wipe you hands on. Deen too many people with ruined clothing from the moisture ridden rust that lifts from the rails once touched.

This is a surprisingly strenuous hike though not very long. If the trail isn't busy you end up hightailing up the hike which is steeper than you realize. The hike is great overall, good for the whole family with pretty great views.

Nice views but the crowd kinda ruined it for me

The views at the top are so beautiful . A great place for people who want to take in a view who haven’t hiked before. It is very hot! And dry. Minimal shade.

The crater is dry and not green. You have to pay to park and walk it. Bring cash bc nothing there takes credit cards. I would park at a lookout point and walk up. It only costs a $1 if you walk through and not drive. In the heat the hike was not easy. Moderate for sure if you take the steps. More on the easy side if you take the ramp.

Easy trail with great views. A very nice light hike.

Great views, just be prepared to be in a sheep line with the tourists on the way up and down when it’s busy. If you are athletic at all, this hike is super easy - would not call it moderate. Hop over the fence to get better shots without the railings or tourists in the way.

Arrived at about 9 AM and the lot was already full so we had to sit in a fifteen minute long waiting line. Once we got onto the trail it was a pretty moderate hike, I hiked it through with flip flops and made it easily so what ever shoes you decide to wear should be fine. After a little while there was a long strand of stairs which seemed to be the hardest part. But all in all it was a fun hike and the view was pretty

Excellent and challenging hike for a 1.5 miler. Super busy but totally worth it for the views! Love this side of the island.

This is a fairly easy trail to do but gets so busy with tourists! Parking was a nightmare. The view was great but there are certainly a ton of other great trails on Oahu to do if you want to avoid a ton of tourists! Still enjoyed it!

Hiked this in flip flops as I forgot my sneakers on vacation. If I can do it in flip flops, anyone can do it! The “cardiac stairs” are brutal but the rest of the hike is quiet and manageable as far as gain goes. The view at the top is worth any fatigue you have on the way up!!! Go through the bunker....so cool.

As a local, the hike was okay. I probably won’t do it again. The views were pretty, but the amount of people made it avoidable for the future. Very touristy!

Nice view, easy to walk, very busy at weekends, worth doing it.

Is a beautiful place.

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