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Kaimuki, Hawaii Map

Too many tourists, however the views at the top were breathtaking. Definitely worth it.

Great trail, lots of tourists though.

This hike was gorgeous at the top with beautiful views of water and Waikiki. The only negative thing I could say is that this hike was definitely harder than other people have described. I am a runner and in great shape and this isn’t a walk in the park. I saw people in flip flops and Sandals and I was shocked. There are a lot of crowds and I would definitely recommend coming early.

9 days ago

Let me add some details. When people say get there early, 8:15 on a Sunday morning is not early (when we got there). The parking lot was full, several buses were parked and the place was jammed. We went back out and parked across the street from the entrance at the Community College Park lot. Easy walk in from there. For the actual hike, you basically queue up and march up the path/stairs. During the hike up and down you are single file because people are going both directions constantly. In the 1.5 miles up and down we probably passed 500 people? 1000? Just a lot of people. I prefer hikes where miles covered+dogs seen > number of people seen so this wasn’t for me. Still gave it three stars for the views and the fact that the queue actually moved at a decent speed. My wife also recommends using the bathrooms at the community college park as well since the bathrooms inside Diamond Head had lines out the door.

My wife and I hiked this and it was a great view from the top. It is relatively busy hike with numerous tourists, but worth it for the view.

The place is certainly historic and an icon for the area, but it's not a trail I'd hike again with anyone given the number of tourists that frequent the area. Recommend any diamond head crater seekers to gauge the number of buses in the area before committing to the hike.

The views are great and would have been better with a sunrise but cloud cover didn't allow. Also, wear good shoes, lots of uneven terrain and stairs.

Very crowded. Go for the view at the top.

Instead of starting at the parking lot where the trail starts, we parked in the neighborhood past Diamond Head Rd. and started walking from there, which doubled the length of it (but not the elevation). This way is nice because you get to walk through the tunnel and don’t have to pay for parking.

Even though the hike is fairly easy and there are a lot of tourists, it’s extremely enjoyable. The terrain is constantly changing and presents you with little surprises. You wind up and around the mountain for most of the hike until you reach a few sets of steep, manmade stairs, and then scamper through a tower with a few levels before coming out the top. An amazing view of Waikiki and other parts of the island ensue.

My favorite part was running up the stairs, it was a good little workout. Even if you’re an avid hiker I highly recommend this one, it’s a perfect break from high intensity hikes yet still satisfying.

A good quick hike. I would definitely go early morning as our group went in the afternoon and it was very crowded and hot. But overall a good hike to see the island.

Fun, fairly quick hike not far from Honolulu. Generally kid friendly. Highly recommended if you’re visiting in the area.

It’s a awesome hike I suggest you go early in the morning to avoid tourist traffic

It's a awesome hike I suggest you go early in the morning to avoid traffic

Entry level hike...easy with great views of Honolulu

Viewed the sunrise. Beautiful

16 days ago

First time hiking this trail today and despite all the people, the view and the history of the location made the trek worthwhile. If you are not good in crowded or tight spaces, you may not want to go on this hike...the crowds, sometimes narrow walkways, and the tunnel towards the end that’s pretty narrow might be an issue for some people. I brought a 1.5L Camelbak and had plenty of water...shoes with good traction are recommended since there are some rough spots on the trail. Overall, I’d definitely do it again!

Iconic hike. We found it a little more strenuous than others indicate in their reviews. Definitely go earlier in the day if you are sensitive to heat as the sun can be intense and there’s limited shade. The trail is rocky in some parts and footing isn’t always great. The views and sense of history make it worth it, though. You can get a narration device which I found interesting but eventually stopped using because it bored my family!

Good hike and good workout. Beautiful views from beginning to end. Recommend to anyone who is in Honolulu and looking for an outdoor activity

The trail was easy to walk but very crowded. Views from the top were beautiful but again, crowded and hard to walk around.

The view is pretty good. Cool for a first date if you're looking to be outdoors. But I wouldn't suggest this hike if you have a problem with crowds. Very crowded I couldn't enjoy it.

Everyone has to do this one! Go very early to avoid the tourists and crowds. Or better yet run from Waikiki Beach.

Nice view on the summit

Very easy hike with an amazing view!

Great views of Honolulu!

This hike had some great views, but was very crowded. Preferred other hikes in the area much more than this one. You had to park very far away and then were pushed along through the hike because of the swarms of people. Save your time, pick a different hike.

Me and my then fiancé did this hike back in 2016. Such a cool hike with breathtaking views! The trails do tend to get crowded, but well worth it when you reach the top.

It is a moderately hard trail for inexperienced hikers, mainly because of the direct sunlight. It gets pretty hot.
Personally, I think there are MUCH better hikes in this immediate area that offer better views and a more enjoyable experience.
The fee is $1 for those walking in, but $5 per car wanting to park. The lot fills very quickly, so you should plan on having to park at the base of the State Park and walking up. It’s actually a pretty fun walk because of the tunnel thru the crater!
There are cold drinks, shaved ice, souvenirs, and restrooms at the start of the trail itself.
Kids can certainly hike this, but please be prepared with plenty of water and helping hands! It can get crowded and the rocks are not always steady. The sun can get pretty intense, so it may be better for the slightly older kids.
They do offer a one way trolley ride for $10, and it takes you back to the heart of Waikiki. It’s an open aired trolley—it’s a fun experience for any age!

This was a very heavily trafficked area and the trail itself is quite thin along the trail so that it is tough to pass individuals that are climbing up. It has some very interesting features about it with the bunkers and the stairwells and the tunnels.

Super chill hike, one of my go to hikes just to workout since it’s so close to home !! Expect a lot of tourists but all in all a decent hike !

Great hike if you’re visiting Hawai’i for the first time.

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