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Great beach walk but can be windy. Really wonderful at Sunrise and Sunset.

2 days ago

Headed up on a rainy day expecting mud and trail to be a little slippery.

They probably went via Po’opo’o Place or Kamahele St., the two alternate backways. They boarded up the Kamahele St. steps and posted signs telling hikers to go away.



Probably the best hike in Oahu in terms of difficulty, beautiful scenery, semi-challenging rock climbing sections, and then the viewpoint from the first peak. We made it to the second peak, but decided not to go all the way to the third peak due to the sketchiness of the ropes on the backside of the second peak. Nonetheless, it was simply beautiful from the top! Highly recommended! Hope the weather is in your favor!

This trail is CLOSED for now. Not sure how others can review it in the past weeks. They have signs posted.

I’m going on my past experience before it was shut. Great views and awesome for exercise.

News Update Lost Hikers on Olomana Trail


What a breathtaking view up there definitely must do trail

rock climbing
15 days ago

did this home on a very windy day. very fun and awesome views. a little slick but I think as long as you've done a few hikes before you won't have any trouble

15 days ago

Be careful! All Trails does not lead to the correct trailhead. I ended up on the Notches trail and it was intense and dangerous due to wind and slippery slopes.

You will know you’re at Pali Puka trail if you see the “Trail Closed” sign. Facing the Pali lookout, the trail is to the left NOT RIGHT. It was a great hike, definitely recommend.

I would not attempt notches trail in wind, rain, or alone.

16 days ago

I’m not a fan of walking in sand for long distances; however, this is a beautiful beach with lots of people-watching opportunities. Kailua Beach is little crowded and noisy, so going at dusk might be a little more peaceful.

17 days ago

After completing stair way to heaven last week, everyone has been telling me this is next. So I will crush it this weekend. Who’s coming or doing it this weekend?? IG: @hgonzo7

17 days ago

Awesome, difficult hike. I’m glad this one’s fully legal unlike most of the good ones

18 days ago

Loved this hike! Reccomend a high fitness level and not being afraid of heights and some intense rock scrambles if attempting all 3 peaks. Allow for Approx 3 hrs return if moving fast.
Be aware I recieved a $35 ticket for parking just outside the golf complex with everyone else.

20 days ago

This is a fantastic hike! The trail generally ends where the lookout "hole" is. For more experienced hikers/climbers, keep going. When you're standing at the lookout, behind you there is a trail that goes into the woods and leads to a muddy climb with ropes to the top of the mountain. You can explore a little further even. The entire ridge is able to be hiked, so you could continue on to Lanihuli (completely different peak). If you do plan on doing that start early and again, its only for experienced hikers.

Caught the sunrise. Super crowded but worth it.

20 days ago

Bring lots of water and food. Go on a clear day.

21 days ago

Big sign says government property keep out!

Unfortunately the trail is closed for the next couple months and there's a guard

Need a little fitness to get up to the pillboxes but wow, what a view .. we were blessed with clear sunny skies and waters to blue.

25 days ago

Will preface this LONG post by saying: I am an average person. I am in decent shape, but I have certainly been in better shape. I don’t rock climb. I was raised in the Midwest and live out in the flats still, but love to hike when on vacation. I am by no means an expert hiker, my balance could use some work along with my lower body strength.

The hike to the first peak is one of the most gorgeous hikes on Oahu (I have done about 7-8 others on the island). I was fortunate to have good weather. The initial portion is a steady climb up some clay footing which would’ve been a mud party in the rain. Once it starts to get consistently rocky, you’ve hit approximately halfway. I didn’t feel the rope portions were too bad going up - I only used about half of them. Always be careful, but I felt the ropes were of fine quality. It does become more steep as you ascend. The infamous rock wall you have to scale is not the scariest part, in my opinion. If you’re afraid of heights (I like to think I am not afraid, rather, I have a healthy fear of the potential to slip and die), this could get a bit scary. I still felt there was enough real estate on either side to be safe. Once you get “north of the wall”, you’ll walk a narrow-ish ridge to get to an area of rock scramble to get to the very top. I had a moment of panic here as I didn’t climb up the rocky path and decided to inch myself along the ridge before climbing up the rocks. Maybe don’t do that? After that, you’ll get the most amazing views of the island! Rest a bit and enjoy the view.

The descent had me a bit amped- a kind dude helped me down the rock scramble to part and I ran into some equally kind folks who I ended up hiking down with. Ropes were more helpful going down. I did not need gloves to do the climb. I did the climb in trail running shoes (no, I don’t really do much of that either) and felt safe.

Nature wins every time, so as long as you are honest with yourself about your limits, and are mindful of your footing as you get to the top, you’ll be fine. Take your time, and take a buddy if you can. I’d do it again....but with a buddy.

Closed currently for renovations but great hike to watch the sunrise. Be sure to check the weather and make sure it didn’t rain recently otherwise you’ll be walking through mud. The trail is busy all day long.

27 days ago

I will be in Oahu next week (July-29 to August 5) visiting family. I would like to hike this trail, Moanalua Valley trail and other more spots. Feel free to email me at nico.marchan@yahoo.com or message me on my instagram: @nicocarlosmarchan if you want to join me and others to hike these trails.

finding safe and legal parking can be difficult then a long walk via golf course road to the trailhead. this is a dangerous trail. where you need to be extremely careful. I've personally been involved in a rescue on this trail where a hiker in front of me fell over a 100ft.

While the trail is temporarily closed it is such a beautiful one. The hike up is nothing too special but the views are wonderful. A great sunrise location!

29 days ago

The views are simply amazing. If you don’t like wind or ridges it’s not the trail for you. But if you live insane 360 views that will take your breath away then you are good to go. I went for sunrise and it was one of my favorites ever.

Due to the volume of tourists there are safety concerns. They are making repairs and improvements. I live in Kailua, it’s a great little trail. it’s not easy and you need good shoes. Once you’re up there the views of Lanikai are beautiful

Sign at the entrance says closed

30 days ago

Disappointed the entrance past the golf course gate is closed to hikers after 4pm

1 month ago

Love!! Somewhat muddy and difficult trail. Be prepared to get dirty & challenge yourself. Several places where ropes are the only way you’re advancing. Only did the first peak, but happy to be there & amazing views in every direction. Weather was a bit cloudy, but still a great time. Coming down was just as difficult & I think you actually depend on the ropes coming down more than the way up!

Loved this one!! Definitely had some difficult parts but totally doable if you are in relatively good shape! Their are some steep parts and some very narrow areas so probably not a good idea if you have a fear of heights! But the view was amazing!!

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