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1 day ago

The beginning of this trail doesn’t not start where the directions take you. Park on Auloa Rd, walk 0.85 miles to the actual start of the trail. Go along the interstate towards the royal Hawaiian golf course, the beginning of the trail is about 0.5 miles pass the guard shack. Overall the hike is a great work out however there is a good bit of rock climbing in order to get to the peaks! Some are literally a straight climb up the side of rocks, very thankful for the lovely souls who incorporated the ropes! This hike is not for everyone, depending on your mobility you may be limited to how far you can go. Views are great but if you can go out a clear day they will be even better!

Excellent hike. A great workout and the view are crazy. If you fear heights, don’t go all the way up.

Lots of hikers walking to the trail, lots of hikers turned away by the guard.

Gorgeous views of Lanikai Beach from the top- a fairly easy hike with lots of people.

Muddy, slippery but overall easy hike. Took us two hours with all the pictures. All the warnings about bacteria in the water is true and serious, think twice before you step in the water or consider to swim.

One of my favorite waterfall hikes on the island! Make sure you wear water shoes or sandals, there will be multiple times that you have to pass through a stream and it is difficult not to get wet. At the end of the trail, the waterfall is quite beautiful! I’ve noticed that compared to other times of the year, the summer is a lot more crowded. Try hiking up the first waterfall to find the moss slides and an even more private falls! Cheers!

4 days ago

Dangerous hike with a huge payoff. Cliffs are steep, the trail has about 7 rope sections with the last one being the most difficult. All of that is to the first peak, didn’t go to the second or third. See other reviews for that. The words from people who have “the views aren’t any better and it just gets more dangerous”.

Yes, a great hike. Must park off the golf course road and walk one half mile to trailhead. If you’re a regular hiker and in good condition with plenty of mobility, you should be ok. If you find it challenging during the first half of the hike, the second half may be too hard. Regarding the ropes and the rock scrambles, it will depend on your physical ability and mindset. This is a mostly shady hike, so good if you had too much sun the day before. Early morning would be the best time if temperature is an issue for you. As a 61 year old regular hiker with good mobility, this hike became a challenge in places. But the top was worth it. Kind of fun to see the sightseeing helicopters flying past at a lower elevation. If you’re realistic on your abilities I highly recommend this hike.

Talked to the guard - closed for the next 2-3 months

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9 days ago

It sure looked neat but there was a guard turning people away today (7/7/18).

muddy but fun anyway. enjoyed the cool breeze too at times.

The trail is closed for renovation. Police are posted to keep you out. July 7 2018

A great hike all around!!! love the fact that any age can do this hike. The rope climbs were not that difficult as people make it to be.

This is simply a great hike. I have only entered from the one entrance on Kaelepulu Drive across from the Country Club and Golf course. Right before a gated community. This is a tough part of the hike. Steep (there are some old ropes if you need them) and can be very slippery especially after a rain. For my wife and I this was fairly easy, but had to use some caution with my 9 and 6 year old but they made it up this initial point no problem. The views are stunning. Some of the best photos we have taken and gives you a better understanding of why everyone loves Hawaii. The one thing I didn't like was the dogs. They have to be leashed, but people don't listen and let them off. I am currently not a dog owner, but what I have noticed is that people don't want your kids to come up to their dogs without permission. However they will allow their dogs to come up to you or your kinds without your permission. It really bothers me. Make sure you bring water, because there is no cover and it gets hot. Great hike, I plan on going back with just myself and the wife and really stepping it out. Should be a great workout.

the waterfall is a nice reward!

13 days ago

Unreal! My favourite on the island so far. It is hard, but use the ropes and take your time. Safety is important so don't rush. It is worth getting out to the third peak for sure.

nice hike with a refreshing jump into the foot pool of the fall's

Fun and challenging hike. Take your time and be safe!

Be aware that you have the possibility of contracting leptospirosis in the water and soil on this trail so don’t go if you have any open sores on your body. We didn’t know this until driving all the way out there and saw the sign. Had to turn around cause my husband had a cut. Dangit!

Relatively flat trail with steady and well spaced incline. Can get very muddy so wear clothes and shoes you’re not afraid to get dirty. Overall takes about an hour and a half out and back but the water fall is a fun place to swim and jump so take your time while there. Very fun and worth the trip.

15 days ago

it's a beautiful area but no shade so bring a hat and sunscreen! it's just a flare walking path!

15 days ago

Great hike. Felt safe the whole time. We only hiked to the first peak as we had other plans that day but many hiked to the second and some to the third. We had great sunny conditions. 50 mins up and around the same coming down although we got caught in some traffic on the decent as we hiked on a Saturday. A great challenging incline throughout with some fun bouldering and rock climbing along the way. Enjoy!

16 days ago

The hike is short and sweet with a beautiful waterfall at the end.

There is another non-descript entrance via Kamahele St. It takes you up from the backside.

18 days ago

Marvelous; death-defying.

Do NOT attempt this trail if you are a Disney villain.

Went to the trail on June 28 and it is closed for repairs with No trespassing signs all over. There is also no parking here.

18 days ago

Closed for Two Months for repairs starting June 21. Very eroded. Fenced off on the Kaelepupu entrance and a fence runs up the trail to the first landing.Haven't looked at the Poopoo pl entrance. Don't tresspass of the first fenced uphill sections is pretty dangerous, I saw some tourists bush wacking through people's backyards. If you really going to trespass whihc i don't recommend, it's probably safer to just hop the fence.

Hiked the whole thing this morning. Started at the pillbox side and popped out in a Lanikai neighborhood. Pretty much had the whole trail past the pillboxes to myself. The path gets narrow but was easy to follow.

I did this trail backwards, starting from Waimanalo and ending at Pali lookout. There are some forks at the beginning, so stay on the widest(bigger) path so you don’t get lost. It connects to the Maunawili trail, so follow the sign for that. You will be on this trail most of the time. Wet and hazardous conditions ahead. Watch your step and pack accordingly. Bring a friend or at least tell someone where you are going. You could die. Plenty of water sources along the trail, I suggest bringing a filtration system. I recorded this trail with AllTrails pro, and it logged 12 miles. I finished in 7.5 hours with strained left hip muscle, so it can be done faster. About 1/2 of the way up, the trail seems to end. I saw a blue ribbon which signifies the wrong way. Instead, go up the dry stream about 20 feet and the trail continues. I’m glad I explored a bit before turning back. Theres no where to camp so don’t plan on staying over. I would suggest experienced hikers only with good dexterity. When you get to the end of the Maunawili trail, swing a left up the dirt steps toward the old Pali road. Bypass the “under the bridge” and continue along the old Pali road. The last part of the hike is gravel with some awesome (and rewarding) views along the way. When you get to Pali lookout you’ll have to either jump over a six foot high locked gate or squeeze around the left side of the gate. Its a tight squeeze so if you have a big belly you won’t fit. Good luck out there and stay safe!

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