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1 day ago

Fastest way to get to third peak of Olomana, Ahiki.

2 days ago

We have wanted to do this one for quite a while but with all the hype over it I was a bit apprehensive. We hike all over island (Ka’au, Mt Olympus, Wiliwilinui, Hawaii Loa) list goes on and on. So a few days ago we decided to go for it and do peak 1. We knew we would probably end up doing peak 2 as well but I had no intention of attempting peak 3, at least not on my first go at it. Peak 1 wasn’t really that bad, yes it was a beast of an incline and has some rope at the top but all things considered it was okay. We did see a couple turn around and not even get to the top of peak 1 today. Once on 1 we decided to go to peak 2, peak 2 had considerably more Ridge, sheer drops and bouldering. Once on peak 2 we stopped and watched 5 guys go on and finish the 3rd peak. Conditions were dry and amazing for today, they couldn’t have been better. I would never do this one when it’s wet up there since it’s slick rock and sheer drop offs!! Use google maps and plug in “parking Olomana hiking trail” and it takes you right to where you want to park. DONT park on loop road. Walk back down the road you just parked on and around loop road to the right and that takes you to the trailhead (white Olomana sign on the left side of the road).

good trail with plenty of roots and rocks to test your eye/foot/balance coordination...muddy, slippery, and very junglish..get there early as parking can be tight

nice trail, muddy, but not unsafe at all and could be done in tennis shoes. beautiful falls at the end!

11 days ago

Great Trail we did it on Wednesday. was very muddy in the beggining.. made it to the first peak. beautiful view from the top.

Awesome much muddy goodness

Beautiful, fun hike! It was very muddy when we went. Prepare to get covered in mud. Take your time and enjoy the views! This hike is def only recommended for the more adventurous hiker.

18 days ago

Great views hiking the Three Peaks. Parking is far, before the golf course so add a mile each way. Heard people were getting tickets so be careful where you park. I parked on the street prior to the bus stop because I read that people were getting tickets there (security guard at the golf course also mentioned cars getting tickets) but tons of cars were still parked around there. It was a Sunday.

The trail was a bit muddy from the rain. But after half a mile or so, it wasn’t too bad. Incline and a few spots where you’ll need to climb. There are ropes and it’s not too difficult, unless you’re not that experienced or if it’s wet.

Trek up to the 1st peak was fun and challenging. Took about an hour from the trailhead.

If you continue past the 1st peaks summit you’ll head down to amazing views of the 2nd and 3rd peak.

Hiking up the 2nd peak was fairly easy. Going down the 2nd to the 3rd is tricky/hard. You’ll have to scale down a pretty high wall. There are ropes but if you’re scared of heights I wouldn’t advise trying. Also if it’s wet from the rain it might be too slippery.

After the decent down, you’ll make your way up the 3rd peak. It’s narrow and tricky but not as bad as I thought it would be. Again rain/wind or if you’re scared of heights is a different story.

Super muddy on the way back (bc it rained recently and a little while i was there) which made it slippery.

Overall amazing hike and I’m glad I did all 3 peaks on my first try!

22 days ago

Everything you need to know about 3 peaks



Beautiful and fun!! Wear swimming suit and good shoes, if recent rain it will be muddy and slippery.

awesome hike, great views and not crowded at all!

LOVE THIS HIKE SO MUCH! It got a little sketchy at times but I feel so accomplished after doing it. We made it to the second peak on a rainy day. 10/10 would love to go again.

27 days ago

This trail was a blast. Easy and convenient parking at the Pali lookout. Entrance is fairly easy to spot by the bus parking lot. Without much effort, you have an immediate view. Ridge trail is a little precarious but very enjoyable. On a windy day, it’s quite exhilarating.

Follow the trail along and before long you reach a cliff face. Follow that to the left, and after a few more minutes of trekking, you’re faced with a difficult and fun climb up a series of ropes and tree roots. This leads you to a very spectacular view! We explored a bit beyond the top of the climb, as the ridge continues. However, time did not allow us to go much further for the day.

Overall it’s a very fun and exciting trip. If you’re looking for views, excitement, and climbing, this is a great choice. If you’re looking for a simpler experience, look elsewhere. This hike would be far more dangerous when wet and muddy.

Awesome trial, but VERY muddy and slippery. I recommend hiking shoes with good traction (I wore merrels and was sturdy). I do not recommend sandles or flip flops. if you are not surefooted this is not the hike for you, know your limits, we went with some very inexperienced hikers and it was quite difficult for them. Otherwise the trail was beautiful, the views breath taking and the waterfall worth it. I definitely recommend jumping off into the pool below, if you are afraid of heights jump off one of the lower areas. Enjoy!

30 days ago

Absolutely amazing views make for some pretty impressive photos! My husband and I completed the hike on a sunny, dry, yet windy day (I would NOT recommend this hike after a day of rain)! I would consider the trail a scramble, with use of hands and provided ropes. Not for the faint of heart or those who are scared of heights! I’m 6 months pregnant and did not have a problem conquering this trail, just make sure to wear good shoes! Go for it, the views are worth it!!

Trail entrance in near bus parking area, through the bamboo!

1 month ago

So the hike to the falls is pretty easy-family friendly really.

The real fun and adventure begins past the falls as you climb a steep (extremely muddy this past weekend) incline to get to the Secret Bridge which I have since named Sketchy Bridge. It is not for the faint hearted to cross. I was pretty damn scared on the thing-it even shook a bit when I was on it but man it was exhilarating!

Moss slides past the bridge are super fun! It would be cool to hang there with some beers (pack out what you pack in) and slip n slide.

Tip: spikes are a good idea after rain; mosquitoe spray AND always be considerate of the neighborhood you’re in.

1 month ago

All-time favorite hike. It’s very fun and challenging. Trail is clearly marked and it’s hard to get lost.

Absolutely amazing...can be dangerous if not careful but the view at the top was worth it!

1 month ago

Done this hike several times Easy and fun muddy but very rewarding at the end for a dip in the waterfall it’s a most go!!!

on Olomana Trail

1 month ago

I just did the first peak. it took about an hour up and an hour back. pretty empty trail starting at 6:30 on a Wednesday morning. I only saw 4 other people the whole time. The trail was a little muddy, but not as bad as I expected from other reviews....not sure when it last rained hard. I wore my old running shoes and did just fine with them.

1 month ago

I really enjoyed this hike. Nice incline, plenty of roots to grasp on, and rope climbs. The route was quite muddy from rainfall but spectacular views. I would recommend good footwear for climbing and scaling the walls. Beyond the first peak, I'd recommend a love for heights! Great time!

1 month ago

We parked outside the golf course entrance on the side of the road and then walked to the start of the trail down the road leading to the golf course.

One of the best trails I've hiked in Hawaii! Starts relatively gradual, but gets steep the closer you get to the top! Most people only do the first peak, but for the extra challenge it's fun to knock out the second and third peaks as well!

The trail is extremely muddy right now. I would keep an extra pair of shoes/towell in your car for the ride home. Bug spray wouldn't hurt.t was a very beautiful hike.

feels like your smack dab in the middle of the jungle, what an awesome hike, jumping off a cliff was the best part, A+

the final scramble/tech climb to top of the peak is worth it...keep going past the window!

I enjoyed this hike but be prepared for slipping and sliding if it’s wet, which is a big possibility, and if you do not have hiking shoes. I will admit, we did not come prepared as we should have and we both fell a lot and were covered in mud, so I speak from experience. All that said, I thought it was a beautiful hike that I could have enjoyed even more if I had the right shoes.

A hiker fell to his death today while on the third peak of Ahiki.

This is one of our favourite Oahu hikes. Lots of birds and beautiful views and scenery....ending with a refreshing dip into the lagoon or jump from the rocks into the lagoon. Great for anyone of even moderate fitness. One hour to falls when not muddy, 11/2hours when muddy. If it hasn't rained in 5+ days, it'll be dry.

1 month ago

Such a fun hike! Very steep relative to most other hikes I’ve found in Oahu. 1.5 hours up to the second peak with plenty of photo stops. 45 minutes down.

This trail was a good work out! Thankfully we went when it was sunny and the ground was dry. The view at the top was amazing. Make sure your confident climbing rocks that have a steep drop before you go!

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