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beautiful views from the top, lots of animals, goats, cows, sheeps. little lonely but then you can enjoy only the nature sounds.

4 days ago

Great trail and views throughout the hike. Definitely feels like you're hiking through the Jurassic Park movies, very cool. A bit muddy here and there but that was expected given that we're hiking on one of the wettest islands on earth. The slope is not steep making it a relatively easy hike, slightly muddy areas can be slippery and we had a few people in our group slip once or twice and get covered in mud. There is a huge eucalyptus tree that fell across the trail that you have to either go up and around or climb over which could be a bit precarious for older folks. Younger kids will probably enjoy the challenge and stomping around in the mud.

We completed the hike in about 3.5 hours taking our time and made it to the bridge where the Kuilau trail meets the Moalepe trail before turning around. Most of the trail was dry or damp and only a few areas were really muddy so bring good shoes and prepare to get dirty. Also, a little bug spray will help keep you from being eaten alive in the wetter parts of the trail.

on Koloiki Ridge

4 days ago

Nothing i would recommend someone doing!
No nice views, no nice path!

Quite the disappointment
Really tough to run this trail and there's not much to see.
The pristine beach at the end of the trail is a campers dump with beer bottles and quasi permanent tents.
The light house is not what you think - it's not an east coast light house - it's more like a street sign.
Too many other great places in Maui to go - recommend to avoid.

Great trail with excellent views for most of the way. Good shade and only muddy in a few patches.

12 days ago

Loved the hike. Only slight drawback was the mud in several locations. We quickly learned to embrace the mud instead of attempting to avoid it. Make sure to go right before the picnic table to continue hike to the bridge.

We’ve hiked this twice. I prefer the inland trail as opposed to the coast because it ends at a pretty beach where we could eat lunch under some shade trees. It’s very beautiful.

Advice: Start early, before 9 is smart. It heats up quick. Be smart and wear over the ankle boots. Real easy to twist an ankle; most of the journey is traveling over loose and very course rock. Bring more than a store bought water bottle. Bring a hat if you don’t want to burn. There’s no place to hide from sun once out in the open. Get there and park in the opposite direction of the sun. You’ll appreciate a cooler car upon returning.

Highlights: Beach at the end of interior trail. Awesome landscape that looks lunar. Ocean views spectacular. Feels remote and peaceful.

If you are at Waikoloa or Kona and looking for some exercise, you found it. A nice 30 minute drive up the hill to the trailhead, and you’ll be in for a good workout with beautiful views. Start early and you’ll be treated to the constant sound of birds singing. You will likely see cattle, wild goats, and sheep, as well as lots of birds along the way. A relatively easy trail/doubletrack road with 1800ft in elevation gain over 3.5 miles. This out-and-back is 7 miles overall. As previous reviews stated, you can take the Ohia trail approx .5 miles from the parking lot on your right. The Ohia trail adds interest and shade cover on this singletrack section. Pay attention as the Ohia intersects a straight gravel road that you do not cross, but go left onto and continue straight up the hill. Up and back took us 3 hrs and we earned a well deserved beer and lunch at Kona Brewing afterwards Great morning exercise and workout!

18 days ago

Easy but muddy trail. I was prepared for the mud from previous reviews (waterproof) hiking boots and poles helped a lot). The fallen tree was still there but okay to get around by going behind the tree roots. Ventured beyond the picnic area to the waterfall before turning back A nice short walk for a relaxing but muddy day :)

Beautiful panoramic scenery with bird sounds. Muddy at several points.

22 days ago

Very easy nature forest hike. Lots of shady spots and nature sights and sounds. Very muddy at end even on sunny dry days.

Definitely worth the trip. Hiking through the lava field provides very interesting scenery but it gets extremely hot so bring plenty of water and start early. Closed toe shoes are a must but hiking boots aren't 100% necessary. Keep left to the Kings Highway to get to the beach. Doing this again I would skip the lamp post and head straight to the beach. Getting in the water at the beach at the end of Kings Highway is very rocky so wear shoes you don't mind getting wet.

23 days ago

Amazing trail. Well maintained. A little muddy the first two miles or so but then perfect. We connected it with Cliffs connector trail and onto the Awaawapuhi trail and did an epic 13 mile hike with 4,000 feet of elevation gain. My 9 year old daughter and 16 year old son loved every minute of it. We hiked the last 2 easy miles on the road to get the full 13 miles. You can easily hitch hike too.

Beautiful views. Not too challenging. But as of 6/20/2018 there is a giant fallen Eucalyptus tree blocking the trail about a half mile in. Quite challenging to get over or around it when wet. My wife and I made it and continued on to the picnic tables. Love this hike and hope they clear the blockage soon.

I loved this hike. Not too long, not too short. There were interesting adventurous parts, but not too much where I felt unsafe or exhausted after the hike. I was interested in what I was seeing and doing the whole time. The mud doesn’t start till about half way through, and is not bad. The waterfalls were fun to explore. The pools are just deep enough to swim around in. I really enjoyed my overall experience. I would do this one again!

1 month ago

The distance quoted for this hike is about right, but not the elevations change (it is definitely less than 2368 feet...). The views from the end of the trail are spectacular, but note: you HAVE to go all the way to the end!! The trail doesn't reward you with the views until you've done the full distance!
On the way back we took the Nu'alolo Cliff Trail which links up to the Awa'Awapuhi Trail - You can then hike this all the way to the end (to the viewpoint) and then back to the road. The views from both lookouts are very different, so I really recommend doing both trails if you can.
You can then either walk along the road back to your car parked at the start of the Nu'alolo trail, or just hitchhike - you'll probably be picked up within a minute by one of the many friendly tourist cars going past.

The view makes every bit of the climb up worthwhile. Being terrified of heights, the cliffs got to me a bit, but bearing through the cliffy parts led to an extremely rewarding view of the Na Pali coast. The trail from the parking lot all the way to the railing overlooking the sea seemed to be more than 6.9 miles, closer to 7.7, but my watch died halfway through, so I apologize for interpolated data. The cliffs seemed like they would be deadly on a rainy day, and the trail nearly impassible. We lucked out on a gorgeous and dry morning. It was fairly lightly hiked, we arrived at 0750 and didn't see anyone until we were hiking back out. It took us 4.2 hours out and in.

1 month ago

A nice downhill treck through jungle, vallies, and coniferous areas to a beautiful view point at the end of the trail. The difficulty begins with the treck back up. We began the trail at 8am and didn't experience much mud. I would suggest starting slightly earlier so you have more time without cloud coverage at the end. We packed in 2L of water each and I think we should have brought slightly more or at least cameled up at the beginning of the hike. Along the trail there were wild blackberries and a ton of guava plants (unfortunately we only found two plants on the entire trail with ripe guavas, hike this trail in August if guava foraging is your cup of tea).
The changing environments through the hike was pretty enough for a 3 star review, but the view of the Na'pali coast is worth 6 stars.

1 month ago

We set out early from the trail head around 7 based on some recommendations that clouds are more likely later in the day. It paid off, and my wife and I enjoyed a nice trailmix brunch overlooking one of the best views I have ever hiked to. Clouds rolled in about an hour after we arrived.

As you've probably read in many of these reviews, the trail is pretty muddy during the first mile and a half. I'd recommend packing hiking boots to Kauai if you're visiting from out of state for this trail and any of the other trails on the island. My wife brought trail running shoes and had a much harder time. Cleaning red clay out of hiking clothes is not that easy.

Also, it is possible to do this trail as part of a loop with the Awa Awapuhi trail by taking the Nu'alolo cliff trail, now that the cliff trail has reopened, which is what we did. The cliff trail provides some nice new perspectives of the valley and some waterfalls. Once you connect with the Awa'Awapuhi trail it's possible to hike out to the other vista point. However, the loop does end with a very boring hike alongside a winding road with no shoulder. Loops are great, but you might just want to stick with hiking this trail as an out & back.

1 month ago

This trail can be muddy at the beginning, but it’s still hike-able when it is. Long pants are a good idea to avoid scratches on the legs from dried, cut back fern stems along narrow paths. Watch out for loose dirt towards the end of the trail on a few steep inclines. Overall, the views along the way and at the end are well worth the steep hike back up!

The nature is changing throughout the trail - and at a certain point you can see a beautiful view on the sea. The views are just improving until the end - when you have a breathtaking view on the Napali coast.
I would suggest going both to the Nualolo and Awa'awapuhi trails, as views from both trails are amazing, but different.

1 month ago

Steady decline throughout most of the trail, but you get to see a bunch of different landscapes. The view at the end of the trail is amazing. Takes you closer to the coast than most, if not all, of the other trails in the park. Once you reach the end, you have a phenomenal view of the Napali coastline and look back into the Nualolo Valley. On the Koke'e park map, it looks like the Awaawapuhi Trail takes you further but it doesn't. You actually look back towards that trail ending once you're at the end of the Nualolo. Go past the vista at the end. This trail is a must do.

Cool trails with lots of wildlife to be seen.

Our absolutely favorite place on the big island.

Best to complete early in the day as it does get warm quickly. The wind is a great help but still plan accordingly with water or other hydration efforts and good shoes as the path is volcanic rock.

Also, if you take the lighthouse path there is an awesome natural arch bridge near the coast in the vicinity.

We made the mistake of taking the road up. I recommend the Ohia trail instead. Not great signage so best to know where you are going in advance. Quite the puffer in spots. Even though I gave it 3 stars my husband would give it 4. I just didn’t think the scenery was worth the 2000 ft of elevation.

The hike to the summit is challenging. The waterfall is so so.


1 month ago

Emesine cave


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