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Aloha! Hiked the last 4 days this week and will be hiking both days this weekend too! Had an awesome time hiking this past weekend and last week as well. I have hiked most of the hikes on this island many many times! It is often windy and/or rainy but we never have issues as we always have the right gear when we go. If you're looking to hike and want to link up or get some ideas of what this trail looks like feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram @mike.karas or mikekarasphotography@gmail.com. Bring plenty of water for this hike and other hikes out here in Hawaii.

@josh, I will

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This is a HARD trail. Challenging in every aspect but the views are well worth it

Anyone keen for the hike morning of Saturday, July 21 :)

Not a review - coming from Cali to Hawaii during the week of August 13-18 and hoping to find some adventurous people who are willing to do this hike! I love conversations and am willing to buy you coffee if you’ve done it before:) I’ll also be scuba diving so if anyone has any amazing sites let me know. DM me on instagram: @smartiehardie thanks!!

Great hike, paved all the way. Access to the tide pools is possible from just past the whale watching outpost however DO NOT TAKE BACK PACK KIDS OR THOSE TO SMALL TO CLIMB ON THEIR OWN!

Awesome hike! The trail was in great condition, ropes were secure, weather was gorgeous, not much water on the trail. This is a difficult hike—likes of vertical scrambling, and it’s length makes it tiring. We did the trail in 6 hours, 15 min. We are avid hikers, but we are not super athletes and we don’t move really fast. Beautiful views. Really great way to see the legal way to Haiku stairs.

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This was on our holiday ‘must do list’ and so pleased we did it! We completed this trail with our 9 year old, we didn’t find it challenging but our son did as it’s quite tolling on his legs and breathing with the constant stepping - lots of rests and he made it to the top and what a view from the look out as a reward! The trip down can be slippery, take your time and we found side steps and crab crawling were the best strategy. Fun adventure would highly recommend, definitely take a drink.

We did this walk on a dry day, it was easy to find once you got through the bamboo forest, just follow the shingle path and through next bamboo forest - this part is quiet muddy so be prepared to get dirty shoes. Once you get to clearing go straight ahead through path and to the left, follow path and stream to left and there are some stream crossings - before you climb over some boulders and you are there! We took our 9 year old and found this trail to be easy. Have fun the falls are so beautiful 

Not that spectacular. Very muddy. Not a loop, if you take puu ohia you still have to walk back on the road for a mile.

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This was a great hike! You go through all different types of forest and terrain including a lot of pine trees and a lot of stairs both natural by roots and built stairs as well. The view at the top is breathtaking if it’s not foggy which can happen a lot in the area.

Aloha from Alex from Switzerland. Doing this trail for a first time tomorow morning, Friday 20th. Starting at 7AM.
Anyone want to join?

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This was a gorgeous hike! Did it this afternoon on my own. Very muddy so wear shoes you don’t mind either tossing or getting extremely dirty then washing. Got a bit off trail by accident and started rock climbing with a handful of others and then realized we must not be on the trail. When we got down we went over a log and it was literally right there

awesome hike

Went up this afternoon and on my way down I saw a rescue underway. Looks like a lady got air lifted out. I took the side trail down to avoid the jam.

I felt like I was in Fern Gully!!! It was gorgeous, surreal, and a good hike! Can be a bit slippery so wear good shoes and be ready to be in awe!!!

Fun, moderate trail to the ridge. The final stretch has rope work and is fairly steep but only for a short little while. We started with a group of about 14 but then only 5 of us made it to the very end. Even if you don't hike the full length, the views are worth the hike and you can turn around at any point since it's an in/out trail. This trail connects to Ka'au - would love to come back one day to go up this trail then come down Ka'au side. Final note: keep an eye on the weather in the days before doing this hike, there are parts that would essentially turn into mudslides after heavy rains.

This trail is gorgeous, long, challenging - my favorite kine :) Make sure you have waterproof shoes as there are 17 streams. We ended up doing this on a whim with 5 people as we *ahem* got turned away by the popo's at 3am on Saturday from the Stairs so we decided to go the legal way. This meant my shoes were not waterproof but lightweight trail runners. I got sick in the ensuring days from hiking 9 hours in wet shoes but it was WORTH IT! The trail is quite overgrown at some parts (I'm pretty short and the grass was taller than me). It takes you through the valley then up along the ridge to the back part of the stairs. Thankfully I packed a windproof jacket, which was necessary once we made it up about 6 miles, the last 2-3 miles have strong winds. I should also note that one of the girls with us stepped on a bush on one of the ridges and dropped down the side. Thankfully she hung on and the ridge wasn't razorback so it was sloped and we pulled her back but please, please stick to the trail and make sure your footing is solid. Now that you've read all the cautionary parts, GO HIKE THIS TRAIL! It's breathtaking early in the morning when the sun is just coming up and the views at the top are insane. Insane. Can't wait to do this one again as soon as I find people who are down for 10 hour hikes lol

Hardest hike I have done...1 ridge climb. Made it to the top which was socked in... very muddy today. But a great day!

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This hike is closer to 10 miles. Be prepared for passing showers and a slippery, sometimes precipitous trail. The Waimanalo end of the trail is too narrow for bikes.

VERY challenging on the way up but totally worth the views! Some parts we had to scoot on our butts, but a dirty hike is the best hike.

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It’s starts beautiful as there are amazing views of the rainforest and it’s fauna, but as the trail continues it gets tight with far too many people on this trail and the views never live up to the opening scene. We found our family standing and waiting 8-10 minutes due to traffic on the trail, yikes. I find the trails of Lyon Arboretum far more rewarding just above Manoa falls trailhead.

Not writing a review. I’m heading to oahu on July 30 to August 6. If anyone is doing this hike on the dates I’m there please contact me and let me join your adventure. Been visiting the island for quite some years and always wanted to do this hike. Email is chefvito671@gmail.com. Subject it as hiking stairway to heaven so I know what to look for.

Quick climb but quite a challenge and a very rewarding view!

Wanting to do this hike within the next few weeks while I’m in town for work. Has anyone done this route for sunrise? Is it possible to hike in the dark considering the narrow ridges?

This trail is paved and a nice gradual climb. I would definitely recommend it for sunrise (just like every other hike on this island). Great views at the end of the lighthouse and of the ocean, looking east.
I have more details on my entire Oahu itinerary on my travel blog [traveltrachs.com].
IG: @traveltrachs

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Left for the trail at about 11 AM right after it rained, then had to pay 5 dollars upfront to enter the trailhead and there was still plenty of parking space available. Because it had just recently rained there was lots of mud which made the rocks we were climbing on slippery. The hike itself was about an hour of steady hiking with a beautiful waterfall at the end.

My fiancé and I just completed this climb. We loved it. The trail is marked pretty well, which was a huge plus. The trail starts out easy; a mix between paved, gravel and dirt. Then comes a more muddy section. After that you come to a point with an arrow and H painted in green on a rock. At this point the trail will level up in difficulty. The trail is marked with pink ribbons. When you come to a tree with two pick ribbons on it you’ll notice the left trail has a dramatic increase in incline. At this point you’ve reached the final and most difficult portion of the climb. 70 degree incline with ropes, mud and drop offs if you lose your balance. The path is incredibly narrow as you are literally following a ridge to the top; on most of this route you can’t even put your feet side by side. At the top you’ll see a sign that tells you it’s the end of trail with one of the most amazing views. Definitely a hard climb but the pay off is worth it. Never seen a view like that in my life.

I will climb the Haʻikū Stairs, aka Stairway to Heaven, Saturday, July 21st for the 274rd time.

The most recent post on my Instagram @Hawaii_Mountain.Man.Matt will give you an idea for an impactful photo perspective.

5 things you should know about the hike:

(1) It is the safest way to reach that elevation on Oahu. Over the last 70+ years, no one has ever died falling on the stairs.

(2) There is a ton of trash at the top. Bring a folded heavy-duty trash bag to help with that.

(3) No matter what, don’t go near homes!

Think: when is the last time you woke up at 3am and whispered: "Honey I think there's someone outside the house!"

Most neighbors are friendly, but some are aggressive and even violent. Tourist blood has spilled in the neighborhood more than once in the past year.

(4) The back way is less safe, but worth considering.

A ticket on the stairs is common and the judges have gotten tired of the case. The charge is Second Degree Criminal Trespass with these components:

(1) $1,000 fine
(1) Three dates, each about two months apart at the Kaneohe Courthouse
(2) Jail, no longer than 6 months. (incarnation is rare, averaging 1.6 out of 100 tickets)
(3) Legal fees (a defense attorney charges $800 - $1,500 for the case)
(4) Usually 60 hours of community service.
(5) Legal fees for expungement after some years of a clean record.
(6) Visa/Immigration hurdles.
(7) Impact on professional life.
(8) Return travel and accommodations to attend court, community service, etc.

The financial setback ranges from $3,000 for an average local, up into the hundreds of thousands over the length of a career for military members reduced in rank, professional licenses affected, working visas denied, etc.

Public record shows hundreds of tickets a month, but I suppose everyone standing in court started their morning hike knowing they had done the research.

There are techniques, but to be fair, everything posted online is a bit comical.

Two tips:
⁃ The guard is usually friendly and does not have the power to give anyone a ticket.
⁃ The police have internet also and are good at what they do all day every day.

(5) This is the real Hawai’i!

When I go, I approach peacefully and respectfully.

As we climb we are immersed, perhaps because we step “into” the experience 3,922 times. The activity melts our physical senses, and opens us to sense spirit. We rise from civilization to magic.

At the top, we savor hot foods and reflect for a couple hours in comfort, allowing the memory of the feeling to become part of us before the senses of civilization erase the nuances of that raw truth from our attention.

People think I go for the epic view, but along the way they recognize their own reflection in nature. They discover that they share an energetic blueprint with a land so majestic and find new appreciation for the landscape of their own soul.

They find that they climbed a mountain to see themselves in new light, so that the sunrise was the second, third or forth best part of the day.

They alway say: “I had no idea it was going to be this good.” Always with smiles, sometimes in tears.

I might skip a week or go twice a day, but even after so many times, once I start I’m lost on it again.


Nice hike but way too many people on small trail.

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