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12 hours ago

If anyone is interested in doing this tomorrow, hit me up on insta.. lizzy_p77

14 hours ago

Such a beautiful hike !

Definitely hard to find the trail, luckily found some locals but even they had some troubles as there have been some new fences put up to keep people out. Getting on the trail takes a little creativity and willingness to bypass barriers that were clearly meant to keep you out. First fence somebody already cut a hole in, second fence needed to climb around it. Tip: after the second fence up the stairs, stay to the right, the trail continues behind an abandoned looking old processing facility or something; don’t go left along what looks to be the main trail (this is a hunting trail)
Falls were pretty good. Lots of river crossings.

Very crowded trail, for a waterfall that is only ok by Hawaiian standards. Can’t really swim in the pool or stand under the falls. And had to pay $5 for parking. If this trail were almost anywhere else in the world it would get 4 or 5 stars, but there are so many nearby better hikes with better views and better falls. Don’t waste your time with this one - unless you need a hike that you can bring grandma on.

I am in decent shape and this trail kicked my butt. Definitely not for the out of shape or faint of heart - although I personally do have a fear of heights but was still able to finish. Climbing up the third waterfall was great fun, not technically challenging but long and got strenuous by the end. The crater rim is steep and muddy and by far the most difficult and dangerous part of this hike. There are helpful ropes in many spots - but there are also several spots that could have used a rope but didn’t have one. Took about 6 hours round trip, including a couple short breaks.

Hiked 2 days after a massive rain storm. Had to take a few detours and went way out of the way. Easy to get turned around but luckily there were several people we met who clarified trail. Tip: follow the stream up and know that you will cross stream several times. It was hard but a beautiful hike hearing songbirds and being in jungle.

Amazing hike, but must be physically fit to take on. 3rd waterfall is a series of rope climbs and so by the time you make it to the crater your body is getting fatigued. Absolutely stunning stunning hike, really beautiful.

Beautiful hike from start to finish. Highly recommend. It wasn't as crowded as some other hikes which made it nice too.

Interesting valley hike, don't miss the ruins on the left going in and all the great cultural signage, pics added.

Nice shady trail. The whole hike is shaded and beautiful, like a jungle. Waterfall was beautiful and you can get right up close to it. Many people were swimming. We biked to the trail head from Waikiki Beach area and walking on the trail was not a problem after biking the 6 miles (mainly uphill and in traffic) up there.

Me and my then fiancé hiked this trail back in 2016. With the help of a local guide showing us where it was. We both loved it.

not easy. once you get up the 3rd waterfall its dry crumbly rock or mud to the top of the crater. not in bad shape physically but i was not ready for the 5+ hours of complete physical activity this required. rock climbing was cool and the ropes helped but it you have to have faith in the rope.
bring snacks and no joke about the water friend had 2 lt. and she was out before we truly left the ridge. also bring bug spray, and sunblock. i got roasted on the ridge and that didnt help the water issue. if you have removable pant to shorts i recomend those as the ridge has lots of prickly and slicing plants. i got a few scrapes from the plant life not rocks. the veiw was amazing and while i question my sanity this was deffently an amazing hike. just not for the faint of heart.

Nice hike. Went with my 2,5,8 year old. They all walked the whole hike without any complaining. Very nice views.

Great trail mostly in the shade. It has a nice snack store with reasonable prices. The trail is well kept and nice for toddlers to explore. The trees are beautiful and show landscapes of untouched forest.

Amazing hike! Definitely don’t do this on a rainy day. It was sunny and beautiful blue skies. The rim I believe is harder to hike than the actual trail going to the crater. Mainly because of all the rope and climbing over rocks. And then sliding down the ridges. My one and done. Good luck to any hikers.

Bring lots of water and food! I had 2 liters of water and a water bottle and ran out before the end of the hike.

I love this hike. One of my favorite waterfall hikes on the island.

It has some nice scenic views. the terrain changes a decent amount as you traverse. It doesn't take that long to get to the waterfall in the lot of all is somewhat small that falls from from very high height.

Completed, great view of the waterfall

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