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Wow, this hike is definitely intense and dangerous, along with potentially illegal. It's very, very steep and muddy, along with minimal things to grab on to. I was basically hanging on to tree branches at certain points. Coming down, I slid and fell a few times and got covered in mud head to toe. It's a bit scary, and I wouldn't recommend doing it alone. However, the view is stunning - it's absolutely beautiful. I did the first 2 summits, but decided that the 3rd summit was a bit too dangerous for me, so I turned around.

awesome hike. incredibly muddy and much harder going back down than coming up. trying not to slide all the way down was difficult.

Great but very dangerous yesterday due to weather conditions!

We went yesterday and although it was sunny in Waikiki it was raining on the trail. At first very very light rain barely perceptible, but as we hiked the rain got heavier. By the time we made it to the third waterfall it was pouring to the point of not being able to open ones eyes, and the waterflow was very powerful. We had trouble crossing the waterfall at the top due to the heavy rain and waterflow, but ultimately was helped across by another hiker who happened to be from the airforce. On our way back we had help from two marines who brought their own rope to cross the stream which was like a floodzone at this point.

Tl;dr if it’s raining heavily, turn back. In those conditions I would not recommend hiking this trail as the route up the waterfall and crossing the streams is very dangerous due to slickness, powerful waterflow, and deep streams.

JTM, the photo you uploaded with the Closed sign is the entrance to Pali Puka. The hike to the Notches is on the other side, adjacent to the official lookout point on Pali Lookout. There should be 3-4 signs along the edge of the hill warning you not to tresspass. These signs have been up for years already.
If you zoom in one of my Pali Notches photos, you can see a series of No Trespassing signs and posts blocking the entrance to the trailhead.

This was an amazing hike, challenging, slippery, but so much fun. We went the wrong wY and climbed down all three waterfalls. One of the best hikes so far!

Just made an attempt and noticed the CLOSED sign, pic uploaded. The trail is marked private property, suggest - closed.

We did this last year. It was great. Thanks Scott.

It's illegal to hike to the notches. Since the Pali Puka is close, this hike should also be Closed.

I went up anti-clockwise, passing all the waterfalls. I started very late in the day, around 2:30 pm and by the time I finished the loop via the ridge back down to my car it was already 6:30. The going was very slow due to the amount of mud along the way ( in fact the entire trail is muddy except for the waterfall part ). Very good cardio workout and i sweat a lot due to the high humidity we are facing over the islands these past few days. Its best to do this hike early in the day in case something goes wrong. Not a good idea to be hiking in the dark and it gets very dark fast esp in the valley. In general, the trail has deteriorated a lot over the years from exessive usage.

Tip: Use a light traction device like microspikes or chainsen for added traction due to the very muddy slick conditions. It helps a lot.

This is a classic gorge hike i.e. multi-tiered interconnected falls that amass to hundreds of feet longer in distance to any other waterfall on the island. It makes manoa and lulumahu falls look like coy pond fountains. However , it is super easy to get lost and I learned the hard way what trails can completely to bypass the tricky, slippery descents ect. This trail is easy to only give lost with multiple divergent paths and the all trails app only shows general direction. I need to redo this hike tomorrow morning 7 am to reclaim my trekking poles and do the ridge portion. The falls are great right now and the path is moderately muddy but should dry up even more by tomorrow morning. If you plan on hiking this email me at justindavidsands@gmail.com. If it is on a different date I can possibly meet but depending on if I work that night I may have to do a turnaround after the falls. I have hiked dozens of trails here and this is the mist challenging when it comes to navigating but is 100% epic and totally worth it.

Not recommended for beginners or the faint of heart. This was one awesome hike with three waterfalls and a great 360 of the island. Tricky at some parts during the summit, but worth the sweat.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Will anyone be doing the hike tomorrow, 9/24? I know it’s last minute but I’d love a buddy. I have a great camera and I’m a skilled photographer who can take pictures of you! Dm me on Instagram @davidinaustralia

underwhelming. would do for sunrise or if you're already stopped at the blowholes but not as a single destination hike.

There are 2 hikes right at the Pali lookout. One is the Notches and the other is the Puka. They are on either side of the lookout. I did both on the same day. The notches was my least favorite of the two. The hike starts out right behind the parking pay meter. Goes up through a wooded area. You come out of the woods a couple of hundred feet up. From there you have a pretty steep incline with minimal ropes for assistance. Once you make it to the first notch, the view becomes incredible. This was the highlight for me. I continued onto the second and third notches. At the 3rd I was half way down and decided it was not for me. You are basically free climbing down and or using the rope for 100% assistance. The face is completely vertical and many of the rocks were loose and or already coming off the face. This is where I decided not to push my luck. If I would have been hiking with a partner, I would have probably pressed on. Since I was by myself, better safe then sorry.

Overall, the hike was short but steep. I would have liked it more if there weren’t as many loose rocks on the cliff faces.

Don’t be scared by the “hard” rating: You can get close to the arch with an easy hike. Just the part up the arch is tricky. Went there after a rainy night, good grip from the rock.
If you want to go under the arch go left (seen from below) before the steep incline. Much easier than the right side!

This was such an amazing hike, we went the wrong way, ended up going down the waterfalls instead of up. So happy there were ropes and vines to hold onto. It was very muddy, but well worth it!

I will be on Oahu from Maui the first week of november. I will be hiking the pali notches and others. dm me on instagram if you would like to link up. find me under matthew kmak or mtheorydrums@gmail.com

Started from Halona Blowhole and all the way to the rim of Koko Crater. Super windy today. The plants are greening up post Tropical Storm Olivia. Weird to see pools of water along the way as this place is always arid and parched. For me, coming down seems easier than going up.

About 5 hours. Can get confusing. So read up a bit before you go. Nice emerald amphitheater at the top

Quite a strenuous hike, elevation changes rapidly after scaling the rock wall at Waiakeakua stream. There are several ropes here as it scales about 39 ft. Once on top the ridge it continues to incline at a solid steady pace upwards of 2300 ft. At one particular point the ridge is quite narrow and there's a strap between trees to balance along the narrow ridge (pic uploaded several times but wouldn't take). The views, pic included of the valley, along this route are absolutely amazing but the trail is not for the faint at heart.

Prepare well for this trail. The opening covers Puu Pia trail then switches once reaching the stream area. A very wet and muddy start only begins the amount of slippery slopes to encounter. No recording here or more pictures than what's loaded due to the amount of wetness and humidity and an unprotected phone.

Waterfalls, streams, ridge hiking, diamond head views and a hike around Ka’au crater itself. What’s not to love.
My favorite hike so far in Hawaii. I highly recommend climbing the waterfalls vs coming down them. This whole hike is a loop if you want it to be. We went up the waterfalls, around the crater to the right and then back down the ridge.
Use the all trails app so you don’t accidentally go backwards. We passed probably 6-8 groups of people that wanted to hike up the falls but took a wrong turn.
This place is always wet. Don’t worry about getting your shoes wet, it’s going to happen. As soon as you give into that, the easier and faster you will go.
There are 3 water falls you get to climb up over or around. The first two are tall drops. The third waterfall is very very long, a few hundred feet tall but a cascading waterfall not a drop. This waterfall you will cross multiple times.

Once you get to the top of the 3rd waterfall, you can start the crater hike if you like. Go right. If you want to take the ridge back, stay left.

The crater hike gets very steep and very slippery if wet. There are multiple sections that have nearly been washed out and need probably 70% rope/ weight usage. You will get dirty and it will probably rain on you. I loved it. The clouds came in and covered us about 50ft from the top, so most of the time we had and excellent views.

There is a small section when crossing from one peak to the other around the crater that is about 1 ft wide and drops off both sides. Look for this area and be careful if it is raining.

Muddy but enjoyable. Does require comfort with climbing with ropes. We loved it but our friend who is afraid of heights struggled.

1 month ago

I really love the views and exercise I got on this hike but I have to say I thought it was really scary. The steep slope up to the arch, the arch itself, and the remaining climb up to the ridge had some very scary moments for me. The views are fantastic. I miss the trail that started in the arboretum and went around the rim. (25 years ago!) I went down the trail with the rail tracks cause I was too scared to face the trip down to the blow hole.

1 month ago

Absolutely Beautiful and fun hike. Many river crossing, muddy trail, and crossing waterfalls. Can be very slippery and dangerous especially when it’s raining or after rain. Was very cold and windy on the top.

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Climbed waterfalls, slid down muddy trails on backside due to rain at peak! Great hike.

If you’re looking for an adventure then this is for you! You will go through 3 waterfalls and see a beautiful view of the crater. I will warn you that this hike is not for the weak minded. This hike will take patience and physical strength. Pack tons of water and electrolytes (snacks) but try to pack lightly. You will get down and dirty as the trail is ALL muddy. Ladies... try not to wear shorts. Some of the plants are sharp and can cut your beautiful legs. It took me and my girls about 5 hours to complete this trail. That’s with stopping at all of the waterfalls and taking in God’s beautiful creation. Get in the water! Definitely worth it! Another important tip, this trail is extremely slippery. If can bring hiking shoes. I wore my Nike’s which had ZERO traction and I slipped a handful of times. And please... be careful. It’s not a competition. Try to take your time and just enjoy the nature!

Amazing hike! But be careful it’s slippery. Other than that, the view is really amazing!!

one of the best hikes of my life. best of all worlds: waterfalls, crater, summit, creek bed, and everything in between.

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