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10 hours ago

This was a great hike! You go through all different types of forest and terrain including a lot of pine trees and a lot of stairs both natural by roots and built stairs as well. The view at the top is breathtaking if it’s not foggy which can happen a lot in the area.

nature trips
2 days ago

This hike is closer to 10 miles. Be prepared for passing showers and a slippery, sometimes precipitous trail. The Waimanalo end of the trail is too narrow for bikes.

Very beautiful, easy to follow, breathtaking view when you reach the summit.

Just fyi the military has closed this trail starting today 7/16-7/28/18 for training. Well Dillingham airfield will be closed and you won’t be able to park and walk there. The security guard was informing all the hikers yesterday.

Beautiful hike with amazing views at the top. Super muddy and slippery during the final stretch, but completely worth it. We recorded nearly 5 miles in just over 2 hours along this trail.

5 days ago

Lots of rain on the Makua side today. Kuaokala was muddy and slippery but nothing major. Makua Valley was socked in but cleared up after 20 minutes. Bring water and a snack. 7.2 on my Suunto.

7 days ago

Absolutely breath taking and rewarding! The trail is very prominent and easy to follow. This trail really shows off the diversity of the Hawaiian ecosystem, the trail goes through so many changes of venue with regard to plant life as you hike the switchbacks up to the knifes edge Ridgeline, looking down on the most beautiful rain forests and blue ocean. You’ll constantly catch yourself turning around for a peak at the view, wondering when the summit will arrive; trust me when I say that YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU GET TO THE TOP, it is unmistakeable and gorgeous.

Climbing the upper section can be slippery and muddy, also look out for the tree root systems that canvas the ground because these are super slippery on decent; otherwise, it’s very manageable for any age other than the fact that is long and steep. I recommend starting super early with the intent to summit for the sunrise, the trail is very easy to navigate by headlamp. Have fun!!!!

It’s a hike! Moves you through lower island trees to a pine forest and then the last stretch puts you into the rain forest. The last third is very steep but the view is worth the effort (if the fog lifts).

Got thrown off by the blockage of the trail at the onset. Seems a log and lots of overgrowth detracts from the tropic beauty.

Staying with it even though it's a short distance may appeal to the nature/birdie.

Great hike. Some areas are pretty steep and lots of stairs. Worth every step for the amazing view at the top. Went early so avoid the increase number of hikes later in the morning.

15 days ago

Nice hike the best views are when you are on the swtichbacks. Otherwise it is a nice stroll through shaded roads. The medium rating is probably merited, but families with older children should be able to handle this trail nicely. Take lots of water as it can get hot and there is now water on the trail.

great hike overall. close to Honolulu, moderately challenging (lots of stairs), decently maintained trail, and great views along the way and at the summit. to get to the trailhead you need to get a pass from the gate which requires a valid ID from the driver and caps the number of people on the trail. can get a little slick when it rains. at a decent pace around 2 hours but closer to 3-4 if you need to take the stairs slowly or long breaks

I tracked it on my Garmin watch in hike mode, was a total of 5 miles (granted we parked at the bottom of the street) took about 2 and half hours to do it. Lots of fun with beautiful sights.

18 days ago

very nice hike. only went to the picnic table. was very warm so try and go early. great view on the way up and down.

20 days ago

6/30/2018-Started hiking around 0745 and encountered 38 groups/solo hikers. Most of the groups seem to start hiking around 1000 and would guess it’s because more of the residents head out for the day to free up street parking. The weather was partly cloudy and there was more of a breeze on the switchback than the ridge but the top was awesome.

more like 1.5 hours to top. we left car at 430am and got to lookout at 6am. wonderful hike.

first one out, got to top around 8:15am. passed around 20 groups on the way back down. it was a perfect day for this hike - trail was dry, slow and steady breeze kept it cool, and clouds were high enough at the top to see the full 360. stairs are the worst but the view at the top makes it worth it.

make sure you take the ridge trail or you will spend 45 mins round trip on the valley trail. Beautiful but waste of time. the pine tree Forrest on the ridge is awesome

This is a great hike, but it does get steep at the end, with at least a hundred stairs. Recommend bringing plenty of water and don’t forget your sunscreen as the last section of stairs has no shade. Also, be wary of the pine needles, mud, and the slippery roots.. had a few hikers twist their ankles and hurt their rears when they slipped on that dangerous combination on the way down.

Bring bug spray
Great for my dogs

6/17/2018-Started around 0700 and encountered 23 groups/solo hikers. (Most of them we’re on their way in while we were on our way out.) The path has been improved in some sections since the last time we hiked out here (new concrete was poured) and overall weather was good. (Albeit not sunny, but overcast with a breeze.) There were a few semi-muddy sections but those were easy to navigate.

So funnnn

For the view, hike up to the covered picnik table (mud, rocks, narrow trail). Pass this, the remaining is a quiet ride to listen the birds (wide roads, rocks slates, muds and water holes). Not well indicated along the trails.

Great hike! Not too long, and awesome view on the top! Recommended it!

on Kealia Trail

1 month ago

Pretty trail with beautiful views. As long as you arrive before the crowd it’s a lovely walk. It’s mostly shaded but sunscreen is probably a good call.
Several unleashed dogs and a couple letting their kids cut through the switchbacks. Other than some of the other people and the heat (usually later in the day) this is a great way to start the day.

We hiked this on a beautiful, breezy day with cloudy skies and no rain. I would not do it on a rainy day. Even on a nice day, there were some muddy and slippery spots that resulted in falls. We took our 2 small dogs and 2 school age children.
The first part of the trail is smooth and shady, which lulls you into a false sense of security. After the bench with the bike rack, that's when the fun starts. So. Many. Stairs.
And this is now one of my top 3 favorite hikes! I am so glad we went to the summit. The view is the best I have seen, with so many sides of the island to observe. I never felt unsafe on the ridge and it is my first ridge hike.
We took our time and had to carry the dogs at certain points that required rope use. This hike took us about 6 hours total and the one thing I would do differently is to bring more water. We brought 6 liters and next time we will probably bring 10.

Not 4 miles round trip, more like 6 miles from parking, using all switchbacks and staircases... made it to the top, but whiteout conditions with clouds...

1 month ago

Awesome hike. Awesome views with different sceneries throughout. Worth it.

1 month ago

We went up just to the picnic area and swing, but it's one of the best hikes I've ever done with two children in tow. Lots of shade and no mosquitos (at least today in May).

try to go when it’s clear, the view is worth it!

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