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Nice, easy and very quiet hike. Kid friendly. We enjoyed going off the trail down to the little waterfall towards the top of the trail.

Fun trail, not too difficult for someone who hikes occassionally. I went the day after it rained a lot, so there was a fair amount of mud when I got to the steps at the top so be prepared to step in puddles. View from the top is phenomenal, and it was seriously windy when I got up there. I took some shortcuts through the switchbacks which can get a little confusing, as I got away from the trail a couple of times. Took about two hours total start to finish. There was ample street parking.


They did put up a gate, making it way harder to get passed, unless you’re daring. So disappointing because this was one of my favorites.

7 days ago

3/17/2018-Started around 0810 (had to park at the bottom of the street because there was no spots that were open any nearer to the trailhead) and came across 56 groups/solo hikers. Weather was a little muggy but there was some breeze once you got higher up the mountain. The top was all clouds today but the breeze was really nice after climbing all the stairs.

The view at the end is Amazing! Having said that, it is not an “easy” hike. So.many. Stairs at the end, but if you can push through, you’ll be happy you did. I think this would be a rough for kids. Slippery in parts and the steps are large (think standing lunge to get up). Took about 2 hours to get up and 1.5 coming down. Bring water and snacks for the top.

The hike up gets your heart pumping, and the view at the top is so worth it! It’s a pretty straightforward hike, and mostly shaded. Also, not crowded!

The Brochure to Kamananui Valley Road.


Best panoramic views I’ve seen on Oahu. My knees took a beating but it was a really fun trail with a few exciting rope scrambling spots, beautiful ridge views and sweeping island views.

Awesome hike! Be prepared to sweat. It’s clear and footing isn’t hard, but the elevation is legit.

Very nice hike. Forest is magical, view from the top is worth climbing those steep stairs.

14 days ago

Was a great hike! But we did it in a rainy day, the way up was very muddy and slippery! I will come back for sure but sunny day :)

It was really muddy & full of mosquitoes. Don't worry about getting dirty, muddy, or wet. Have fun!

15 days ago

First part is a series of switchbacks to gain elevation. This is a good workout up to the picnic area. The real fun begins after this though. The elevation gain up the old fire road is very peaceful and quiet. Didn’t see another person the entire time. At the junction with the Kuaokala trail, if you take it to the right then you will hit a fence that has a gate to open and go through. From here you are treated to views of Makua valley. You can continue on the trail which is mostly a ridge hike. It’s not an overly difficult one so it is worth going a little farther for more views if you have time. I did a little less than 10 miles round trip.

15 days ago

Family friendly, with great views of the north shore and Makua valley.

Great medium-difficulty ridgeline trail for hikers new to ridgelines. Well maintained and not as dangerous or slippery as many others. Starts off a little muddy on an ATV track (you might see boar hunters) and soon leads to a path along the ridge, with great views the whole way. Easy going until the last half mile when you gain the most elevation, using stairs and rope to scamper straight up. When you get to the radio tower, this isn’t the top!! There’s still about 5 minutes until you reach the true peak (with a bench - thank you to whoever set that up)

Took us a few hours, I recommend heading out before the sun is high and bringing water. Snacks not necessary if you eat a big breakfast. It was cloudy when we went but still got amazing views, became 100% foggy at the highest peak but got lots of good photos/looks before that.

18 days ago

This trail is well groomed and straightforward. There are alternative trails that cut between the switchbacks that were a little distracting. The viewpoint at the top of the ridge makes this trail so worth it! I would say this a hard beginner hike or easy intermediate hike. It’s also the easiest of the Hawaii ridge hikes. I wore hiking boots, but trail runners and even tennis shoes will do the job. The trail was pretty dry making it pretty ideal for stepping. The stairs are a tad steep near the step so watch the footing when coming down from the mountain. It took us just over 2 hours to go up
and come down.

trail is in good shape, the stairs make it a workout but the view is worth it

19 days ago

Loved this one. Took a lot less time than Kuliouou and I felt that it was easier. Great views at the top, one moderately challenging rope section because a few stairs fell out and it was quite muddy. Recommended!

Good, just short. Enter the trail here to connect to other trails if you’re looking for more distance. Parking is nearby and the tantalus lookout up the hill (which isn’t part of the trail) is worth your time. There are picnic areas and restroom facilities there.

Looking to do this hike between 2/28 and 3/9.
Anyone else out there interested???


Looking to do this hike between 3/28 and 3/9.
Anyone else out there interested???


25 days ago

Took me 2 hrs round trip. If it has rained recently would recommend using micro spikes as it will make the decent much easier.

Extremely muddy but the view was amazing. Be very carefully of slipping. Very steep at parts and mud makes it much harder. Bring shoes that you don’t care about getting destroyed. Views only get better the higher that you go.

28 days ago

Very nice and relaxing hike. I will be doing this again soon. It was wet before I got there and it poured rain while hiking out but I still loved every bit of it!

30 days ago

One of my favorite hikes on Oahu. You'll get better views at Koko Head or along one of the other panoramic trails in town, but this one really ticks a lot of boxes. It's a good workout, has views, and is only moderately trafficked. I get the notion that most people tend to hike to the picnic shelter and then turn around, but I continued onward and ascended (at this point, the trail is an old fire road) to where it meets the Kuaokala Trail. Past the picnic shelter, it's just you, the trade winds, and the occasional bird song. Very peaceful; feels almost sacred. Views of the Makua Valley are worth it. If you elect to complete the entire trail, bring plenty of water, snacks, and trekking poles. The descent can be a bit hard on the knees otherwise.

Amazing amazing hike. Views from the top are just spectacular. And the variation in the forests was so cool. The other thing I loved about this hike was the smells, some floral, some woody. Overall just awesome. Do be prepared for some cardio work at the top with all those stairs.

1 month ago

Interesting valley hike, don't miss the ruins on the left going in and all the great cultural signage, pics added.

Gorgeous views.

Hiked up from the Kealia Trail. Nice shelter and picnic table about 1/3 way up Kealia. You may think you have summited but don't be fooled. Substantial climbs after that to the T where you meet the Kuaokala Ridge Trail. Turned left at the T and got lost. The road and the ridge trail are not always the same and not well marked. Disappointed because I never got to the views on the west side of the ridge. Kealia is a great hike with awesome views, but if you want to do the Kuaokala Ridge, I recommend getting a permit and coming up from the west side through the Military Reserve.

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