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Hawaii Loa Ridge Trail is not on a PRIVATE property but it is a NA ALA HELE STATE TRAIL. It is just that to access you, you have to go through a security check point. All you need is an ID ( and available parking spots at the trailhead) to hike it. It is the same like Wiliwilinui.

Both Hawaii Loa Ridge and Wiliwilinui Ridge can also be hiked via Kulepeamoa in Niu valley and Wailupe in Aina Haina without having to go through the checkpoints.

This hike is challenging! The steep incline and constant high step stairs are a WORKOUT! The beat way to complete it is to take lots of breaks and not to rush yourself. Bring lots of water because this side of the island gets very hot and humid mid morning and on. I’m in pretty good shape I run 3 miles a day and even I get a little tired by the end.

Not a hike but certainly one of my hands down favorite views on island.

The walk up is not one of my favorites. However the whale watching during season is a favorite. And the view from the top takes my breath each and every time.

The views are worth all 1048 stairs... it’s hard but it’s beautiful.. bring all the water!

The falls are beautiful but quite dirty. I would look but not go in. Be prepared for there to be people living in the area.

Just an easy breezy walk. Plenty of shade and pretty trees to look at. Great place for children to walk and get out.

The waterfall is beautiful but also very busy. Great hike for the kids.

Intense. Yep that's how I would describe this hike. This hike is worth every step, stumble, and sweaty goodness! The trail is not maintained, but heavily trafficked. What a view from the top!

Nice and steep but worth the views! Recommend non-soft soled shoes. On the way down, your feet will be sore with soft soles. Great hike!

This was an awesome one. I actually didn't finish the trail because I noticed people going down to some tidepools and the climb back up to the trail was intense once I was done down at the pools. It was absolutely worth it though. Watching 30ft waves crash on the rocks was just amazing. No shade on this trail. Parking sucks too. Still so worth it.

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I loved this. It was my first solo hike in Hawaii. It was muddy, it rained on me and I dried instantly once out of the rain. It was blissful. Loved the views.

This is a HARD trail. Challenging in every aspect but the views are well worth it

Great hike, paved all the way. Access to the tide pools is possible from just past the whale watching outpost however DO NOT TAKE BACK PACK KIDS OR THOSE TO SMALL TO CLIMB ON THEIR OWN!

2 days ago

This was on our holiday ‘must do list’ and so pleased we did it! We completed this trail with our 9 year old, we didn’t find it challenging but our son did as it’s quite tolling on his legs and breathing with the constant stepping - lots of rests and he made it to the top and what a view from the look out as a reward! The trip down can be slippery, take your time and we found side steps and crab crawling were the best strategy. Fun adventure would highly recommend, definitely take a drink.

Not that spectacular. Very muddy. Not a loop, if you take puu ohia you still have to walk back on the road for a mile.

awesome hike

Went up this afternoon and on my way down I saw a rescue underway. Looks like a lady got air lifted out. I took the side trail down to avoid the jam.

I felt like I was in Fern Gully!!! It was gorgeous, surreal, and a good hike! Can be a bit slippery so wear good shoes and be ready to be in awe!!!

Fun, moderate trail to the ridge. The final stretch has rope work and is fairly steep but only for a short little while. We started with a group of about 14 but then only 5 of us made it to the very end. Even if you don't hike the full length, the views are worth the hike and you can turn around at any point since it's an in/out trail. This trail connects to Ka'au - would love to come back one day to go up this trail then come down Ka'au side. Final note: keep an eye on the weather in the days before doing this hike, there are parts that would essentially turn into mudslides after heavy rains.

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4 days ago

This hike is closer to 10 miles. Be prepared for passing showers and a slippery, sometimes precipitous trail. The Waimanalo end of the trail is too narrow for bikes.

VERY challenging on the way up but totally worth the views! Some parts we had to scoot on our butts, but a dirty hike is the best hike.

4 days ago

It’s starts beautiful as there are amazing views of the rainforest and it’s fauna, but as the trail continues it gets tight with far too many people on this trail and the views never live up to the opening scene. We found our family standing and waiting 8-10 minutes due to traffic on the trail, yikes. I find the trails of Lyon Arboretum far more rewarding just above Manoa falls trailhead.

Quick climb but quite a challenge and a very rewarding view!

This trail is paved and a nice gradual climb. I would definitely recommend it for sunrise (just like every other hike on this island). Great views at the end of the lighthouse and of the ocean, looking east.
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5 days ago

Left for the trail at about 11 AM right after it rained, then had to pay 5 dollars upfront to enter the trailhead and there was still plenty of parking space available. Because it had just recently rained there was lots of mud which made the rocks we were climbing on slippery. The hike itself was about an hour of steady hiking with a beautiful waterfall at the end.

Nice hike but way too many people on small trail.

Not an ounce of shade on this trail but worth it for a great view of the ocean and coast! Easy and paved!

I almost died on this trek in August 2017 - I was not the fittest at the time! But it was totally worth it for the amazing view. If you are going in August, don't go at midday, super hot! Amazing exercise though. Take plenty of water!

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