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Amazing kayak and hike! What a great experience! Amazing views and a good workout too!

Pretty views! Go early to avoid the hot sun and to grab a parking spot in the parking lot. I suggest sunrise because it is quite beautiful as the sun peaks over the lighthouse! Mostly uphill, but completely paved. Good workout first thing in the morning!

We kayak to the island without rush. Left the kayak on the shore and climbed up the small but still challenging hill for a great view. Sun is strong out there so be prepared with sunblock and water. And since it’s already popular destination don’t expect for a peaceful sit back on the top off the hill or even for some good pictures. It’s just small platform and so crowded, like in a lot of places in Hawaii.
Fun activities for day with family or friends in general. The view and the nature makes it so worth it and beautiful.

Easy to pass the trail. Not well marked and many new offshoots for the water utilities and government property. Could not find the trail past the waterfall.
Incredibly muddy, even during the dry season.

4 days ago

Decent for an early morning run

While it's a short hike, it is a challenge. getting up to the ridge takes some navigating. We started up the top of the arch decided against it. The gravel up the right side was super slick. Don't trust any rock not to come loose. Test handholds and footholds. All that said, it was one of the coolest hikes on the island! Views were breathtaking!

5 days ago

Did ‚big loop‘ including Pauoa Flats Loop and lookout - great hike, amazing views but very muddy and dug up by pigs... Def wear proper trail shoes.

Got thrown off by the blockage of the trail at the onset. Seems a log and lots of overgrowth detracts from the tropic beauty.

Staying with it even though it's a short distance may appeal to the nature/birdie.

8 days ago

Fun hike during the rain. The waterfalls were raging. Very muddy trails

Hot but spectacular views.

road biking
10 days ago

Good ride, a little congested and several areas of construction. Decided to break off and upgrade to Diamond Head Crater. After the crater, completed the opposite side of the canal.

road biking
10 days ago

What a workout! The views certainly take away any agony endured given the elevation changes. A must if fitness and views fit you!

Nice walk up and down the paved trail. The path is wide enough that it never got backed up for felt too congested with the amount of people that were there. Beautiful views the whole time. Had to park on the road when we arrived around 8:30am. Definitely a worth while hike!

12 days ago

Gave 4 stars because it is actually an alright walk.
Like other comments, you will find many slippery and muddy areas. I would recommend bring shoes with considerable grip and or shoes you don’t want to get to ruined eg don’t bring your road running shoes. View at the end is unique, you find yourself surrounded by the mountains with a view of the city to your front.
Distance is fine. It’s makes for a nice afternoon walk with plenty of over hanging canopy to shade you from the sun.

I am very impressed. The nature and the wildlife was just amazing. Clean water and no people. One of my favorite waterfall trails.
Also I would like to say thank you to a person who marked the trail, very helpful.

great hike overall. close to Honolulu, moderately challenging (lots of stairs), decently maintained trail, and great views along the way and at the summit. to get to the trailhead you need to get a pass from the gate which requires a valid ID from the driver and caps the number of people on the trail. can get a little slick when it rains. at a decent pace around 2 hours but closer to 3-4 if you need to take the stairs slowly or long breaks

Way too many homeless people. Had to turn around bc they start messing with you and playing mind games with you. Don’t know if it’s a scare tactic or just for fun. Too many stray dogs. Scenery isn’t worth it at all.

5 stars, if your willing at the 3rd lookout point (with the telescope) to go down the side of the hill. There are some tide pools at the bottom of it and it is beautiful and awesome you can swim and they get deep. The ocean crashes against the sides pretty hard. So I wouldn’t advise getting to close to the edge. Me and my wife spent a good hour or so down there just hanging out and watching the fish in the pools. Didn’t finish the actual hike due to being smoked after the climb to and from the ride pools. Other than that it’s paved and easy. Crowded but fun. Parking does suck.

pretty views, secluded, and really nice for a quick hike

I went up Ka’au Crater trail, hiked along the ridge to mt Olympus, and came back down this trail. It was amazing, but I was pooped! I timed it poorly, and finished the lower half of the trail in the dark (the sunset and night pictures overlooking Honolulu are from me, lol.)

It was dreamlike. The top of mt Olympus was isolated from the rest of the island by a cloud. Coming down, I was suddenly exposed to a view of sunset over Honolulu. I was covered in mud from Ka’au crater, and tired out from climbing up the hill so fast to try to get back before night. Nightfall on the ridge was magical. The wind in the trees was like a lullaby. Even though it’s under 10 miles from Honolulu, the stars are much clearer there.

Is night hiking a thing? I guess there are a few places I could have died. And I admit I missteped and fell a few times.

First it's hard to find a parking in a day time . recommended earlier so it's not as hot and easier with parking. easy walk up and down. good views. families with kids ok

18 days ago

I would rate this trail as moderate not easy. I think it’s rated easy because of the distance. It started out pretty flat, but the last mile of the trail was steep in several places. The roots helped with the climb but it was very muddy and slick. The view at the end was worth the climb. Bring spare clothes you will get muddy.

The view is worth it.
Didn’t gave all 5 stars just because it’s a bit confusing at the beginning to find where the tail begins. Also the hike is on the top off the ridge, what is not that high so you don’t feel the breeze, be prepared to be in the open sun light for hour or more..the hike is not very challenging, so I would suggest to take a lot of water, hat and definitely a sunblock.
Noticed, that at the end of the trail, where the mountain forest starts, other people also stay for the night/camp.

22 days ago

Took this hike out starting at the water tower at Na Pueo Park and hiked along the east ridge. The hike is pretty, but it can be very slippery in spots with so many downed pine needles and certainly requires scrambling up and down among rocks right next to huge dropoffs early in the trail, so be careful. It's certainly a nice hike, but it's strenuous. Make sure to bring lots of water and some food if you plan to go to the end of the ridge.

I strongly recommend returning along the east ridge (the way you came). It was impossible to see the return path along the west ridge; I went as far as a yellow trail marker at the end of the Alltrails map, and did not find any way to get to the west ridge.

One very important note for when you return back to Na Pueo Park coming from the east ridge - the south junction of the loop is right at the end of a barbed wire fence. As you start your hike, you will be walking along the right (east) side of the fence, then the fence will end and you'll go up three or four earthen stairs to a small clearing. When you return, these stairs will be invisible. If you miss them, you'll continue on the wrong (west) side of the fence (which is marked in multiple places as private property) and it is very easy to get lost. Yes, it's possible to continue along the loop and try to make it to the alternate exit, but it was unclear if that was possible. So - keep a GPS device with you so you know if you're close to the junction, and keep a look out for that fence! If it appears on your left when you are on the return trip heading, you will not be able to get back to Na Pueo Park :)

This was very fun! The hike up to Manoa Falls is easy, with a beautiful waterfall, and then this side trail (there’s a sign to the left hand side if you’re hiking up to the falls) is so beautiful and peaceful! There’s a few switchbacks, but the elevation gain is pretty steady, there’s no sharp inclines. Then, when you get to the loop, it’ll say “Pauoa Flatts Trail” with an arrow going both ways. I would highly suggest going to the RIGHT and going counterclockwise unless you want to descend using a rope on the side of a mountain with a steep drop. Going up with the rope was much more pleasant than descending in that spot! Also, after turning right into the loop, it’ll only be about 10 minutes until you come to a spectacular view of the valley, and even a small part of Kaneohe Bay & Honolulu on clear days. The loop is very fun-it is a ridge trail, but it’s not super steep in any spot for a long time and is definitely manageable! We enjoyed this hike very much! The views are incredible and the rain forest is gorgeous. The loop took us about an hour and a half (with a lot of stopping to take pictures), the whole 5.2 mile hike took us about 4 hours, going a very comfortable pace.

first one out, got to top around 8:15am. passed around 20 groups on the way back down. it was a perfect day for this hike - trail was dry, slow and steady breeze kept it cool, and clouds were high enough at the top to see the full 360. stairs are the worst but the view at the top makes it worth it.

Quiet trail away from the more populated Manoa falls trail with a beautiful view once you make it to the loop at the top. Would recommend old shoes because yours will get very muddy

Love this hike. great with dogs but give them breaks and water.

26 days ago

did this hike after manoa falls. only saw a couple of people on it. can get very muddy! nice view at the top, not a bad up and back

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