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My family and I had an amazing experience. It is kid and dog friendly and as well very easy to make it up with a stroller. I recommend this trail to all age groups .

1 day ago

The canal can be pretty if you catch it at the right time and the the right angle, was no garbage interview. Sad because it COULD BE an urban gem.

Tired of the monotony of getting dirty and having near death experiences trying to reach some jaw dropping view? This peaceful and beautiful walk through the woods can help break that up. Sadly there was not as much garbage to pick up as I'm used to, until detouring over to the 'Ualaka'a loop, where people seem to find it a more suitable environment to leave their trash behind. Say hello to the cats and chickens living in harmony in the parking lot.

Great hike! Definitely agree with some of the reviewers that rec. to go right to start with the steep uphill climb. At the top before going down definitely rec. to take the Moleka Trail. It’s a great out and back trail through a bamboo forest.

The Brochure to Kamananui Valley Road.


7 days ago

A nice quick run up and down the trail this morning. It was slightly wet and muddy in places. I can’t imagine what this place looks like after rainfall. There were families, including young and old, climbing and descending. Everyone looked like the were having a good time.

The view from the top is ok. Nothing to write home about.... but this is Hawaii and experiences and memories are what makes life so special.

Best panoramic views I’ve seen on Oahu. My knees took a beating but it was a really fun trail with a few exciting rope scrambling spots, beautiful ridge views and sweeping island views.

It was alright. Not the pretty hike along the water we were hoping for. The highlight was the Alan Davis Beach.

Enjoyable hike for all fitness levels, paved completely to the top. Come early or you’ll have to park on the street. No whales this time.

3/11/2018-Started with the group around 0815 and passed 20+ groups of hikers (quite a few of them brought their dogs along). Weather was mostly overcast and windy so it was a little chillier than usual. Didn’t see any whales on this run but did see some birds flying around and a mongoose.

8 days ago

This is more of a moderate hike. Its definitely not that hard.

Did this hike in the afternoon on a cool March day. When you start, a local homeowner told us to hug the fence to the left. There is a trail over there but it was super overgrown and multiple branches of the trail. Once you get up to the ridge it is much clearer. The bulk of the hike was out in the sun and would be HOT in the summer. The end of the hike was awesome
And nothing beats that view. There were some folks up there camping as there is some flat areas near the top.

I will totally bring my kids back to Don’t another time (my kids are ages 11 - 3).

This was a great hike and had a great view from the top. Simple enough to take the whole family.

9 days ago

Was a great hike! But we did it in a rainy day, the way up was very muddy and slippery! I will come back for sure but sunny day :)

It was really muddy & full of mosquitoes. Don't worry about getting dirty, muddy, or wet. Have fun!

Easy paved hike. It is steep but quite a few places to stop and rest/check out views. No shade.

Did this hike for the tidepools -- to find them head to the first lookout with binoculars (you'll see signs indicating possibility of a whale sighting). There's a sort of natural "staircase" of rocks leading down to the tidepools, and someone has been kind enough to mark the path with white arrows and dots spraypainted on the rocks. It's totally worth it to go down there but be sure to go down around low tide since high tide may be a bit more dangerous for getting into the pools. Amazing, breathtaking, and if you're the only people down there it's even more special.

Great medium-difficulty ridgeline trail for hikers new to ridgelines. Well maintained and not as dangerous or slippery as many others. Starts off a little muddy on an ATV track (you might see boar hunters) and soon leads to a path along the ridge, with great views the whole way. Easy going until the last half mile when you gain the most elevation, using stairs and rope to scamper straight up. When you get to the radio tower, this isn’t the top!! There’s still about 5 minutes until you reach the true peak (with a bench - thank you to whoever set that up)

Took us a few hours, I recommend heading out before the sun is high and bringing water. Snacks not necessary if you eat a big breakfast. It was cloudy when we went but still got amazing views, became 100% foggy at the highest peak but got lots of good photos/looks before that.

Did this hike twice - once to get to the lighthouse and once to head down to the tide pools. It’s a slow-climbing, easy, winding hike that had extraordinary views of the countryside on the first half and nice ocean views on the other. The hike itself is paved and not too special but the tide pools are a lot of fun to get to (hike almost to the top of the hill and then head down the black rocks, very easy to spot) and explore. Very popular spot for tourists and joggers. I recommend bringing water since it’s a longer hike than it looks.

trail is in good shape, the stairs make it a workout but the view is worth it

14 days ago

Nice, completely paved, very family (and dog and stroller) friendly hike with gorgeous views. The trail is entirely exposed, so wear sunscreen and bring water, especially if you don't get an early start.

Depending on the season, you may be able to see migrating whales without binoculars.

14 days ago

Loved this one. Took a lot less time than Kuliouou and I felt that it was easier. Great views at the top, one moderately challenging rope section because a few stairs fell out and it was quite muddy. Recommended!

Good, just short. Enter the trail here to connect to other trails if you’re looking for more distance. Parking is nearby and the tantalus lookout up the hill (which isn’t part of the trail) is worth your time. There are picnic areas and restroom facilities there.

15 days ago

Family friendly hike. Wear good shoes or hiking boots given the terrain, rocky and loose. Great seaside adventure.

3/3/2018-Started around 0800 and saw about 20+ groups of people walking on the path. Finding an open parking spot was pretty easy this time around. Weather was nice and chilly but no whales in sight on this trip for me.

Looking to do this hike between 2/28 and 3/9.
Anyone else out there interested???


easy hike, just walking up but it does get tiring. however, there are a few view points for you to rest on the way up. saw some whales jumping that was surreal. pretty nice hike

I would not recommend this hike. There's a good reason this one is closed. Plenty of local legends talk about this being the place of a trickster demi god, Kamapua'a. And a horrible tragedy happened on Mothers Day back in the 90s. Many people have gotten hurt on this hike. It is a very eerie place.

I went with my siblings and it is quite difficult to find the proper path because there are misleading signs. But, when we went my sister kept hearing voices yet there was no one on the trail with us. Also, a huge tree branch snapped and landed abruptly only a few feet in front of us! It wasn't a small stick but a HUGE branch that could've seriously injured someone. And when we started the hike it was a gorgeous day but as soon as we found the stream that lead to the waterfall the weather turned sour. Eventually we all just felt very uncomfortable and didn't want to go through with the hike. When we went home we looked up the history of the place and realized that's where our tutu's childhood man-pig stories come from!!

This place just gives me the creeps! I feel like I'll listen to whoever or whatever was signaling us not to go there. Just would like to share my experience and thoughts. But if you do decide to go respect the land, be very cautious, and hope nothing falls on you.

This trail is paved all the way up - steep but safe. We saw people running, Moms and Dads carrying kids and pushing strollers, and folks of all ages. We arrived about 8:30 am and found a parking place right away. The day was overcast and cool which made this hike extremely pleasant. There are several viewing places along the way. The views are spectacular and the whale watching fantastic. Sunscreen! Water!

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