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No bad at all. Easy trail with easy kid friendly passage.

Took the #5 bus to the bus stop then a walk up to the trailhead. So many spots were simply breathtaking. Definitely would recommend closed toe shoes- I have no idea how people did this with flip flops on.

Great views! Tough “workout” hike. Can be VERY dangerous. Witnessed someone fall down about 6meters for not taking enough care.

Breathtaking! Was incredible seeing what Oahu really has to offer. Strongly recommend speaking with @mike.karas on instagram to help you out.

It’s an awesome trail that quickly takes you away into the thick Hawaiian jungle to get lost.

your legs will be on fire after this hike..alot if foot traffic..going down can be just as challenging as going up

easy, scenic, and packed

Fantastic view. Quite windy up top (for certain parts). But for the elevation gain, this is a very easy hike—wide, paved trail the entire way to the top. We took our 6 kids—ages 11 down to 2–and we had no problem. Our youngest rode in the stroller for a decent portion of the hike. If you go mid-afternoon like we did, take a little water with you. There are a number of lookout points on the trail where you can stop and rest. Parking can be hard to come by mid-day, but the hike is short enough that people are coming and going all the time and usually if you wait a few minutes, something will open up. Overall, a nice experience.

This trail was easy and beautiful. In the beginning if he trail there is another trail to the right hat leads to the tide pools. Very test to swim in. But go to where there are no rocks.

1 day ago

In typical fashion, I billygoated in parts but stopped in places where my eye saw something worth taking a photo (hence the longer than normal time). I went the route of the antennas first thus bypassing the lava trail leading the Hanauma Bay. But going back to that trail, it was like Mars. The climb back up was nice and I was thinking about how nice it was to have good grip on my hiking shoes. Not that it was too gravel like some hikes I've done, but it truly helps when the terrain is dry too. The day was windy which was a blessing considering that it would be brutal to hike that with little to no wind. Beautiful colors, beautiful day.

5/20/2018-Started around 0745 today (not too many cars around though) and came across 20+ groups of hikers. The sun was on the intense side but with the wind whipping through it was a pleasant trek to the top and back.

I’ll be on Oahu June 12-17th. Looking for the Heavenly Hike experience without the stress of a huge fine! Looking to join a group if anyone is going as well, I don’t think my mom or sister could handle the hike unfortunately... but I’d love to do this hike with a buddy. DM on Instagram if interested!! @jess.ripp

2 days ago

Second time on this trail, or rather, trails. This loop is actually three trails with a lot of branches and different trails you could take. Manalaha, Maliki and a trail whose name starts with a K are what actually make up this loop.
From the parking lot you start on a trail that goes along the road and through what appears to be a yard then to a little park with a Bathroom. Cross the bridge and go left, wind up a trail about 1/4 mile to where the trails actually start with a trail sign. I went left to the Manalaha Trail first, then at the top of the hill there are 4 different directions you can go. Go down hill that’s Makikj. Then follow it down until another branch in the trail. Go left again. This will take you full circle.
There are waterfalls, a lot of flowers and beautiful jungle.

This hike is a great workout! It’s daunting, high, challenging and super scary at times. There’s a part on the stairs where the ground is really low, so if you trip you’ll fall in. That was very mentally scary for me so I was on my butt and using my hands and knees to get up there. The view from the top is great! What makes this hike the best is all the people on it who motivate you and keep pushing you. I think it’s worth it! If I lived here, I would definitely try to do this hike once a week because it’s such a good workout.

Hiked today! Hiking again this weekend. I have hiked most of the hikes on this island many many times! Going to be windy. If you're looking to hike and want to link up feel free to reach out to me @mike.karas on instagram or mikekarasphotography@gmail.com. Bring plenty of water for this hike and other hikes out here in Hawaii.


Challenging but rewarding. Only saw two other people on the trail. Bring lots of water and snacks.

This was such a breathtaking hike. Worth every second.

Beautiful landscape on the way, a bit slippery when it rained the days before - but ok. A lot of people at the waterfall.

Most stunning views up there. Beautiful hike.
I would recommend to come by car. From the bus stop to the beginning of the trail you have to walk about 30min.

Great long hike accidentally took this trail trying to go towards kulanaahane but went up instead of straight!! Don’t be afraid to get wet or muddy it’s more dangerous to avoid the mud than to just go right through it

The hike and the waterfalls are beautiful. It was muddy and slippery but I hiked it in tennis shoes due to lack of planning and made it out perfectly fine! Got to swim in the waterfall! Would definitely recommend it.

This is a great Hawaiian hike with lush tropical forest, epic waterfalls, and ridge with incredible views. For much of the first section, you slog through mud following a pipe that crosses the stream a few times. Markers are actually fairly consistent. The third waterfall is a bit tricky at times, but has an incline which makes it definitely doable. If the water were flowing more heavily if would be quite treacherous. Ropes are well done and sturdy. I am moderately afraid of heights and found the ridge challenging for that reason, but there is brush on both sides and often a crevasse with edges that made me feel fairly safe. We did not go all the way around the ridge due to time. We hiked up the waterfalls and up to the top of the ridge where you can look out over the windward side from a grassy spot. There is a trail that allows you to connect with the other leg of the loop without going all the way around the crater. You do not have to go back down the waterfalls. Does seem like it would be more than 5 miles if you went all the way around. It took us 9 hours but we stopped and swam in the waterfall, etc.

It was amazing. The waterfall was incredible but the lush Forrest was just as beautiful.

Such a fun adventure! This hike can get muddy but so worth it!
Tons of little side trails to add to the adventure. The falls were beautiful and worth every bit. Unexpectedly found King Kamehameha III summer place. What a find! So glad we did this one.

Completed this hike at sunrise on a weekday in May 2017. It was a beautiful hike and not many people were there, maybe like 2.

Not a bad little trek. eas raining off and on but took us 3 hrs there and back went passed the sign up to mount Olympus. nice views along the way

We couldn't even get started on this trail at all it was so overgrown. We did circles and got really cut up by the tall grass and attacked by mosquitos :(

Start early like most say because the parking gets filled and it’s a hot paved trail to the top. No bathrooms, clean path, beautiful views. There is a side trail which I would rate as moderate that leads you to the tide pools which I enjoyed a quick beautiful swim. But be very careful.
This trail overall is family and pet friendly.

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