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the hike isn't hard but the rating hard for me comes from the arch itself.

I would I say I'm a pretty good hiker and have hiked way dangerous ones than this one but don't under estimate the arch. If you go up the arch go back down the same way you came up and then use the trail on the right to go under the arch(there is one on the left I heard about but didn't see it ) I saw that there was a little edge area on the right near the top that could access the trail under the arch DONT go this way, I tried to jump from here needless to say lost my footing and got scratched up quite a bit from the fall. It was pretty sketchy because of the incline and the loose rocks on the trail below. Please head my advice and use the trail to the right .

otherwise great little hike and experience

Beautiful views!! Paved road the entire way, it’s exposed so it will be hot to walk on during the middle of the day.

Amazing kayak and hike! What a great experience! Amazing views and a good workout too!

Pretty views! Go early to avoid the hot sun and to grab a parking spot in the parking lot. I suggest sunrise because it is quite beautiful as the sun peaks over the lighthouse! Mostly uphill, but completely paved. Good workout first thing in the morning!

We kayak to the island without rush. Left the kayak on the shore and climbed up the small but still challenging hill for a great view. Sun is strong out there so be prepared with sunblock and water. And since it’s already popular destination don’t expect for a peaceful sit back on the top off the hill or even for some good pictures. It’s just small platform and so crowded, like in a lot of places in Hawaii.
Fun activities for day with family or friends in general. The view and the nature makes it so worth it and beautiful.

While it's a short hike, it is a challenge. getting up to the ridge takes some navigating. We started up the top of the arch decided against it. The gravel up the right side was super slick. Don't trust any rock not to come loose. Test handholds and footholds. All that said, it was one of the coolest hikes on the island! Views were breathtaking!

Hot but spectacular views.

road biking
11 days ago

What a workout! The views certainly take away any agony endured given the elevation changes. A must if fitness and views fit you!

Nice walk up and down the paved trail. The path is wide enough that it never got backed up for felt too congested with the amount of people that were there. Beautiful views the whole time. Had to park on the road when we arrived around 8:30am. Definitely a worth while hike!

5 stars, if your willing at the 3rd lookout point (with the telescope) to go down the side of the hill. There are some tide pools at the bottom of it and it is beautiful and awesome you can swim and they get deep. The ocean crashes against the sides pretty hard. So I wouldn’t advise getting to close to the edge. Me and my wife spent a good hour or so down there just hanging out and watching the fish in the pools. Didn’t finish the actual hike due to being smoked after the climb to and from the ride pools. Other than that it’s paved and easy. Crowded but fun. Parking does suck.

First it's hard to find a parking in a day time . recommended earlier so it's not as hot and easier with parking. easy walk up and down. good views. families with kids ok

Love this hike. great with dogs but give them breaks and water.

A short and steep hike up but definately worth it for the cardio and breathtaking views. Sketchy transitions to the top of the arch and down to the arch due to steep grades and a lot of loose rock. Park at Halona Blowhole and watch for traffic on both sides when crossing to the start of the trail.

28 days ago

There is no relief from the sun, bring lots of water, otherwise a decent afternoon outing. There was a bit of vog too, so the view wasn’t the best.

Awesome views and good for any skill. Drawback is very crowded and tourist trap.

Very easy, fully paved. Accessible all the way to the top with some stunning views.

1 month ago

it's a cute walk through some rocks and sand. most of the sand is thin sand so sneakers will still work unless you want to stick your feet into the ocean then take em off! I had fun on the hike and had lots of great photos! it's a sunny trail so sunscreen up!

Great hike/walk. Extend it by walking the shore when you are done. As billed. You can park inside or outside the gate. Parking lot was mostly empty at 630am but the road was packed for the sunrisers.

We rented kayaks from Beachtime rentals. Due to commercial restrictions, we could not pick them up from Kualoa Beach park. We parked at the ranch and walked across the street to a smaller beach (see photo attached for start location. We started our 1.6 mile out and back kayak trip around 11am and the high tide was coming in and we thought the swells were kinda big but overall manageable. It took about 50 mins to paddle out (and 20 mins to return based on wind and currents). Once we arrived on the inward side of the island on the very small beach we got our sneakers out of the dry bag for our hike up.

The path is very much a loose dirt and there is not much for hand holds. Once you pass the phase 1 of the dirt “slide” you will navigate/crawl though some trees with low clearance. Phase 3 is what I would rock climbing. This section weaned some of the group based on the sheer climb. As long as you go slow you should be able to go up and left to reach the summit.

Great 360 view from the top. Coming down was a bit slow and hard to see where to put your feet. Overall would do again!!

Total activity time was 3 hours. We then went for lunch at Waiahole Poi Factory for some awesome food!!

Easy trail to walk up. Make sure to visit the pools if you feel adventurous.

6/10/2018-Started hiking with the group around 0715; parking lot wasn’t too full yet but easily passed 30+ groups/solo hikers on the route. We ended up trekking to Pele’s Chair too for some additional exercise which was pretty nice. The weather was pretty sunny with a strong breeze going so it wasn’t too hot.

Beautiful views of the island. This is a family friendly trail that is paved and can be done as a family. Be sure to bring lots of water as it can be a rather warm hike to the top.

love this hike. great views!

I have been hiking this trail since 2005 For the locals who know where to go about half of this hike can be done off of the paved road. This provides some solitude from the huge volume of visitors that come here and hike it once. The trail is not hard but there is no relief from the sun so dress accordingly and bring water. In 2015 the paved road was redone and there are 6 lookout points including two at the top that overlook the active Makapu’u Lighthouse.

There is also a memorial to a PBY Aircraft that crashed into the side of Makapu’u on April 5, 1942 killing 9 aviators. I found the actual site of the crash @ 8 years ago and there is a considerable amount debris from the crash visible including the front landing gear strut. After a recent visit to the crash site 5 years after my last visit I saw many changes including overgrowth that will hide this site in a few years. I do not share the actual location of the crash site for obvious reasons.

There are some old military bunkers on the absolute top of Makapu’u that can he reached by numerous small trails. Unfortunately as with many places here in Hawaii there are at times to many people on this hike. Please respect that if you go to the top bunker it is close to collapsing. Please stay off of the roof of the top bunker unless you want to potentially lose your life if that fractured concrete finally decides to come down. Please also respect this place has a lot of meaning for those of us that live here. If you bring anything up the mountain, please bring it down! Respect the Aina and you will be rewarded with some of the best views in the world!

You can usually see the Island of Molokai from all observation points. Lanai is also frequently visible. On some really clear days you can see the top of Haleakula on Maui. A sign at one of the observation sites says that the high point behind Molokai is the West Maui Mountains. Don’t believe that sign. You are seeing the East Molokai Mountains which rise from the steepest coastal cliffs in the world to a peak of over 5,000’. Have been told on an exeptionally clear day you can see both Moana Kea & Mouna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. After 13+ years still waiting to see that!

Great place to see the Humpback Whales during season that runs from roughly November through April

Easy paved hike that can get steep at some points. Great views!

Very beautiful. Great family hike!

I’m here regularly and enjoy taking new visitors on this hike. Fairly easy to navigate and paved to the towers. Offers a stunning view over Hanauma bay and back to Diamond Head and Waikiki.

Absolutely stunning views! Great evening walk after dinner, and a great workout! Stroller friendly/baby wearing friendly. You could even spot some whales during the right season.

Great, easy hike for the whole family, with spectacular views. One draw back is that there are no facilities, but that’s a minor inconvenience.

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