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Nice easy hike on a paved road. My wife (21 weeks pregnant) and I hiked to the top. We saw a whale breach 4 times which was awesome! Definitely need sunscreen or an umbrella if you want to stay out of the sun. There is little shade. Lots of viewing stations with helpful information plaques of culture or wildlife. Parking can be difficult, many have to park on the street.

Nice scenic hike. We saw some whales , a few very close to the shore which was really neat. We also hiked the little path that leads to the lighthouse although the lighthouse itself is fenced off but it was still really cool. Go early in the morning or closer to sunset as it will get HOT!!

Very much enjoyable space
We went through an alley and there was rope to hang on to for the decent. A few memorial plaques help confirm the need to be aware of caution of surroundings.
Take in sights and power of the amazing beauty of nature

6 days ago

The Koko Head Rim Trail is a 4 miles hiking loop with fantastic views of Hunauma Bay (an old volcano crater) and the furthest most point on Oahu. The route has no shade, so bring water and wear sunscreen. Child and pet friendly.

Here's the route:
1. After departing the parking lot, take the entry road uphill and turn right at the T intersection.
2. Continue to the gate at Kalanianaole Hwy 72
3. Cross the road to Hunauma Bay entrance
4. Turn right on the service road and cross the gate
5. Continue to the top (1st mile)
6. Turn down the trail and head along the Hunauma Bay ridge to the coastline
7. Continue up and over the saddle ridge
8. At this trail point, decide if you want to head down to the ocean cliffs or follow the loop (2nd mile)
9. Continue on the loop back up to the paved road (3rd mile)
10. Follow this road back to your vehicle (4th mile)

Here's the comprehensive video for the hike:

For more HIKING HAWAII videos, check out Green Beret Unlimited here on YouTube! Also check out HIKING HAWAII on FB.

Excellent Hike! The Koko Crater Arch Trail begins at the famous Blowhole and continues for 1/2 mile to the largest arch found on Oahu. The grade is moderate and there is no technical climbing involved. Route is exposed with no shade, so bring sunscreen and a bottle of water. Shoes with good tread recommended. Kid & Pet friendly.
Be careful crossing the road as this is one of the most heavily traveled sections on the island. From this hike you can hit the Koko Crater Trail, the Koko Head Railway, Hunauma Bay, the Lighthouse Hike and several more on the NE side of Oahu.
This video contains the most comprehensive information to safely navigate up and down the Koko Crater Arch Trail. Koko Crater is a dormant volcano on the east side of Oahu, Hawaii and this trail can be followed to the rim of the crater...all the way up to the top of Koko Head Railway and down the other side.
For more of HIKING HAWAII, check out Green Beret Unlimited right here on YouTube.

Hiked up from the Kealia Trail. Nice shelter and picnic table about 1/3 way up Kealia. You may think you have summited but don't be fooled. Substantial climbs after that to the T where you meet the Kuaokala Ridge Trail. Turned left at the T and got lost. The road and the ridge trail are not always the same and not well marked. Disappointed because I never got to the views on the west side of the ridge. Kealia is a great hike with awesome views, but if you want to do the Kuaokala Ridge, I recommend getting a permit and coming up from the west side through the Military Reserve.

12 days ago

Absolutely amazing. Good workout and the view of the mountains from the Summit is majestic!!!

Good trail, steady incline and view of beach and ocean is beautiful. Saw a gorgeous peacock in a tree & found Thai passionfruit along the way.

Lovely walk along tarmac trail. Limited shade so sunscreen is a must. Beautiful views across the ocean. Whales can been seen splashing about!

Beautiful hike, fairly quick and easy. Stunning view.

Beautiful! Saw lots of whales!

short, excellent trail, beautiful views. the “hard” part seems to be getting on top of the arch. it’s very steep and not many good holds. there was no wind today, the hike was easy, left or right side are doable. we went up the left side, we went down the right side...butt crawl down, it’s cake.

This trail is amazing although you start on a pavement. It is possibly short trail, but you will stop many times to enjoy places and views on Hanauma bay, Koko crater, arch, big waves, maybe also a lot of whales (as we saw them in january). Landscape is from different planet, don't forget to go down to the sea level to see the arch, beatiful surroundings! Bring a lot of water, as here it is always very hot (unlike on short Koko crater railway hike, where you dont need much water). Walking is easy here, for everyone, but can be complicated near the arch in steep passages.

A lot of people do this hike everyday! So please be ready to hike a crowded hike with lots of traffic. Sometimes hard to find parking inside the lot, you can park outside of the lot alongside the highway if need. It can be hot but this trail is very easy, great for dog walking and kids, the views are awesome. WHALE WATCHERS!

It’s an ok hike, great views but please be aware of the elements! It can get unforgivably hot! Bring water and sunscreen.

It’s a cool little hike to an amazing rock formation that is great for pictures, make sure you read the history behind it as well.

Fantastic views! Bring sunscreen!

easy going but fun trail

20 days ago

This isn’t really a trail... but an amazing place to catch a sunset and whales in the winter!

Great view, fun little side trail to the lighthouse. The lighthouse is fenced off but you can try to squeeze in there to get closer.

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