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Honokaa, Hawaii Map
17 hours ago


Absolutely stunning in every way. Be respectful of this beautiful place... stay on the trail, pack out your trash, and let nature entertain you rather than have all sorts of noisy music going on. Hawaii is magic!

19 days ago

Information on this trail is misleading. It is a 6 mile round trip. The first mile or less is down an extremely steep road used by vehicles too. Once you are down you take the road to your immediate right to the beach. If you go straight you see the waterfalls from the road but can’t take the path to get closer. The signs are clearly marked trail closed. No trespassing. If you continue on the road you can cross two streams to a dead end. The views are spectacular. The road back up is a killer but you don’t need to be an experienced hiker just be in reasonable shape. It’s really really steep!

No one around. Lush, dense rainforest. Trails in pretty good shape with good signs (although AllTrails app was still key at times). We didn't do the route shown on this page, but did a different 2 mile loop.

1 month ago

Steep hike down and up. Up was rough. Saw wild horses at the bottom and the black sand beach was amazing. Worth the walk back up.

Easy, yet so beautiful and peaceful. If it's wet, be careful as you can slip and fall.

Favorite hike on the big island. Make sure to spend some time on the beach and walk to the switchbacks on the other side.

Into and out of the valley is steep paved road. Walking trails and black sand beach are beautiful. If you are lucky you will see wild horses. Well worth the steep hike out. Bring water.

Beautiful foliage, lush and wild. Easy trail. Very shaded and damp on this day

The road itself is short, but very steep (20-25% gradient). Views are very beautiful. Bring water. There are port-a-potties at the floor of the valley near the beach. Worth seeing the valley from the bottom.

Start is hot and tough... middle is actually pretty easy with lots of streams to fill water. Last mile is worse than the beginning. After getting to camp absolutely take trail to waterfall. Very hard to navigate but a must. If you can get a ride down the hill to the start of the trail do it.


3 months ago

More of a walk down and then up a very steep, paved road. There is a fork at the bottom of the road. Make sure you check out both sides of the fork. If you go up the valley about a quarter mile, you can get a good view of a large but inaccessible waterfall (on private property). Going right at the fork takes you to the black sand beach. There are pretty great waves at the beach if you surf or body surf. You can drive down the road if you have a vehicle with 4wd.

Forest trails are all shade, great for mid day hike when other trails are to hot.

Wild coffee, passion fruit, stink horn mushrooms can seen here.

3 months ago

Not a bad hike but, not really a hike. The only difficult part is:

A) Getting up the road climb
B) Crossing the River-bed

There usually a lot of people on the beach though, preferred Pololu Valley vs. this one for the beach. I like this one for the exercise.

Waipio is one of the best views, the beach with pristine, it was very very steep. Definitely a hard hike even for a very physically fit person . But all and all it was really worth it and I would absolutely do it again !

This hike has great views along the way up. I recommend looking at the trail map on the outlook side before heading down to the beach. The trail is much longer than 3 miles. The map shows the various points on the trail.

If you have a 4WD vehicle, DONT PARK AT THE TOP. Drive down and park on the beach. This will save you the ridiculous walk up a paved road that has 20% grade.

Both sides on the beach have great views of the ocean and the valley. To get to the trailhead you have to cross a river. It was about 3 feet deep and had lots of slippery rocks, you can’t see. Thankfully an amazing person helped me get across.

Some reviews say there is a “spectacular” view of one of the waterfalls in the valley. The view was ok, unless they were referencing another hike along the way that you can get to.

Hike is moderate.

Great hike, amazing views, bring lots of water! Highly recommend!

The only views are along the Z-trail, until you get to Waimanu. The rest of the way is beautiful, but no views really. It's mostly covered, and a relatively mild trail, but only lightly maintained. Some sections are torn up pretty bad by the wild pigs.

There are approximately 11 gulches you'll be hiking in and out of, and 4 emergency helicopter landing pads along the trail. Also, one emergency shelter nearby the last helicopter pad.

The trail down into Waimanu is the real Z-trail. Meaning it's a real pain in the ass! Loose lava rocks, hala tree groves leaving their leaves lining the trail virtually the entire way! These long leaves although incredibly useful, can be a real pain when their barbs get you.

Water Warning:
The stream at Waimanu has very murky water that is tough on water filters. Clogged my Katadyn Gravity Camp right up. Had to revert to our backup Sawyer Squeeze. Be prepared. Also, only UV or boiling will kill Leptospirosis, but we chanced it.

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Incredible views. Good leg workout climbing and descending. Set an easy pace. Bring lots of water, something with electrolytes and snacks. A headlamp is a good idea if you want to stay for a while and enjoy sunset.

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