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Beautiful hike and amazing waterfall

Be respectful of the land and history that is here. It really is beautiful! Once you find the trailhead it is a short and easy walk. Bring bug spray. We tried to find the falls but gave up.

It is recommended that you are quiet, stealthy, and respectful if you come to this strange and beautiful place, not only because you are trespassing, but because there is some non-corporeal entity watching you. It is not recommended that you leave your trash behind on the trail, but if you decide to, it pleases me to remove it for you.

17 days ago

Probably posting in the wrong spot, but does anyone want to do this hike or the Pali Pula hike Thursday March 8, 2017 ?


trail running
26 days ago

Good route for bikes, running, or walking. There is some road work at the end of the old airfield so going around instead of thru was needed. Otherwise, watch for traffic and enjoy the views of Missouri, Omaha, and Utah.

29 days ago

Great views for a short hike

1 month ago

This is not a difficult hike. It is slightly vertical in parts and the beginning is slippery due to the moisture/mud. Once that is cleared, the hike is really nice. It has enough plateaus allowing for plenty of rest.
I would suggest taking your time and making sure your feet are where you think they are. There are plenty of well anchored ropes (I added one today) to help you along your way.
I don't think spikes are needed. I started early in the morning with the intent of spending my entire day doing this hike. I really planned to go that slow. I ended up completing it in just a few hours.
If you go in the morning and it is chilly, mind the bees. They are everywhere on the sunny side of the rocks trying to get warm. While climbing up/down, it would be easy to crush one or get stung by one. Either way, that ain't good.

Attached is the video I made with my drone and iPhone. There would have been more but, my drone stopped filming, it all of a sudden needed a firmware update in the middle of my hike.

Enjoy this great trail and remember, take your time and it won't be as difficult as everyone says it is.


1 month ago

Incredibly steep climb, better you do it in trail shoes with grip, but my friends got in done in normal running shoes, just more cautiously. Normal start was closed off, with signs and branches blocking your way, but you can enter in the bottom corner of the parking lot and go up a drainage channel to join the path, which technically means you’ve not ignored a sign by entering illegally.

Super peaceful. Great scenery.

1 month ago

Eden Hansing, there is no Air Force gate. You don't need a hiking permit. I believe the one you are talking about is the Satellite Tracking Station at Kaena Point. Those who gave 1 star for this track,you were most like on the wrong one.

Amazing hike, much more harder then the opposite ridge (Pali Puka trail). Would rate it as extreme (we had slightly rainy day)! Trekking poles are a must. It was very hard from beginning because the official way up was extremely muddy without trees, so cannot catch anything (there are other starting points closer to the lookout, but they are marked as illegal). Then it is followed by a section with trees where you will use them to continue in really steep areas. Almost at the end is rock climbing chimney, be careful there, very dangerous when climbing down, if you have fear, don't do it, stop there, there is nothing that special few meters up. Anyway - very challenging and enjoyable trail!

Easily one of my favs! Short, intense hike that gains elevation super fast, be prepared to climb tall man made rock formations with a rope someone else placed there.

Tourists...respect the area and make sure to clean up after yourselves. Locals, it’s never enough to just show aloha, we must also show them how...let’s lead by setting good examples.

Ok to stop at if you are driving by a way but not a destination. A bit of history. Is really just a stroll around some old rocks and a read about what was once at this site

1 month ago

I got a great view of the USS Arizona Memorial. The USS Missouri was docked. And there's memorials for the USS Oklahoma and USS Utah. Great walk. I guess I jogged/walked closed to the water. I did 4 miles, starting and ending at the dog park.

Two people had to be air evacuated from this trail last weekend, both people with broken bones. Not recommended as the trail crumbles and just gives way easily.

pretty incredible. prepare to be breathing hard.

Summited Mauna Kea on Dec 16. I'm in decent shape for a 25 year old and it was about what I expected in terms of difficulty. Didn't notice the elevation but YMMV. Summited in about 3.25 hrs, jogged down in about 1.5 hrs. That being said, I was alone and was trying to challenge myself on time a bit. 6 hours roundtrip is reasonable for anyone in decent shape.

Winds picked up like crazy for the final ascent along the road. They actually closed the road for cars because winds got to 100 km/h. The summit was probably slightly below 0C. I had a fleece with a wind-resistant soft shell, shorts and a beanie with light gloves. I got a little chilly after spending 20 minutes trying to set up a photo but it wasn't so bad. Pants would have helped but my upper body was fine.

3L of water is a safe amount. I crushed probably 6 protein bars, a bunch of jerky and some energy chews. This hike will definitely deplete your stores so replenish as you go.

The view was pretty good but the sky was stunningly blue. The slope of the mountain means that you're not gonna get the same incredible views that you'd get on a steeper rock formation. Pretty cool to be able to climb something that high in Hawaii though, well worth it. Definitely try and time for a day with a clear forecast, will make all the difference in terms of the rewarding review.

P.S. I'd recommend the detour to check out the lake. Pretty neat to see a body of water on an otherwise dry and desolate mountain.

2 months ago

Even for three fit guys (54, 23, 21), this was an incredibly challenging hike and took around nine hours round trip (12 miles). The trail is unremittingly uphill -- maybe 20 yards out of the six-mile/4500 vertical foot ascent is flat – on difficult terrain (volcanic sand, then loose lava rock, then across an icefield and up some switchbacks to the observatory) and, of course, increasingly at altitude. There are some good views of Mauna Loa and nearby cinder cones along the way, and the telescopes at the summit are cool, but the trail itself is completely devoid of vegetation and all other forms of life. If you’re in very good shape and have ‘walking on the surface of Mars’ on your bucket list, this is the hike for you; otherwise, 4x4 driving to the summit will probably be a better experience.

2 months ago

Best hike yet! The wind was unbelievable, and t made a few areas kind of tricky. The initial hike up to the ridge is steep and muddy.
The ropes are in great condition, and they come in handy on the straight upwards rock wall climb.
We had a small issue with loose rocks that fell as we climbed back down the rock wall, and it made for a tricky descent because we didn’t want to hit each other in the head with one.
The payout is huge! HIGHLY recommend (but definitely not for kids because of the drop offs and difficulty with rain and wind)

AMAZING! Last chimney was a bit dangerous and hard to come down from. Don't go up if you don't feel comfortable climbing it down... I kinda regretted it hehe.

3 months ago

Great day for climbing. Last week was rain which shut down the mountain and 70 MPH heavy wind gust this week dropped temp to below zero. However, today was a window that I was waiting for. Temp on the mountain was 45 degrees, sunny and with wind guest of 15 MPH. Started at 0744 after signing in at the visitor center. The road leading to the summit was closed due to black ice but open shortly after I started. The first 2000 feet took me 2 hours but finished the final 3000 in an additional 4 hours. Took my time since I have not been at this elevation for a couple of years. Some headaches, slight dizziness, and shortness-of-breath but made it to the top. Took some pics at the summit, be sure to bring a gift that you can give to the gods of the mountain at the summit since it is a historical/religious site and is noted prior to summiting. Wish I knew this since I did speak to a ranger what my plans where. I had my friends meet me at the summit and we drove down so that we could make it to Kona prior to sunset. Made it just in time. The trail is marked by steel stakes to keep you on track. The trail is steep and exposed to wind and sun so wear proper clothing/sunscreen. If you have ATT you have signal up to 11298 but after that you only have signal once you hit the hardball road leading to the summit. Be sure to sign out once you return to the visitor center as well.

Nice trail; cool petroglyphs

Easy little hike through a thorny forest. Take it all the way to the end to see some killer petroglyphs

3 months ago

3 months ago

Muddy and definitely dangerous, this hike is for those up to a challenge. There are parts where you are essentially rock climbing without any ropes, or trusting the ropes someone left behind (which as of 5 days ago were fine, but you never know). Views are absolutely incredible. I recommend this hike to anyone with steady footing looking for an adventurous and breathtaking hike.

Nice shaded walk. The petroglyphs are interesting and the scenery is nice.

The ruins are amazing and so is the bamboo forest, but the falls aren't really accessible as they are on private land.

Ruins are an interesting bit of history and easy to to get to, but inding the falls is a bit tougher. Take the main trail until it appears to end. Step over logs and weave through until trail gets better. You will hear the water fall. Keep going and you will begin to descend to the stream. Cross steam and look for red ribbons to take you on an easier path around and down to base of large falls.

Fact. You CAN do this hike without the tour guide. Fact. You may also get attacked by dogs. IF you decide to do it on your own, the beginning is super confusing, but the GPS from this app is spot on.

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