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Drier side. First mile has lots of horse abuse. Beyond the pasture it’s a steady climb through low trees. Lots of goats and grouse. Nice views. Very few other hikers.

We started at 1045. Made it about 3.2 miles in and the trail died. We crossed a dried river bed, searched around and couldn't find a single trail marker. The trails we did find, were great. Bring lots of water. Oh, and my car got broken in to while on the trail!

One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen along this route. Bring extra water. It’s hot.

Quick and easy not really So much a hike just a quick walk down an old roadway

Really looking forward to doing this hike! I dont want to go solo though. Message me on IG connornelson1 if you want. I'm here until Aug 20th

Here till aug 18th, looking for a partner to climb this with for safety measures, I recently did a couple solo hikes here in Oahu but this one seems like it’ll be amazing and would require a little help. Msg me on IG @iamjehree

8 days ago

Not many venture to this point but just look at the view!!!!’

fun hike up a dirt trail that turns steeply uphill (45degrees) before becoming a nice bouldering/climbing ridgeline to the top. great views. caution the exposed hike is a lot of sun. the gate at the bottom doesn't open until 7-8 am so be prepared to street parking and hop a couple fences. 4 hours for an experienced hiker at a moderate pace

I’m travelling to Hawaii next week (August 15th to 20th) and was looking for someone who wants to hike the Pali Notches with me? DM me on Instagram @jessperigo :)

12 days ago

This hike is not for the faint of heart. It begins fairly easy to moderate, crossing 3 shin deep streams pretty early in. Once the trail splits from the loop shown on all the maps, it gets narrow and somewhat difficult to navigate, but there were orange and pink ribbon on trees to guide the way. The hike then begins a muddy moderate ascent. After crossing the 4th stream near a bamboo forrest, the hike really begins to ascend. Once you get out onto the ridge there are ropes to help you climb up, but it was muddy and slippery. I didn't actually make it all the way up to the top of the ridge but the views from where I stopped were amazing and more than I hoped for. I'd recommend it for people who are in shape and don't have too great of a fear of heights.

Might be worth a guide to get you in and out - there is no clear trail head in and the trail disappears on the way out - yes there are dogs and shacks and it is easy to become disoriented - not sure if a guide would take you to the giant fall - it appears that most avoid the bouldering and stay to the left on the way up - if you follow the river and are willing to take a chance, it's worth the risk - most magnificent waterfall outside of Switzerland!

Kind of over-cast day today with the sun playing some peek-a-boo... Lots of mud but passable. Need to watch out for the roots which criss-cross the path. The steeper portions can be slippery. Had to weave ourselves over a few fallen logs. Overall, a very pleasant and short hike. Enjoyed the ruins.

I hiked this on July 3rd and fell 20ft off the first notch because a piece of rock gave way. 10/10 would return to hike again. Just don't rely on a lot of the rock (crumbly and brittle) and/or ropes (who knows how long they have been there or what they are attached to) to keep you attached to the earth. Be careful!

Very easy and pretty! A sign tells you a bit about the history. Cool spot to just sit and do a little meditation or take a break for a while.

Short hike leading to beautiful ruins followed by a steep drop to get to the river & the waterfalls. Cute & worth it!

We skipped the dirt lot due to some 'shady' activity and drove up the road a bit to a small pullout right by the entrance for the trail. The trek is quite overgrown an the waterfall to the right is a bit of a pain to get to and not worth it. The Ruins on the left were quite peaceful and interesting. If you decide to go be respectful. They have made this off limits due to vandalism and people littering.

Definitely a challenging hike. The elevation change from sea level to nearly 14,000’ in one day is enough to fry most brains. Totally exposed so cover up well if you don’t want severe sunburns. It’s a long, cold, sandy/rocky trudge. I went on a nice July day and it was really cold at the peak (45 degrees or so) and there’s mist and wind chill too, so definitely dress appropriately especially if summiting during the winter months.
I was 3 hrs up and 2 hrs down and felt like I was going at a good clip.

i loved this trail! only went up the first two notches because i was by myself. anyone down to hike this next week (July 25th or 26th)? email me sandyddo@yahoo.com, or dm me on ig: sandeedoh

went to do this trail the first time and had trouble finding it , the second time I tried to find it I couldn't believe I had missed it lol .

followed the other comments directions, keeping left along the trail, and found it with ease.

beautiful place and glad to have experienced it, was a little hesitant at first due to it being a sacred place but we were respectful.

went to try and look for the waterfall but my friend started hearing noises and we saw a seat pad like thing nailed to a tree and we got creeped out and made our way briskly to the exit.

Not a hike, more of a running/biking trail.

The trailhead is to the right of the lookout behind the yellow chain link fence and sign that says “no trail”. The majority of the hike is pretty steep and has the potential to be dangerous if you make a mistake. I would recommend having a little bit of climbing experience as both the first and second notch require somewhat difficult climbs. Amazing views though, definitely worth the hike!

1 month ago

First part of the trail is very muddy with few flat places to rest. Be aware that it is very windy and quite narrow at the top, but great views! If you don’t feel comfortable at the first part, I’d suggest not to go all the way up because it is an out and back trail.

I’m usually an avid hiker (admittedly out of shape but still run 3 mi a week or so and have backpacked 120 mi trips before) and this was like walking a 45 degree incline on the beach for 6 mi and 4000 ft. My legs cramped up so bad halfway we had to stop and walk down the road where no one would stop to offer help including the park rangers despite having to lay out and stretch on the pavement in front of them.

2 months ago



Stumbled upon the ruins while hiking to Lulumahu Falls, cool trail through some think bamboo forest, very peaceful and tranquil. Definitely recommend especially since you can go by the ruins and waterfall in one trip.

Awesome petroglyphs. Worth doing

The beginning of the trail is fine just a road you follow up about 2 miles then the trail starts but it is quickly overgrown and disappears altogether in some places. Someone went through with yellow flags and I followed those for a while but then I couldn’t find yellow flags and found a few pink ones. But the pink flags didn’t follow the trail. When the pink flags disappeared and my gps said I was off track for the trail I turned around. There wasn’t much to see.

2 months ago

Military/Base Access Required: Paved route that has been updated with addition of over a mile of new sidewalks. Its great for families, dogs, bikes, what ever tickles your fancy. This hike is super easy, and is more of a walk but it sports great views of the Historic Ford Island Airfield, the USS Missouri, USS Arizona Memorial, and much more.

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