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Skinny in places, and be ready to scramble. For obvious reasons, avoid it during rainy weather. The views are pretty stellar, even on hazy days. Nice breezes help to get beyond the heat from a quick gain in elevation.
I wouldnt bring a dog on this trail, given how steep and narrow it is in places; just my two cents.

Short, sweet, side hike. Saw humpback whales. Lovely views and easy path.

Beautiful walk! Plus it has some really interesting history. My dogs loved it. There's a section on the trail that is difficult to find once you get past the industrial stuff and close to housing if you started at the USS Utah but other than that great historical walk or running loop.

Awesome hike! The notches consist of 4 sections of 15-30 foot rock climbs

This was super easy to find if you pay attention to what you’re looking for. The mana in the area is strong. And the structures left behind are breath taking. Worth the short hike.

A favorite. Taken many friends and visitors here. Sweeping views, climbing sections and a great challenge.

Fun walk. Not really a hike because you are on pavement the entire time, but the views are spectacular. We were lucky enough to see humpback whales at the second lookout point. Bring water, sunscreen, and a hat because you're completely exposed the whole way.

This hike is really a paved walkway, but has stellar views all around.

However, the best part of this hike is to venture down to the tide pools. They were one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Wear good shoes and be mindful of the waves.

Was an overcast day so it wasn't as hot as it can get on the west side. The views were awesome, clear enough to see the North Shore, Kaena and Ko'olina and of course the Makaha Valley, Mount Ka'ala, Kalena and Kamaileunu etc....

10 days ago

This was the hardest trail I've ever done and I was notably unprepared. It's really not anything you can physically train for in my opinion. Its not a muscular thing, its definitely and elevation thing. I did this hike yesterday and today my muscles feel great, so its not that kind of strain. I've been doing 4000 footers in New Hampshire and some US high points, where you gain 4000+ feet of elevation, but let me tell you, elevation sickness is no joke. This was my first time breaking 10k feet and I noticed even at the visitors center haha. I felt out of breath, dizzy, nauseous and exhausted the entire hike. Breaks help but only a little. I usually dont even drink the 2 liters I bring on other mountains but I drained 3Ls half a mile from the summit. Bring more food and water than you think you need! It took me about 5.5 hours to reach the summit, be prepared for cold and wind! That being said, I learned the hard way that elevations effect me, hopefully you're luckier than I am :)

12 days ago

Just FYI, I’m not a pro hiker.

I did this hike solo and trail is mostly easy to follow but got a little off trail at the last ~1mi, I didn’t see where the trail resumed after ‘Park 3’ (probably bc I’m not great with directions and I took a quick detour ~.25mi to take a peek at the mysterious lake, pretty cool, no swimming). Its mostly uphill, so it’s not for the weary hearted/minded. I went in January and was welcomed with clear skies and crisp wind to keep you cool throughout your ascent. It even stayed clear throughout the night +nearly new moon which was clutch for observing the Quadrantid Meteor shower. BRING LAYERS/BEANIE/GLOVES for the summit if you plan to be there after 3pm! I started in a tank and added a layer probably every 2,000’. At first summit will be refreshing but it gets cold up there. I’m not much of an experienced hiker so I took plenty of breaks (this is my first hike breaking 10,000’), but it’s definitely a doable struggle for the able-bodied and strong-willed. Altitude sickness didn’t hit me, it was mostly my endurance that slowed me down. I got a late start and I t took me about ~<7hrs (you can probably crush it in 5 if you’re badass) and I made it right before sunset! If you love astrophotography, the VIS is a good place to stay after your hike to observe the cosmos. I recommend the picnic tables off the side of the building to minimize cars/headlights distorting your view. I did this hike to test my abilities. Im glad to say that I did it but I’m on the fence about doing it again (definitely not alone though).

12 days ago

We did this hike (or walk) to delve into the history here. Thought it was interesting, plus, had it to ourselves. From fort we saw an inviting area below near shore, so grabbed our picnic lunch and went down there to enjoy our lunch and view...sitting on boulders was not the best but what the heck, we made do.

Beautiful walk. Too about 1.5 hours return Inclined paved walk. Great if you have prams, strollers.
Hubby and I are generally active and found this walk quite easy.

Easy, completely paced, mobbed with tourists. The view over the city at sunset is beautiful. Took about an hour and a half for a VERY leisurely stroll up and down.

I did it today and started at 7 am hiking.Was a nice day, took me 4 hours 50 min for 18 km. I would do it again and would even start 30 min earlier to enjoy the sunrise higher up

Great paved trail, wonderful views, and very family friendly. Not a lot of shade however so bring water. A lot of incline on this trail.

Really simple trail to lead to beautiful ruins. When you hit the fork, go left for the ruins. All in all was about a 15 min round trip.

A culturally unique trail that is very family friendly.
Suggest wearing closed toed shoes given the lavaneous rocky path.
Make sure to check out the beach after trail just past the parking lot.

17 days ago

one of my favorite hikes. dry, exposed hike but with excellent views along the way and once reaching the summit. either need to street parking and hop the gate or wait until 7-8AM for it to be opened. never had a problem accessing the trail personally. somebody went a little rope happy; would really rather see some trail work to create switchbacks until the actual climb portion instead. moderate difficulty 4-5 hours

Just a quick offshoot from the path to the Lulumahu Falls. Easy trail but usually muddy. Couldn't get to the bottom of the falls. The rooms are amazing though

Access road, Chain of Craters Rd, was closed due to the Dec 18 partial govt shutdown.

This was an amazing and quite difficult hike! The trail is easy to follow in good weather, but be prepared for the weather changing at altitude. We had sunny skies all the way up, but faced sleet and near whiteout conditions on the way down. We chose to follow the road down to make sure we wouldn’t get lost if we did face a whiteout. The views are worth the effort. Would do again!

20 days ago

Nice trail....paved all the way through. Supposedly you can see whales but unfortunately I did not. Can get congested but for the most part everyone makes room for each other. Nice walk for kids.

Super short hike. Beautiful ruins.

Aloha my brother and I will be here January 4th till the 10th looking for hiking buddies email me orangecky2k10@gmail.com

Very easy walk. It is at an incline but nothing hard. Windy in the AM

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