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on Rainbow Falls Trail

25 days ago

Quick and Easy walk with nice view of the fall and surrounding

Not hike - just a lookout point. You’ll see the beautiful rainbows if you arrive in the morning, when the sun is behind you.

5/28/2018-Not raining today but it was overcast for most of the day. Lots of people around but still a nice tranquil walk through the park!

1 month ago

5/27/2018-Not much of a hike, it’s more like a short walk. The parking lot is rather small considering the number of visitors and buses that park there.

5/26/2018-It was raining on and off today but it was nice being able to see it!

Beautiful park to explore and just kick back. Beautifully maintained. Coconut island has nice views of Hilo town and the bay

The falls are pretty. There is no real hike here although maybe in days past. All side trails towards the river were closed off with no entry permitted. I heeded the signs and did not go beyond the overlook. Same with Boiling pots.

2 months ago

Cool falls. Seems like it rains all the time in Hilo though. Not a hike...you get out of your car and walk a path up to the overlook. Kid friendly, even saw some older people with canes making the walk up the rock path.

3 months ago

Fun cave. There are low spots in the right cave and we got a little tuned around. It splits a little ways in, if you go to the left there is a blue painted stop (So we stopped). If you go to the right, well that's where we got turned around, and we think we ended up on the entrance trail, not sure, but ended up at the split again. There are big orange arrows to show you the way out from there! We took our 2 year old and 5 year old. Both loved it!

Defiantly bring closed your shoes and lights if you are going deep in the cave.

4 months ago

This was amazing.. if you go deep and explore the caves you get the full experience. Bring a headlamp and hiking boots..you will get wet

4 months ago

Please don't "climb over the rocks" to get a better view. We have had rain here everyday for over a month. I work across the street- the river is fast and high.

Quick and easy view. Not really a hike at all. Except to go up the stairs to see it from the top.

Awesome cave
Go down on the left cave. Under the. Platform, you can go on for. Several mete (almost 1 km)
Make sure ti bring a flash light

Beautiful lookout over the falls! The lookout is really close to the parking lot, so not really a hike. You can head up a staircase and climb over some rocks to see the falls from the top, I would definitely recommend doing that.

Amazing waterfalls! Water drops down almost vertically.

So much to see! After you stop at the overload to see the waterfall, drive on past the the actual lookout and park at the next pull off area on the left. Cross the road into the wooden area...unbelievable trees-beyond description! Excellent for kids (& adults) to play on. Continue on through a narrow pathway to find a path to a swimming area-gorgeous! You can't see the waterfall from here. In fact, it was all so beautiful, we forgot to go back to see the waterfall but didn't even care.

6 months ago

This is an incredible cave. As mentioned below, there is access to the left and right of the entrance.

To the left it is about a 15 minute walk to the openings at the end. No real views on top that I could see, just jungle, but it's still pretty cool. At the beginning the cave appears to end, but keep going through the 4-5 ft opening and it really opens up. Four of us went the entire way with our cell phone lights no problem. Good flashlights would have been nice though. You definitely want closed+toed shoes.

To the right, is much like the left side but from what I've read goes on for nearly two miles of accessible cave.

6 months ago

Not a hike an overlook and you can take the hidden trails to the tide pools.

6 months ago

Definitely bring a light rain jacket because it gets foggy and wet in the mist. But a lovely peaceful trail. Not too difficult. Marked w blue strips on the trees and rock piles.

So fun! Make sure to bring headlamps/flashlights and wear sturdy shoes. The cave on the right is long and meandering. The cave on the left is short and has 2 skylights; at the second one you can climb up to the surface, but you must return back thru the cave to the exit. At times, the floor can be rough/uneven, you will have to scramble over boulders, and you may have to squat low (no need to get on your hands and knees though). There is also some dripping water and puddles. Sad to see the walls have lots of graffiti on them (mostly the cave on the right). It is like the “high adventure” version of Thurston Lava Tube. It is definitely underrated, but that is great because it keeps the crowds away.

7 months ago

Make sure you bring your swimsuit!

Beautiful falls. Not really a hike, but an overlook. Very popular.

Hardly a hike, but beautiful rainbows!

Pretty falls, but not really a hike- more of a very populated overlook. None the less, the falls were beautiful.

Not a hike, but an easily accessible quick stop to a beautiful waterfall, so definitety worth it.

11 months ago

Drive up photo op spot. The banyan at the top was incredible.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kaumana Caves are so underated to visit and is perfect if the weather isn't the best outside. You can go as far as you like, I ended up hiking down about an hour and then back up. There are no trails in the caves so you are walking around a lot of black and sharp lava rock so wear appropriate foot wear.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The falls are nice, if the water is clear, but, this is not a hike. It is a walk from the parking lot. Good for people who don't hike but want to see waterfalls.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

beautiful and super convenient!

A wonderful walk on our first day in Hawaii. Level, easy paved walkway with beautiful scenery and breezes.

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