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Very muddy at the start. When you reach the eroded treeless hill, stay on the uphill side. Even though it will look like no trail passes there, trust that it does. Pretty steady elevation gain with brief flattening out about 3/4 the way to the summit. At the ridge line, go left to the trail end. Kahana bay is a great place to wash off the mud afterwards.

Very very dangerous, but with amazing views. I probably wouldn't do this hike again because I was scared to death for the majority of it - there was really no room for error on this one.

Great “trail”. You won’t see a soul once you break off from the traditional loop trail. The remainder of the hike is essentially a pig trail. Densely overgrown for most of the way after the first mile of the hike. Look for the trail markers on the trees but basically you are on the ridge most of the time. Some ropes left there by a kind soul to help you out of the steep areas. We went in November 2018 and it was muddy so that presented an extra challenge. Averaged a mile per hour as once you get to the top it’s slow going so you don’t fall and die. Not a “hey, we’re in Hawaii let’s go on a hike” type of hike. Stick to the loop that takes off from the same place for something of that nature.

A little muddy, but ok. Beautiful foliage and loved that we did not see another person the entire hike.

1 month ago

Humid and muddy, excellent views , we did see a waterfall. Took us approximately. 2 hours. I am currently out of shape and would rate it challenging for me. The experienced hiker of the group rates it as moderate due to the slippery mud factor after the recent rains. Very lightly trafficked. We went on a Sunday and saw only 2 other hikers. I agree with other posters, park at the beach down the street.

Overall a great trail. Two of us and our two dogs completed it. A couple of updates from some of the other comments.

Definitely park at the beach park. No real room to park at the entrance without trashing someone’s lawn. Plus it gives you a place to rinse off afterwards.

Definitely bring bug spray

Definitely hike the loop in a clockwise manner

There were no trees blocking the trail.

It was muddy but we just had some pretty big rain storms the past week. Wear shoes with a good grip and you don’t mind getting dirty

The “water fall” is only about 6-8 feet tall and you are actually higher than it as you walk by.

worth it

2 months ago

I did this with my husband and three year old. My son loved exploring the forest with all of the beautiful plants and animals. Being so young, he did get carried by the end of the hike, but before he ran out of steam, he was easily able to make the hike. It was difficult to find parking that did not impede on private property, but once we got on the trail it was worth the effort.

Beautiful yet dangerous as hell hike.

Well its a marsh what do you expect? Also look up other hikes in within this area ( Kahana valley) like Puu Ohulehule, Kahekili-Manamana, Kahana Ditch Man Trail, Pauao Ridge, Puu Piei etc. They are all very challenging trails.

Did a portion of this trail in 2 different spots, near K-hwy and in conjunction with/above crouching lion (CL). Certainly see the weight in the prior reviews as well as the news story, some dangerous spots to trek if committed. After only completing small sections, recommend only the CL portion for the experienced hiker.

So far one of my favourite hikings in the island. But it is very dangerous and sketchy bc you will be climbing rocks and walking on the Ridgeline for 5-6 hours!
There are some landfall along the trail, but as long as you take your time you will be safe. Definitely not for inexperienced hikers!! Wear long pants bc the overgrown vegetation will scratch you a lot. Bring a lot of water and snacks!!
The hiking starts at the end of Huamalani St.
park at Swanzy Beach park to not disturb the neighbors. At the first junction of the trail, take the left . The first part is pretty easy, just going up the hill. You will soon find a pill Box after 10 min.
Once you get to the top of the first ridge you will have - beautiful view, from Waimanalo to north shore.
Keep going further you will get to the top of a waterfall (be careful, bc the rocks are very slippery) .
After the waterfall the hiking gets kind of boring. You will be just waking in the ridge with an overgrown vegetation. You have to pay attention to not miss the trail on the right that will lead you to crouching lion .
If you keep going straight you will ended up in a different trail (longer).

The most dangerous part is as you approach the crouching lion. Climbing rocks , walking on a very narrow Ridgeline with no vegetation on the sides, lots of tiny rocks that makes the path slippery. Definitely do not go in a windy or rainy day.

I have a kid carrier with a kid that cant yet walk (8mo). On the third set if fallen trees i had to turn back as just challenging and didnt know how many more fallen trees there were.

Imagine would be fun if your kids can walk tho.

According to my GPS it was 3 miles from the base. Do this hike clockwise. Quite a few trees have fallen across the first section of the trail, which make a kid carrier a little tricky. No water fall, just a stream crossing. It does have some decent views. Kid friendly.

Not an easy hike. Not especially tiring or anything but you have to watch every step due to muddy trail and the stream crossings are no joke. Be prepared to cross a “stream” 50 feet wide and deep enough that your feet/shoes will be underwater. In the counterclockwise direction, our progress was blocked by a large tree and plant with sharp leaves in the middle of the trail. Trail is through a dense jungle and you can’t just “go around.” Did I mention it’s extremely muddy? Also we went in the dry season after it had not rained for several days.
Like others have said, park at the entrance to the residential area and hike to the beginning of the trail.

Great starting trail! Perfect for people new to the island.

on Hauula Loop Trail

3 months ago

I love it, what's not to love hiking in Hawaii, country side.

HFD to resume rescue efforts for pair of lost hikers on Windward Oahu trail

4 months ago

Despite the lack of waterfalls today, this was a great family hike. We carried one kid the whole way, while our three year old alternated walking/riding. Bring bug spray and wear shoes with good grip as the trail is muddy even during the driest periods.

Like so many pointed out in their reviews it is critical to understand that it can be deceiving looking at the entire loop, 3.7 miles, as not a biggy but the reality is that it its not really a trail. 3/4 of the loop is overgrown, muddy, you will have to constantly watch your step. Its and ankle and knee twister all the way. That's why most people recommend to do the crouching lion section and then turn around again. The ridge part is beautiful, fun and super rewarding, the rest of the loop will provided you with very little views and lots of pain.
So, we did the entire loop in about 7 hours, 5 of which are a pretty painful experience. And on top of it we ran out of water. So here is a punch list if you feel like doing the entire loop:
1 Shoes with solid traction
2 Long pants
3 Long sleeve shirt ( you will for 2 hours move brush out of your face)
4 Gloves - a lot of brush is between 4-6 feet high that you have to move with your hands, when coming down the last part of the loop you will have to move on all fours sometimes.
5 2 quarts of water and electrolites per person.
6 Hold on to your hat, string it to the backpack. It gets really brisky in the ridge and you dont want to loose your footing for grabbing after your hat.
Good luck.

Really muddy going up... there was no waterfall. (A little disappointed) the views were okay, it was an okay hike.

4 months ago

Great hike trail slippery at points but doable we got to the top in about 50 min and it took about that long to go down. Be careful going down. This was quite taxing physically.

Pretty easy hike. It can get humid so definitely bring lots of water and bug repellent. It can be get muddy in certain areas.

One of my favorite hikes on Oahu. If you haven’t done it yet, be smarter and take advice from everyone here by not doing the whole loop. It’s just not worth it because you spend more than 2 hours in bushes with mud till your ankles and some places even till your knee, scratch all your legs and the worst part, that you don’t see any view since the bushes is so high up.
Just start as a crouching lion hike. Hike as far as you can see a nice view and since you feel it it’s getting too challenging and view is gone, turn back and come down the same way.
Overall, spectacular views.

5 months ago

Difficult trail, but really enjoyed myself. I would follow the red/orange trail markers once you see them. I repeatedly got lost during this hike, but the view at the end was beautiful. I would check the GPS at times to check if you’re on the trail to make sure you don’t head off to different areas.

5 months ago

Beautiful and challenging hike. At the top trails are connected and you can explore even farther. Be prepared before the hike.

Going up and pass crouching lion is awesome. Excellent views and challenging but fun. After about 1500 elevation, it’s overgrown and is just not worth it. You’re just pissed the entire time and can’t even see the path, hence you slip and what not. Getting all the way to the peak is a great view and not overgrown, but you’re still thinking about the annoyance of going back down...in the brush. In conclusion, go up to 1500ish, come back down. Took me and buddy 4.5 hours.

One of the hardest hikes on Oahu, took me about 4 and a half hours alone. If you do the entire thing it is very overgrown and very muddy. Extremely dangerous and steep, one wrong steep and you won’t be coming back up. There’s a reason why there are crosses along the trail. Pants and hiking shoes is a must. Don’t go if you are not an experienced biker. Amazing hike and great workout

5 months ago

Fun loop trail often wet wear shoes that are good for wet rocks and mud. park at the beach park near the 7-11 is best.

5 months ago

Rocks are steep and get very slippery after a rain, but on a drier day it is a fun hike. I wouldn’t rate it as easy unless you’re an extremely avid hiker. Also note that the area can be used for hunting.

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