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Pretty easy hike. It can get humid so definitely bring lots of water and bug repellent. It can be get muddy in certain areas.

One of my favorite hikes on Oahu. If you haven’t done it yet, be smarter and take advice from everyone here by not doing the whole loop. It’s just not worth it because you spend more than 2 hours in bushes with mud till your ankles and some places even till your knee, scratch all your legs and the worst part, that you don’t see any view since the bushes is so high up.
Just start as a crouching lion hike. Hike as far as you can see a nice view and since you feel it it’s getting too challenging and view is gone, turn back and come down the same way.
Overall, spectacular views.

Going up and pass crouching lion is awesome. Excellent views and challenging but fun. After about 1500 elevation, it’s overgrown and is just not worth it. You’re just pissed the entire time and can’t even see the path, hence you slip and what not. Getting all the way to the peak is a great view and not overgrown, but you’re still thinking about the annoyance of going back down...in the brush. In conclusion, go up to 1500ish, come back down. Took me and buddy 4.5 hours.

One of the hardest hikes on Oahu, took me about 4 and a half hours alone. If you do the entire thing it is very overgrown and very muddy. Extremely dangerous and steep, one wrong steep and you won’t be coming back up. There’s a reason why there are crosses along the trail. Pants and hiking shoes is a must. Don’t go if you are not an experienced biker. Amazing hike and great workout

26 days ago

Fun loop trail often wet wear shoes that are good for wet rocks and mud. park at the beach park near the 7-11 is best.

1 month ago

Rocks are steep and get very slippery after a rain, but on a drier day it is a fun hike. I wouldn’t rate it as easy unless you’re an extremely avid hiker. Also note that the area can be used for hunting.

The hike is not 5.4 miles as stated. (Unless you start at the first parking lot) Park at the beginning of the residential area. Then walk to the trailhead. From where we parked, we hiked 3.5 miles. The loop took us 2 hrs wearing our micro spikes. Very muddy. We suggest going counter clockwise.

Fun and easy trail! Features beautiful views of the valley.

Hiked on Saturday, 26 May 2018 as a group of three. Took us about 6.5 hours round trip with a snack break in the middle.
Beautiful views, definitely do on a dry day (even then it will still be muddy in the middle). If possible, wear long pants and long sleeve top to not get cuts. Long haired hikers should consider wearing a hat since branches will get tangled in your hair.
We hiked clockwise, but counterclockwise would be possible as well.
Easy, free parking by the trailhead. Would definitely recommend, but the middle part is very overgrown and requires some determination.
You will get incredibly muddy, so wear shoes that you are fine getting very dirty.

Alright, heres the deal. This hike is not for anyone. It is by far the most dangerous and exhausting hike I have ever done. The vast majority of people just hike to Crouching Lion. But if you plan on doing the actual Pu'u Manamana loop, expect to be actively hiking for at least 5 to 6 hours. There have been several deaths on this hike and it is clear why. Especially on a windy day, wind gusts could easily throw you off the edge. With that being said, this hike will definitely be something I remember for a long time, and I don't regret it.
If you follow the All Trails map, you will walk along the road until there is a tiny opening (doesn't even look like a trailhead). We followed the map, and this beginning section is completely washed out. We basically we're climbing up this dirt hill trying to climb under branches for about 15 minutes before the trees clear up and there's where we found the trail. Just make sure to have GPS on. From there the hike is still a great workout, and when you get to Crouching Lion the views are stunning. This is probably where you will encounter other hikers. The only way to know if they did the entire Pu'u Manamana loop is to see if they're covered foot to toe in mud. Lol. AFTER crouching lion, you must be very careful about the wind. The wind wasn't strong when we went, but we still hiked while crouching down low. As you can see, it gets very very dangerous here. With an easily fatal drop next to you, there's portions of rock climbing and class 4 scrambling. There are some ropes at some places that seemed to be sturdy. But we took our time to find the safest route and spotted each other in case of a fall. Very, dangerous.
Needless to say the views on this hike are amazing and we saw some great wildlife (a chameleon and a giant walking stick!) the noises of birds on the jungle are surreal. You really are out in the Hawaiian jungles. After the sketchy bit, you follow the ridgeline all the way around the mountains. You can look out and see the ridge you will be on. The hike goes up the ridge, down the ridge, and up and down, cont. It is tiring and exhausting. The middle section of the hike is EXTREMELY overgrown and EXTREMELY muddy. Wearing long sleeves and long pants will give you much more comfortable. I have scars up and down my legs and some on my arms from this hike. The trail was so overgrown we could not see each other 5 feet in front of us. You're essentially diving into the foliage hoping bugs aren't crawling all over your hair and body. It's moist and humid, but quite fun. Because not only is it unbelievably overgrown, but it is the muddiest trail I've ever been on. It quickly came to the point where we stopped trying to avoid the mud and embraced the sloshy sloppy ankle-deep (sometimes higher) mud mess. After you reach the Pu'u Manamana point hours later, views have changed but are beautiful again... the mud gets worse and you start going steep downhill. It was impossible to not slip in the mud so we took full advantage of the opportunity, and mud slid down several sections. Be careful because I ended up with a serious nasty bruise from a tree root. Don't recommend sliding, but we didn't have much of a choice! After all the mud, you get back on the dangerous Ridgeline all the way to the end of the hike. As if we hadn't been work out already, this part felt EXTRA long because our legs were so tired they were shaking and that made it even more dangerous. Although the descent appeared to be safer, it was more dangerous. The drop-off is overgrown so it appears to be safe. There are several stretches of skinny ridgeline easily less than a foot wide with drop offs on both sides. We dangerously used trees as balance support and crawled at some sections that were so sketchy. If you keep on going, you will eventually make it to the end. You have to walk a little ways along the road to get back to the parking lot though.
This hike is crazy, dangerous, torturous but so rewarding. I would only recommend this hike if you are up for a serious challenge and a good mud bath. We we're covered in layers of mud and nice scars from Pu'u Manamana but will never forget it. Also please note that I did this hike in mid April and the rainstorms in late April may have washed out the trail even more so. Check out this [poorly put together] video I made of some of our trip. https://youtu.be/9Rsgi1vY67A

I live here and run this trail weekly. It’s a good, steady climb for running.

Pretty forest trail, saw no other hikers that day

Do this hike clockwise and enter at the crouching lion trailhead!!! Due to the less than moderate traffic, the original trailhead is overgrown and washed out. Besides, the trail intersects with the much better maintained Crouching Lion trail anyways. I would also recommend doing this as an out and back...once you reach the final peak. The back half of this trail has been washed out and needs a great deal of maintenance. Otherwise, this was a fantastic trail with some great climbing sections. 5 stars as an out and back.

This was actually my first hike on Hawaii! Was a bit scary at first but after I was used to the steep ridges it was all good!! really enjoyed this hike with amazing views. The muddy part is a bit annoying but part of the job!

4 months ago

Easy hike at 2.5 miles. My friend's 4 year old walked it. It has a couple of small streams and waterfalls, and through-the-trees views of the ocean.

Great views of the mountains. Little muddy so if it’s raining it’s probably not a good choice

As a hiker just starting out this hike was perfect..4km..a mix of tropical environment and then areas blanketed in pine...and stunning views!

5 months ago

Easy hike, great for the kids.

Amazing views! Definitely easy to get off course. Meant to only do the crouching Lion Hike, but managed to find ourselves on this harder, longer journey... We entered through the entrance by the concrete bench and mistook the trail for heading left up the mountain... the fallen tree in front of the real crouching Lion Hike is what threw us off in my opinion. Hard to use all trails with muddy hands, do yourself a favor and go when it’s drier, the mud made the way down extremely challenging!

5 months ago

1st - parking is in a residential area, so be respectful. A local resident advised where to park...by the bridge. The hike starts out on a paved access road then you'll see the brown trail marker along the right, actually two. Once on the trail, the tree cover is quite nice and there are lots of birds to see and hear. It does have steady inclines and declines so be prepared. Also, there's a sign marking go left for hiking in and right for those hiking out.

Great hike with the family.

This hike had some great views of the mountainous areas and there were some mini waterfalls! It was quite muddy but nothing too treacherous! I would recommend parking in the neighborhood near the trailhead rather than at the Hau'ula beach park.

I did this trail from the back on December 21, 2017 without food or water and in shorts from 1:30p to 7:30p, the last hour or so in the dark. It was tough.

My legs and hands are flayed. The middle half is very rough without protective gear. The better you're covered, the better off you'll be. Wear boots. A good portion of the trail is like trudging through peanut butter.

Unless you, too, are a masochist, I'd recommend going from the front (crouching lion side) and deciding whether you're prepared for the brush when you hit it.

The turnover is a sharp hook in thick brush. It's easy to miss.

7 months ago

Very muddy in the beginning but then it's amazing how you go from rainforest to Christmas tress to an ocean view!

A fun short hike for me and my pup- nothing too treacherous. Pretty views of the east.

pretty sure this trail is longer than 2.5 miles. Beautiful variety of flora and foreat types, no one else there except our family. fantasy like forests and great views along the ridge

Me and my husband hiked this trail on 22.10.17. It was no wind and shiny. Meaning bring 3l water per person. We use to hike longer trails, but this is jungle. 1/3 beautiful views with sharp ridges. 2/3 getting throught dense MUDDY jungle. Trail progress is very slow and exhausting. We give 5 stars, because we had enought water, snacks, and excitement.
Do not recommend in windy and rainy weather. Enjoy :)

Harder than you expect. The first mile is pretty fun if you’re adventurous. Then it’s heavy shrubbage and jungle. Not too fun to get through.

Most of all, don’t treat this like a 3.7mi hike. I’m currently laying down on the trail 8hrs in. I puked. My wife puked. We underestimated the trail and didn’t bring enough water so I hiked down, got more water, and hiked it back up. I’m about .3mi from the end now. I may be biased because I feel like death and underestimated this trail, but I give it three stars for an oahu hike. Oahu has epic hikes so rating it’s hikes is like rating a castle. They are all Grand and awesome and epic. This one just kicks your ass too and personally I only enjoyed the first mile, unless you’re in the mood for a jungly tough hike. The first mile was almost my favorite on oahu though, so check it out and turn back at the foresty part. Maybe a 5 rating on mainland. Three on oahu standards.

Though we didn’t finish this hike, we loved it! Passed crouching lion where most people stop and headed up to the ridge line. So pretty and very windy yesterday. Theres climbing involved and it gets very steep. We got rained on a bit and about 20 people we coming down on the way up. You need all day to do the loop. Bring water and snacks! Be prepared for wind, rain, and mud. And don’t forget your gopro! We had to pick up our daughter and ran out of time, but can’t wait to try it again!

9 months ago

So so lovely. Every turn took our breath away. Hiked May 24, 2017

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