So far one of my favourite hikings in the island. But it is very dangerous and sketchy bc you will be climbing rocks and walking on the Ridgeline for 5-6 hours!
There are some landfall along the trail, but as long as you take your time you will be safe. Definitely not for inexperienced hikers!! Wear long pants bc the overgrown vegetation will scratch you a lot. Bring a lot of water and snacks!!
The hiking starts at the end of Huamalani St.
park at Swanzy Beach park to not disturb the neighbors. At the first junction of the trail, take the left . The first part is pretty easy, just going up the hill. You will soon find a pill Box after 10 min.
Once you get to the top of the first ridge you will have - beautiful view, from Waimanalo to north shore.
Keep going further you will get to the top of a waterfall (be careful, bc the rocks are very slippery) .
After the waterfall the hiking gets kind of boring. You will be just waking in the ridge with an overgrown vegetation. You have to pay attention to not miss the trail on the right that will lead you to crouching lion .
If you keep going straight you will ended up in a different trail (longer).

The most dangerous part is as you approach the crouching lion. Climbing rocks , walking on a very narrow Ridgeline with no vegetation on the sides, lots of tiny rocks that makes the path slippery. Definitely do not go in a windy or rainy day.