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13 hours ago

This hike was extremely beautiful but the time it took and the mud was terrible. it was so slippery I fell and couldn't get up for 5 minutes because of how hard I slipped. very dangerous after rain. Don't bring children. very difficult :( would not recommend after rain

This trail is no longer maintained. It's mostly used for ATVs. There were quite a few swampy areas I waded through - the water was up to my thighs. About 2 miles in, it became impossible to see the trail. Rather than getting lost I turned around.

Was a decent trek but I wouldn't recommend it - there are way better trails in Kauai.

2 days ago

This trail is moderate the first 1.5 miles. Hard the 1.5 mi - 2.5 miles. Very Rigorous if you continue on to the ridges. Lots of guided ropes and plenty of fun, a true jungle experience. Felt like Tarzan. Gorgeous Panoramic views of half the island essentially!

This trail is well-maintained, easy to follow, and offers beautiful views. When we hiked this morning there was plenty of mist that kept us cooled off. The entire trail was muddy but with a walking stick it was completely manageable. Highly recommended.

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5 days ago

Mostly shaded and very wet and muddy after some rain. Agree with Albert about turning at 1.75 mile marker although I found the views to be pretty decent, especially after the bench.

I ended up bailing just before the second roped descent as the views didn’t look as though they’d improve.

After you get back have a wash in the stream - take a left after the bridge and a few 100m down the bank there’s an easy place to jump in and wash your legs and shoes.

Would love to come back on a drier day and try and push to the actual summit beyond this trail.

10 days ago

Amazing scenery

One of the most beautiful trails in the world (not a hyperbole). Stunningly beautiful - the mountains stumble into the ocean. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the beach and the waterfall. Imo, this isn't a trail that you rush in and out of; Savor every moment of this remote, rugged landscape. The lush jungle on one side and the blues of the ocean on the other - this is my favorite hike in Hawaii, maybe the world (at least so far!).

Perfect combination of ocean (Napali Coast) views and stream crossings with an amazingly beautiful waterfall at the end. I was lucky regarding the weather. It took me about 5 hours in and out (including half hour stop to swim by the waterfall and replenish the calories). But I’d have done it faster if it weren’t for my not experienced friend hiking along. She fell on almost every stream crossing and was all bruised up at the end. So be aware that this isn’t a hike for unexperienced hikers or people who aren’t physically fit. There’s a lot of up and down and a little climbing on slippery rocks. It’s a moderate to advanced hike due to, also, the necessary weather knowledge and proper planning. When I was about 30 min to the end I saw a couple heading in with a baby on the carrier (about 6 months old). I hope they made it out safely since it had already begun to rain on top of the mountain and by the waterfall and the risk of flash flood was evident. Pack a lot of water (I finished up my 3 liters). At points, a walking stick might be helpful and cleats would be necessary in case of rain. It’s muddy and very slippery at many parts of the trail. I’d definitely go back!

Fun, easy walk through the woods, not many others on the trail, however no views on the walk either!

1 month ago

It was average in awesomeness. The views were nice: you can see the ocean from elevation. Regarding difficulty: I would say it is moderate it was quite doable for my fiancé and me.

I would recommend hiking to the aloha bench and then turn around (about 1 mile in). It has a nice view there. After that the trail is really overgrown and the views don’t change that much. We turned around at about 1.75 miles as it was getting boring for the steepness and bushes that itch your arms and legs. Other hikers said at about 2 miles it was “sketchy” with lots of roaped parts to climb.

Great hike! One of my lifetime favorites! Beautiful, tropical scenery, clifftop views, gorgeous beach, big waterfall with a swimming hole - amazing! We did the 8 mile round trip hike to the falls and back, and it's tough, especially because the last two miles are two of the hardest, all up and down instead of just down, like most trails on the last two miles. (funny, though, they didn't seem so hard on the way in, when I was fresh!)

Comparative to other hikes I have taken on the island this trail doesn't have the most beautiful views. Though there are a few great lookouts, a majority of the trail is covered in brush. The brush gets so thick both my husbands legs and my legs were pretty scratched up at the end. The trail was muddy which we full anticipated, but would have been more rewarding had it been more scenic. On the plus side, the roped areas were fun, there were many wildflowers, the bench lookout has a good overview of Hanalei, and it was challenging hike on the north side of the island where we were staying. My advice would be to just hike to the bench if you are looking for views, after that it was pretty much purely exercise.

1 month ago

Fun but difficult hike. Climbing up the whole way. Gets very muddy and slippery so be careful as the trail gets narrow. Stunning views. Specially at Last Light.

Nice and muddy ! Easy way up to the famous trees! Both our french canadian families liked to be in the forest and dirty, without mosquitoes. Nice views up there !

1 month ago

Very muddy at some parts of the hike, parts with steep inclines . The view at the top is very nice , definitely worth the effort.

1 month ago

Very slippery, especially at the upper end near the 1.75 mi marker. A great challenging hike

My 9 old girl and I had one of the most amazing and tough adventures of our lives. I’m super proud and impressed with her skills and mental fortitude. Went to very top of twin peaks. 7 miles total round trip and 2,500 feet of climbing. It took us 6 hours. It rained on and off all day so the entire trail was super muddy and very slick. There are at least 12 ropes and one section, near the top, is about 100 feet and super steep. The hard sections require serious fitness as they are near vertical rock/mud cliff creations. Wouldn’t recommend if it is raining or you aren’t fit and up for a serious all day adventure. There are some very tough and sketchy parts where the tread is maybe a foot wide and several thousand foot drop offs on either side. One wrong step and it’s bye bye for a long ways... If you have a fear of heights pick another hike. The views on top are totally mind blowing. Would I do it again? Hell yes, but not when it’s raining or has been wet the previous few days.

Road after Hanalei is closed till November at least

Road after Hanalei is closed till November at least. This hike is not happening.

Can only get through with permit.

I was just there and told it won’t re-open til next season.

Has anyone hiked this trail in the past couple weeks? I’m here now and the road is closed to get there and the construction workers would only let residents through.

Beautiful hike! Steep at several points, especially in the beginning, but SO WORTH it! We walked through the lush jungle, saw pineapple, papaya, guava and palm trees, so many colorful birds, and a dramatic cliff and coast line. The most scenic hike I’ve done so far, was the best part of my trip to Hawaii!

It was easy, but very muddy and overgrown. We actually lost the trail and had to lose this app to find our way back.

Closed as of June 7, 2018. Local traffic only due to flood damage.

Has anyone hiked this trail in the past few weeks and is it still closed?

This is the hike to beat all hikes. The trail itself had so much variation in scenery, it seemed unreal even when doing it. One minute you’re hiking along the Nepali coast whale-watching, the next you’re at a serene beach; then you’re crossing river streams that look straight out of Tennessee. Next thing you know you’re walking through a bamboo forest and rain forest; and last but certainly not least, the falls. Magnificent does not do them justice. You can swim behind them and in the grotto area at the bottom. I agree with the other hikers about this hike being difficult after a big rain -the mud is very slippery. Some parts of the trail were pretty treacherous in wet conditions - one false move and you could plummet down the side of the mountain. There was a stretch where you had to scale a rock wall spiderman-style, not vertically or particularly steep, but a little nerve-wracking in wet conditions. Maybe it was just us but the trail didn’t seem very well marked at times and we managed to get almost two hours lost somewhere near the bamboo forest. But, there is no place I’d rather be lost, so it wasn’t really a big deal. I’m not sure the mileage is correct on All Trails - this hike was more than 6.7 miles - it was 8 according to the sign at the trail head. I’ve seen conflicting mileage for his hike elsewhere too. Regardless, Best. Hike. Ever.

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2 months ago

Super fun if you are not afraid of mud and going through narrow paths, it is very slippery, so use good hiking shoes, (also put some mosquito repellent) it’s is not an easy trail, take your time and take some water, I encounter lots of toads on the trail, There is a tree that the bark is soft to the touch look for it it’s fun to touch it, there is some ropes that you need to use to climb to the top , watch your step it’s slippery , the views are fantastic, the vegetation is amazing, the toads are funny , they like the trail and jump to the side when they hear you, enjoy the trail have fun!

2 months ago

This was a blast but very difficult. You will get scratched up and bruised up. I’m a professional ballerina and the people that came with me are all very fit and in our 20’s. We were able to do it just fine but we were so sore the next day. The whole trail only gets more and more scary as you keep going. It’s very slippery. Make sure your hiking shoes have very pointy bottom soles so they can grip the mud. I would suggest you bring hiking gloves because we all made the mistake of climbing with our bare hands. The view is fantastic the whole time even when you’re in shaded spots it’s still beautiful. Lots of pretty flowers and even berries! There was a landslide on the opposite side of the path that my sister thought was the trail going down. Do not make that mistake, your body knows when you’re on something you’re not supposed to be on. It should be hard but not impossible. We are so proud of ourselves. If you’re not super fit just do the first half, it’s really beautiful and easy.

great hike to the falls. Make sure to go swimming back behind the falls. will do again for sure.

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