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4 days ago

Beautiful views.

paddle sports
14 days ago

I did this kayak trip with my wife and kids back in 05'. It was fun, and a good way to get out and get some exercise and see the island from a different perspective. Not that long of a paddle, so it's easy for anyone.

A must do! Love this hike. Went in ‘low season’ so not too crowded.

if you take this trail to the very end, it is quite difficult but an extraordinary payoff. There are ropes attached to the rock walls to help you up and down various parts of the last third of the hike. Only for the very adventurous and fit.

It’s closed for now according to locals

Beautiful hike but can be very challenging if conditions are poor. Take lots of water!

Beautiful views at the top. With the recent rains be prepared for the clay to be slippery.

Amazing views, well maintained trail. Gets 4 stars instead of 5 because this is the portion of the Na Pali Coast that has a lot more foot traffic. If we had more time, my wife and I would have done the entire 11mi coast and camped out at the end. Since there are handfuls of people who only go out to the first beach and back, you're bound to get caught up in a couple of spots behind slower hikers or have faster ones get caught up behind you. Overall, well worth it!

Mountain apples, jackfruit, Passion flowers, avocados, bamboo groves, kittens, and some of the most colorful coast and forest on the way to an amazing waterfall and cold swimming hole. It was a great June day.


One of the most incredible sites to see

1 month ago

This a hard trail under best circumstances. It was raining and low visibility so I can't say much about the views, but I'm sure they would have been great. The trail was very slick and I ended up turning around 500ft from the trail top. The trail was too steep and slick and no ropes were available at the end. Near the end of the trail there were steep drop-offs on either side so focus on footing and hand holds to sturdy vegetation was a must. This would be a wonderful hike during clean and relatively dry weather. The trail had turned into a stream (many gal/sec) by the time I had headed down. At least the rain was not cold.

Scenic trail. Well maintained. Brought our 7 month old along without a problem. River was too high to cross, but saw the whole beach from other side of river no problem.

Did this hike two days ago. The first part, to Hanakapi'ai beach, is not difficult, though it also had some slightly muddy parts and a creek crossing at the end that wasn't easy.

The hike up to the falls has amazing bamboo groves, lots of mud, some light climbing, rocky ledges that might be uncomfortable when wet and more creek crossings.

Totally worth it - the waterfall is amazing and the pool refreshing (felt freezing at first..). Fortunately we had brought swimwear.

Someone had broken a leg not far from the falls – organizing help was difficult and long-winded: nearest cell phone reception is all the way back to the parking lot and then a few minutes drive. Signaling passing tour helicopters from the beach got some attention, but proper communication is difficult... So better be careful than get injured.
(After several hours an emergency heli came and afaik all is good...)

2 months ago

If it has rained, be warned, this trail is slippery and at times steep. I would only recommend this hike to the ambitious and sure footed athlete - if that's you, then this is a beauty of a ridgeline.

2 months ago

This was a really fun trail. Slippery in spots and rope climbs are a bit dicey but as long as you’re in shape you’ll be fine. Don’t stop at the cell tower, keep going up to the bench for the view. It’s not very difficult until after the bench. If you keep going, there are a few spots where you get great views of Hanalei Bay and the valley behind you. We hiked a little over 2 miles in and turned around, as we were not prepared for a longer hike. However, it would have been about another 1.5 hours to the highest peak. Still, we got great views and a good workout. Definitely wear trail shoes if it’s wet.

Great trail. I went on a rainy day that caused the bridge to Hanalei and the trail to close. That said, some of the more difficult river crossings I've completed. The view at the end is nothing short of spectacular

A beautiful hike! Able to see the coast line, which is one of the best parts of the island. It was a bit muddy when we went in March, but with careful footing it was not too bad. Would recommend this hike.

We parked at the Ke'e Beach Parking Overflow Lot, walked to the trailhead and followed the Kalalau Trail. We stopped by the beach, had lunch and enjoyed the view. Shortly after we hiked the Hanakapiai Trail, it started to rain, the rain made hiking on the rock more slippery and crossing the stream more scary but we all made it back safely. Just be careful and take the time, you will enjoy this incredible hike too.


My wife and I are fairly fit and I wouldn’t necessarily say this was moderate! Easy first three miles though mile 2-3 was very muddy. The last half mile, however, involved some gentle scrambling up wet and smooth/muddy boulder faces alongside an exposed 25 foot rock cliff, plenty of height to ruin your day. Somebody’s iPhone fell out of their pocket, took a bounce off the ledge and was no more. I’m surprised more injuries aren’t reported on that stretch though I am no expert in those reports. The rest wasn’t too bad and took us 4 hours. Like others have said, the rain is probably what makes all the difference in difficulty. The falls and pool were incredible and worth twice the trip. Had high quality hiking shoes but for the scary parts - wet rock - it’s too steep for a hiking stick (need both hands) and will plan on buying tabi/gumi shoes since it was still slippery with hikers on (but far better than basic running shoes). Enjoy the trip and take your time!

I’m 45 years old, a Colorado transplant, and in good shape. I enjoyed this hike a LOT and would recommend it to avid to moderate hikers. The comments about rain are legit, it can be very slippery and challenging. This is NOT a “walk in the park”, but I wouldn’t call it hard either. Go slow, bring hiking poles, bring water, and stop at the beach unless you’re a more serious hiker.

Great hike, rained most of the day but path to the beach was great and mostly stone. Didn’t go pay the beach at the 2 mile marker due to rising river and more incoming rain. Be prepared for plenty of mud, would recommend something with a better sole than tennis shoes

Done in September 2017.

Awesome! Big reward when you get to the falls!! Dreamy scenery from the beginning until the end :)

Great trail that is accessible but quite muddy in rainy season. Plan ahead and bring lots of water and wear proper shoes. The diversity of the panoramas is fantastic. Enjoy

2 months ago

This was an extremely muddy and wet trail that led to so-so views. Not sure they were much better than the overlooks. I would spend my time elsewhere in the north shore. That said it's a good calf burner and quick if you only go to the electrical tower and turn back.

My 20 week pregnant wife and I did this hike late last week. According to the signs on the trail it is 8 miles total, out and back. Took us about 8 hours in total, but we took our time. It was not raining but it still was incredibly slippery because of the rains days before. We have done a number of hikes, and I would call this trail 'hard' if there is any degree of moisture affecting the ground. I wouldn't attempt it at all if raining... that would be a nightmare. Take more water than you think you need, and apply bug spray before you get started. We waited and regretted it. This is a hike of a lifetime if the conditions are right.

Absolutely worth it, it’ll be muddy and slippery but gotta go all the way to the falls, don’t stop at the beach!

Gorgeous beach ❤️

What an incredible hike! Although I would call it closer to hard than moderate, but I guess I’m no hiking expert. It also may be because the trail was wet today after yesterday’s rains. Each person we passed with tennis shoes (or even sandals), made me happier we had on good boots and started early. You basically go up along the coast for a mile, down to the beach for a mile, then hike inland along the river/stream for 2 miles and after some careful bouldering you are rewarded with a huge waterfall and a refreshing pool.

I’m not gonna lie, the return trip stretched us (30s/20s moderate shape), but the whole thing was worth the effort. Glad we brought plenty of water.

It took about 6 hours, including about 10 minutes at the beach, 30 at the falls, and the occasional stops along the way.

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