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amazing - awesome views

one of my favorite spots in maui

Beautiful!!! The beaches and lava rocks are amazing. Not a hard hike at all. amazing to experience!

Incredible end of the trail to a hidden cove where the beach is. Some step cliffs but plenty of places to hang onto. Not many folks on the beach. Just a lovely place!

1 month ago

Fairly easy and short trail but it does have some steep drop-offs that could be deadly if you fall into the rough water. Be careful. The views of the crashing waves are amazing. Also, when we were there we saw some naked guys with their Johnsons all out and about so be careful and check before you bring the kids around the last corner where you see the people on the beach. The sign at the end of the trail says NUDE BEACH.

scenic driving
1 month ago

The waterfall is pretty, but there are better stops along the Road to Hana.

Wild rugged and beautiful there’s almost no one else out there if you go in far enough...lava rocks are pretty sharp though so be careful, and sometimes it’s a little hard to see the trail but the views are totally worth it :)

Easy hike with great views. Pools were closed due to high waters, but I was still able to get some amazing shots. Parking was $25 so make sure to hit as much as possible while you're here.

1 month ago

Such a beautiful beach! There are lots of signs on the trail that say it is dangerous, but it's really not a huge deal. There are some steep dropoffs, but the trail is sturdy and wide.

The beach itself was amazing. Not many people know about it, so we had it all to ourselves

1 month ago

Lots of falls to see along the hwy, this one was alright compared to the others.....so many to choose from

1 month ago

Outstanding Red sand cove! Definitely a top 5 ever. The hike down builds the excitement then the natural cove and red sand is AWESOME!


Note: there is an old painted sign on the rocks near the beach that says "nude beach," this is likely dated and did not apply to our awesome excursion.

No trail head to speak of, overgrown considerably and on private land....all enough to keep moving elsewhere.

1 month ago

Pretty neat place, worth the stop. Staff provides good info but there is a cost to incur. Locals get a discount.

This is still my most favorite hike. It's truly a must! The massive waterfall can't be beat!

It's an amazing pool and close by cave in deep 20 ft water perfect for diving 30 feet down into the pools of brackish water. While it's a little muddy to get down to the water, there are plenty of places to jump in for the adventurous!

A nice quick hike to go check out the coastline. Unfortunately swimming in the pools was closed during our visit.

Nice little loop not really a hike. The pools are closed to swimming currently, 4.11.18, which was a bummer but pretty none the less

Lava tube was closed yesterday, blowhole not active. Beautiful beach but didn't get to see it all

on The Hana Lava Tube

3 months ago

very interesting, privately owned and well maintained. Worth the visit.

Just so beautiful and remote. Everything in Hana is better

Quite easy and short. Gorgeous beach and cliff at the end

5 months ago

Short but steep path to get there and nice swimming area

Fun to watch people jump in the pool from the cliffs
We did not plan on doing that !

Hiked most of the way
Lava rock , uneven surface , natural beauty stunning views, relatively low traffic through this area

Great black sand beach, awesome blowholes.

Easy hike and good view of the pools. Due to lack of rainfall, the first falls were a trickle.

5 months ago

Great to explore. They provide flashlights and it is self guided. The road to Hana is winding & narrow. make sure you research what you plan to do. Plan to make it a day trip. Price is still $12.50 per person. They are very friendly, grounds are beautiful, cave is clean & maintained. They have clean Portalets for those needs.

After paying the National Park entrance/parking fee of $20, I was disappointed to find out that the whole area is closed except for a view from the trail. The overgrown path down to the falls area is closed by a locked gate and fence and is impassable even if you are willing to break the law to get there. After 10 days without any rain, the falls was barely visible. But the road is often closed after any rains, due to downed trees and rockslides, so it you ever get to see it in full flow with falls access, you are EXTREMELY LUCKY!

There is a small trail just behind a rock wall used as a make-shift fruit stand. You have to go around the back of the fruit stand or go over the wall to a small narrow trail down a path, through a cattle gate with a warning sign and through a field. It ends in a small 'launching' area where the brave/foolish can jump up to 60 feet into a lagoon. This seems like a favorite local spot for a 'rite of passage'/ human sacrifice with steep and narrow paths over slippery cliffs down to the water. If younger, I definitely would have tried the 60ft jump for bragging rights, but realistically, you could also die. Check it out if this is appealing.

Chill. Not really a hike.

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