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17 hours ago

When it rains, the farm that manages trail limits public use but allows paid visitors who are part of a tour through. Lots and lots of tourist - so if you’re looking for a nature hike go elsewhere. If you’re just breezing through, this is a nice stopover

Easy walk. Twin Falls are beautiful. Even though there are many people around, it was worth it to see the falls. Not a private hike. Not long.

Pretty sweet trail. Very fun especially crossing the river. The first waterfall is really cool but the second smaller one is awesome with the little swimming hole. Didn’t venture past that but was really fun up until that point.

Super crowded and full of tourists

Absolutely amazing

28 days ago

Nothing special here. Seems like a good ‘hike’ if you have kids. Whole trail is paved, didn’t really feel like hike though.

Neat, easy walk.

Amazing wonderland vibe if you are new to the concept of a bamboo forest. Hana Highway was a fun mash, we stopped for fresh delicious Poke on the way at a gift shop with a lunch window (local and small scale but well done). The slopes of the Bamboo Forest trail were slick down to the creek, but it was still fun and worth doing if you don’t mind getting soaked. We kept it quick for risk of mountain flash flooding but it was still one of my favorite woodlands I’ve met so far.

nature trips
1 month ago

15 is too much money for this hike! It should be free

2 months ago

Short, but NOT an easy hike. Even on dry days, the rocks are very slippery.

Fun hike , good place to get out and stretch. Very quiet trail with beautiful trees that provide a great canopy . Smell the fragrance of eucalyptus as you walk , lots of ginger along the way . Muddy but not too slippery
Would recommend a stop along the road to Hana

This was a fun hike. Swimming in the cool water was so refreshing

Nice little hike to a nice waterfall. Be prepared to get your shoes wet or to take them off. It gets a little crowded so be there early if you want to avoid people

3 months ago

Absolutely the most adventurous water and slick trail fun we've been on the island. Good water shoes a must

3 months ago

Short walk, seems to be heavily trafficked. The trail is a dirt road and can get pretty crowded. Bring water shoes or shoes that you don’t mind getting wet, there are a few streams you need to cross. Definitely do not need any hiking gear. Great for families and beginners.

3 months ago

Peaceful walk with beautiful scenery.

My daughter & I did this trail in Nov '17. There are 4 water falls & getting to the 3rd & 4th one was a real obstacle course w/ climing up muddy slippery rocks by holding on to bamboo, on another rock face we climbed a ladder someone has left in place & once on the top step, use the ropes to climb the rest of the way. Jumping boulders, & swimming over to the 4th fall. The adventure was a high light of our trip. We would definitely do it again!!

It is a quick fun hike. Don’t forget to bring bug spray and reapply if necessary. We hike in the rain and by the time we got to the top the mosquitos had us for lunch. We reapplied bug spray at the top but the damage was done. However the hike was worthwhile.

4 months ago

15$ per person, it's a bit expensive unless you were a fan of botanic.

4 months ago

This trail is not easy. You have to go down a steep path then wade across a river. Dress appropriately

4 months ago

Nice scenic walk - very easy, quick. A great spot to stretch your legs on the Road to Hana.

5 months ago

Hiked this with my wife and kiddos (10, 8, 5yrs) and we loved it. Be sure to go past the 'extreme hiking' gate (assuming you have decent shoes and active wear on - not for flip flops and sweatpants!). There were two water crossings - one ankle deep and one up to my knees that the kids did fine in and it was totally worth the reward of swimming under the waterfall!

We did this trail on our honeymoon and got lost. There were two trails after you cross the rocky riverbed and one takes you up a huge climb and leads to nowhere the second takes you to the waterfalls. We did love the rope ladders we had to climb to see waterfalls 3 and 4 once we found our way to the right trail. Regardless we still had a good time

so pretty! I felt like we were searching for lost treasure lol. Be prepared to get your feet submerged into water (about up to your knees) crossing a stream.

trail running
8 months ago

fun short trail no gear needed, on the road to Hana, but before it gets sketchy. wonderful flowers along the trail.

Great hike. Water levels are high right now but you can still make it across the river.

Heads up... the upper area is closed right now due to high water levels.

One of my favorite trails!

9 months ago

This was a very easy hike and I do recommend this for beginners. For me this was an easy hike with an amazing reward. The waterfalls are extremely fun to swim in and this place is great for a nice afternoon family hike. The reason why I gave this 4 stars not 5 is because of the crowds (definitely not moderately trafficked) but other than that this was a beautiful hike and recommended it to anyone :)

Amazing nature views. Easy and good for kids.

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