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Loved the foliage! Found a couple of Jasmine trees that were incredibly fragrant! Beautiful hike with lots of fascinating plants.

Stunning views! Be prepared to endure the heat along this very scenic shoreline hike, because there is little of no shade. As you walk through the Ka’ena Point Area National Reserve beyond the stretch of sand dunes with birds nesting, you may encounter seals resting in one of the many shoreline pools. Besides packing a sufficient amount of water and a snack or two, you also may want to bring along your swimsuit, as you may need to cool off in one yourself before you head back. Easy hike if you can endure the heat.

Amazing kayak and hike! What a great experience! Amazing views and a good workout too!

We kayak to the island without rush. Left the kayak on the shore and climbed up the small but still challenging hill for a great view. Sun is strong out there so be prepared with sunblock and water. And since it’s already popular destination don’t expect for a peaceful sit back on the top off the hill or even for some good pictures. It’s just small platform and so crowded, like in a lot of places in Hawaii.
Fun activities for day with family or friends in general. The view and the nature makes it so worth it and beautiful.

Great day paddle/hike into the island on the East side of Kauai. This area isn't as rainy as the Northern side around the Na'Pali Coast area but its still pretty wet. Rainy season is December so plan accordingly. It is very highly trafficked so expect to see a good amount of people en route to the waterfall and back. The top of the hike at the waterfall can get crowded as well but if you're patient the large groups will leave together and you can spend some time at the waterfall, swim, get photos, etc...

Kauai gets hit with an average of 460 inches of rain every year so be prepared for damp if not wet and muddy conditions when hiking. Plan and bring old clothes/shoes that can get dirty and enjoy the experience! We hiked this in July and had mostly dry conditions on the trail with some muddy parts towards the end and around the waterfall. There is one large river crossing that has a fairly strong current and is about 2.5 ft deep at the deepest. There is a rope to hold on too but it can still be difficult as there are usually multiple people on the rope at one time.

We chose to go unguided with paddle boards as they were more readily available last-minute than the rental kayaks. We didn't have any issues finding our way as the guided tours are all over and you can just follow them. Be prepared to spend about 45 minutes paddling in and 60-90 minutes paddling out as the wind becomes a factor. There is no current on the river. For those of you wanting a list of what to bring/wear I recommend shoes or water-shoes, not flip-flops (Keen, Teva, etc...) for both paddling and hiking, a hat, wear swimwear and bring a pair of dry clothes to leave in the car. Finally bring some snacks and a camelback with water otherwise various members of your party will probably end up hangry and thirsty on the way back.

As always take necessary precautions when hiking anywhere new - do your research before hiking. Flash flooding seems to be the biggest danger on these trails aside from the typical hiking perils so just be cautions and have fun!

Nothing i would recommend someone doing!
No nice views, no nice path!

Beautiful botanical garden. With lots of plants and flowers and nice view to the lake. Fun for everyone and interesting to visit.

Quite the disappointment
Really tough to run this trail and there's not much to see.
The pristine beach at the end of the trail is a campers dump with beer bottles and quasi permanent tents.
The light house is not what you think - it's not an east coast light house - it's more like a street sign.
Too many other great places in Maui to go - recommend to avoid.

We got a late start, so even with our water preparedness, we only hiked part of the route. The views we did see were pretty!

Side note: even though there appeared to be plenty of other tourists in the area we did feel somewhat uncomfortable leaving our rental car and belongings for a long period of time due to some shenanigans when we pulled into the park.

Easy and stunning ! Bring some water and I suggest to start before 11 o’clock because the sun hit hard!

This is arguably one of the most beautiful places I have visited on Oahu. Flowers, beautiful tress, several kinds of fruit trees, birds and fresh air. The Mountains in the background offer a wonderful backdrop and make you feel like you are miles away from civilization. The Lake has a ton of various species of fish that come right up to the shoreline waiting to be feed. Wonderful experience for my boys. If you want you can stay on the paved road, or go off road using the trails. The Older woman at the visitors Center was so warm and welcoming.

We’ve hiked this twice. I prefer the inland trail as opposed to the coast because it ends at a pretty beach where we could eat lunch under some shade trees. It’s very beautiful.

Advice: Start early, before 9 is smart. It heats up quick. Be smart and wear over the ankle boots. Real easy to twist an ankle; most of the journey is traveling over loose and very course rock. Bring more than a store bought water bottle. Bring a hat if you don’t want to burn. There’s no place to hide from sun once out in the open. Get there and park in the opposite direction of the sun. You’ll appreciate a cooler car upon returning.

Highlights: Beach at the end of interior trail. Awesome landscape that looks lunar. Ocean views spectacular. Feels remote and peaceful.

16 days ago

it's a beautiful area but no shade so bring a hat and sunscreen! it's just a flare walking path!

18 days ago

Scenic area and trail was looking good for a bit, but then it all got grassy. Trail becomes highly overgrown about 3/4 mile in. The grass is sharp and tall, like 9-10 ft high. I wasn't prepared for such and don't believe it's worth it to go back.

On the entry/exit there is a sign attached to the tree of a missing Australian hiker dated 2008.

Nice surroundings of mountains and garden .

Incredibly dramatic and stunning! We went with a tour. Be careful if you go after a rainfall. Flash floods occur quickly.
Must do!

Definitely worth the trip. Hiking through the lava field provides very interesting scenery but it gets extremely hot so bring plenty of water and start early. Closed toe shoes are a must but hiking boots aren't 100% necessary. Keep left to the Kings Highway to get to the beach. Doing this again I would skip the lamp post and head straight to the beach. Getting in the water at the beach at the end of Kings Highway is very rocky so wear shoes you don't mind getting wet.

29 days ago

There is no relief from the sun, bring lots of water, otherwise a decent afternoon outing. There was a bit of vog too, so the view wasn’t the best.

1 month ago

it's a cute walk through some rocks and sand. most of the sand is thin sand so sneakers will still work unless you want to stick your feet into the ocean then take em off! I had fun on the hike and had lots of great photos! it's a sunny trail so sunscreen up!

1 month ago

it's a sidewalk path with beautiful views of the mountains. it's all direct sun light though so wear a hat and sun screen!

We rented kayaks from Beachtime rentals. Due to commercial restrictions, we could not pick them up from Kualoa Beach park. We parked at the ranch and walked across the street to a smaller beach (see photo attached for start location. We started our 1.6 mile out and back kayak trip around 11am and the high tide was coming in and we thought the swells were kinda big but overall manageable. It took about 50 mins to paddle out (and 20 mins to return based on wind and currents). Once we arrived on the inward side of the island on the very small beach we got our sneakers out of the dry bag for our hike up.

The path is very much a loose dirt and there is not much for hand holds. Once you pass the phase 1 of the dirt “slide” you will navigate/crawl though some trees with low clearance. Phase 3 is what I would rock climbing. This section weaned some of the group based on the sheer climb. As long as you go slow you should be able to go up and left to reach the summit.

Great 360 view from the top. Coming down was a bit slow and hard to see where to put your feet. Overall would do again!!

Total activity time was 3 hours. We then went for lunch at Waiahole Poi Factory for some awesome food!!

This is a great hike! It’s not challenging, but offers some incredible views of the ocean and tide pools. It looked like you could even find some nice places to hang on a beach.

1 month ago

Great place for an evening stroll, seems to be used often by local residents.

I’m here regularly and enjoy taking new visitors on this hike. Fairly easy to navigate and paved to the towers. Offers a stunning view over Hanauma bay and back to Diamond Head and Waikiki.

Best to complete early in the day as it does get warm quickly. The wind is a great help but still plan accordingly with water or other hydration efforts and good shoes as the path is volcanic rock.

Also, if you take the lighthouse path there is an awesome natural arch bridge near the coast in the vicinity.

So, we set off on this little adventure with our 7 and 8 year old in tow. We missed the initial trailhead and followed some pink markers down a steep descent into a “dry” creek bed. After trying to follow the creekbed to pick up the trail and sinking into mud that went up about mid calf, we scaled a cliff and found a ridge line which we followed until it brought us back down to the creekbed and the trail. Turned a 5 mile hike into 7 but it was great from there.

Fun hike. Elevation doesn't change much. Definitely take water. Spotted monk seals and the nesting shearwater birds which was awesome! Oh and make sure you park at the appropriate place. I saw about 8 cars get tickets at the entrance of the Hike lol

Great hike. nice views, relatively flat. Monk seals are usually laying out by the point.

1 month ago

In typical fashion, I billygoated in parts but stopped in places where my eye saw something worth taking a photo (hence the longer than normal time). I went the route of the antennas first thus bypassing the lava trail leading the Hanauma Bay. But going back to that trail, it was like Mars. The climb back up was nice and I was thinking about how nice it was to have good grip on my hiking shoes. Not that it was too gravel like some hikes I've done, but it truly helps when the terrain is dry too. The day was windy which was a blessing considering that it would be brutal to hike that with little to no wind. Beautiful colors, beautiful day.

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