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Ewa Beach, Hawaii Map

Easy ride for kids under 10 and trail is paved. Passes by the Betty Nagamine Bliss Memorial Overlook.

It was a nice little walk with my son and beagles.

Nice scenic path, love the numerous piers to explore. Could run, bike, or walk...we chose the latter. Enjoy!

Not a bad little walk. Nothing strenous about it; could be used with a bike as well. The long stretch out and back does not have many views of the harbor.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Not a "hike" per say... A good walk or bike ride or picnic along the loch in one of the gazebos. Good place to take your kids to ride bikes or scooters.

As you enter the West Loch neighborhood the second right-hand turn (Kapapapuhi St.) will take you down a road which terminates at the West Loch Community Shoreline Park.

The West Loch shoreline runs along what looks like a largely unused portion of Pearl Harbor. It has a semi-stagnant quality to it which makes swimming there less than ideal from a hygiene standpoint. The first thing we noticed was the smell as it tickled our olfactory organs with the warm scent of sun dried fish, sewage and just a hint of sweaty feet. A truly titillating bouquet of flavors. That’s right, flavors. The fish smell almost certainly came from the various docks where there were lots of people fishing, the sewage from the nearby neighborhood sewer system (there were sewage signs posted all over), and the feet… That might have just been me, I dunno.

The park is nice, though. There are a number of shoreline gazebos and aging fishing docks as well as flowering trees, shorebirds, and lots of open space and friendly people. I can see where the park itself could be a really nice place to go for a family BBQ or something and, despite the smell, was the highlight of that day.

Once we looped back to the car pted to hit the right-hand path. Turning south, this leg of the trail cuts back behind a few houses in the neighborhood to follow the shoreline deeper into Ewa Beach.

To say there’s a change in disposition between this stretch of trail and that which meandered through the park would be a vast understatement. Though the water smelled like toilet, the park at least still felt fun and welcoming. This stretch of trail felt derelict and foreboding. There’s a sense of being both too close and too far from the public eye. Though it literally bordered the polo & plaid world of the West Loch Golf Course, I felt perpetually on my guard against mischief and shenanigans. Where the fishing docks of the park looked serene and inviting, the fishing docks along this stretch of trail looked hopeless and forgotten.

I’ve turned back to the car on various trails for a number of reasons; run out of daylight, not enough water, tired, impassible trail, whatever. But this is the first time I’ve ever given up on a trail because I felt bored and unsafe.

So, yeah, the park is fine. Go there if you want a nice relaxing day throwing a frisbee around or something. The south leg of the trail, though, that’s where dreams go to die. Just pretend it isn’t there.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

BUG SPRAY A MUST. Mosquitoes and other little flying bugs everywhere. It's ok. Super easy paved sidewalks. First I went to the left from parking lot, nice paved sidewalk, a few docks. A bit less then a 1/2 mile it's fenced off. The unpleasant smell that every so often slaps you in face is from the pools of reclaimed water at the golf course. I turned around and took path to right of parking lot. Paved, some shade. Cool tall dock overlooking the water. Past tall dock 5ft tall grass on the sides of path made me feel surrounded by bugs. Didn't go to the end. I didn't have bug spray.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The trail was short but, great for my 2 yr old little legs. we saw many native birds, explored several piers and feed some fishes.

It was a nice walk, but very short. Nice for my puppy.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

I parked in the parking lot, which has bathrooms. The trail was about a half mile paved loop through the community park. I had to do a few loops to make it worth it, which got a little boring. When you start from the parking lot make the left towards the water, then stay to right at the fork. There are several places where the trail forks through the park; keep to the right to make the loop. Stroller friendly, quiet, and some wildlife to look at. Trail is along the water, though it's not the prettiest water. There are two paths leading away from the park; one towards Ewa and one towards Waipahu. I had a sleeping baby with me, so we stuck with the stroller walk through the park.

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Saturday, July 02, 2016

I'm unsure if i went the right way, I was at the starting point and went 3 miles out and back, but there were no views. after a half a mile, the very well maintained paved path turned into a dirt path. i didnt mind as thats good for trail running. as i went on, the area started veering into the low income residential waipahu area. there was broken glass and random abandoned carts in one area. at the 1.5 mile mark the path was blocked by a run down, rusted over bridge with rails blocking entry. I decided to go left and went a short way before turning around at the road with the school and temple. I would only recommend this trail to locals who want to run on a soft, flat trail.

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Friday, June 09, 2017

Monday, May 08, 2017

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Saturday, April 30, 2016