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Stunning views! Be prepared to endure the heat along this very scenic shoreline hike, because there is little of no shade. As you walk through the Ka’ena Point Area National Reserve beyond the stretch of sand dunes with birds nesting, you may encounter seals resting in one of the many shoreline pools. Besides packing a sufficient amount of water and a snack or two, you also may want to bring along your swimsuit, as you may need to cool off in one yourself before you head back. Easy hike if you can endure the heat.

It was a nice hike but you really have to follow the instructions on the way up! Bring a lot of water! It is really hot! It is way better if you have hiking shoes because it is really muddy sometimes! The view is really nice! You can see mountains, the sea and the town of Kapaa! It’s a 360 view! You have to make it to the top!

Amazing kayak and hike! What a great experience! Amazing views and a good workout too!

3 days ago

A fun hike with a great view! It didn’t take us too long and fortunately it hadn’t rained so it wasn’t as slippery and muddy as some have described. The first part is a lot of uphill and the ropes really help getting up the rocks and slick parts.

We kayak to the island without rush. Left the kayak on the shore and climbed up the small but still challenging hill for a great view. Sun is strong out there so be prepared with sunblock and water. And since it’s already popular destination don’t expect for a peaceful sit back on the top off the hill or even for some good pictures. It’s just small platform and so crowded, like in a lot of places in Hawaii.
Fun activities for day with family or friends in general. The view and the nature makes it so worth it and beautiful.

Any update on the trail opening? Is there another way to access the trail (kayak or another trail head?) Are there other long hikes on the island that you all like? My gf and I like to hike and booked a trip in August, but it looks like our luck has run thin...

easy but fun hike to the top and for how short it is the views are absolutely awesome not to mention being along the ridgeline up top was a blast

Didn’t resort to crawling but absolutely pegged my adrenaline meter when I hiked this back in 1977

7 days ago

Weather was perfect for this hike, ground was nice and dry so no muddy areas. Ropes helped on the rocks going up and down, but over all a nice climb. Views were spectacular! Saw lots of small groups, no dogs though. Highly recommend!

DANGEROUS. The loose gravel is no joke. Very steep with nothing to help keep you stable coming or going. I do agree the views are spectacular, but definitely not worth risking if you are a novice. Not for children.Begin the hike thru the speed limit sign entrence. Don’t trust a single rock whether big or small. Keep some space between yourself and anyone ahead of you, again gravel is very loose.

My husband and I did this hike in the afternoon- we are most definitely amateur hikers. We were not intending to venture past “the infamous picnic tables” at the top but the weather was perfect! We decided to go as far as we felt comfortable and safe...as many of the previous reviews have said the little bit of scrambling you have to do to get to the top was not bad at all! We were so glad we decided to keep going! Just be aware that the “real estate” up there is pretty small so be aware of your surroundings- had it been raining I doubt we would have gone to the end.

We got a late start, so even with our water preparedness, we only hiked part of the route. The views we did see were pretty!

Side note: even though there appeared to be plenty of other tourists in the area we did feel somewhat uncomfortable leaving our rental car and belongings for a long period of time due to some shenanigans when we pulled into the park.

Easy and stunning ! Bring some water and I suggest to start before 11 o’clock because the sun hit hard!

12 days ago

Steep trail, for about 1/4 mile but not slippery great views at the top. Bunker to explore, and Picnic table to rest and take photos at before you reach the top.

Great views!!! Can be slippery in spots if it has been raining.

Absolutely beautiful! I went at about 1:30 and was back at my car by 3:00. There is some rocks to climb up but it manageable. Definitely recommend!!

Nice views and good calf workout!! Would be a great sunset hike.

16 days ago

great hike! starts off the first half the way with a steep incline but has ropes to help through half of it. wouldn't reccomend going after a rain as it can get very muddy. lots of tree roots to trip over so watch your footing.

first pillbox is legal but second one you walk through private property so be watchful and kind or dont go!

17 days ago

Scenic area and trail was looking good for a bit, but then it all got grassy. Trail becomes highly overgrown about 3/4 mile in. The grass is sharp and tall, like 9-10 ft high. I wasn't prepared for such and don't believe it's worth it to go back.

On the entry/exit there is a sign attached to the tree of a missing Australian hiker dated 2008.

Super easy walk. Not much of a hike. But kids any age could easily do this. Ends at the beach. Guess lots of people scuba dive there but no one could enter water today as sharks were swimming nearby. Amazing to see sharks. Kids loved all the chickens and baby chicks along the walk.

Beautiful hike although very muddy. I would highly suggest not wearing boots or tennis shoes. I wore chaco’s and did just fine. Hiking poles would be a good idea if falling is a concern of yours. I personally didn’t use poles and I fell once. It’s a great starting hike for getting to know the island.

Too bad it’s closed, it seems like that happens to all the best places. We hiked this on our honeymoon

Road after Hanalei is closed till November at least

Road after Hanalei closed till November at least

22 days ago

It was muddy but it was worth every single for step. Moderate hike

Still closed-locals tell me it’s going to be closed almost a year

23 days ago

Fun hike when at the North Shore. Nice views and very easy to do when it is dry.

1 month ago

It’s a short but steep hike. Go early because there’s no cover and it gets hot. Keep going up but be careful not to overshoot. You’ll see the path veer to the right. There’s a lot of loose gravel and sand so I used hands to crawl up and then on the way down, I practically crab Walked down. Wear shoes with good grip or you’ll be sliding.

Trail Report
Friday, June 15, 2018

Beautiful hike! Definitely worth the ~4 mi round trip and ~1000 ft in elevation gain (my gps recorded 1.75 mi, so I think it was a bit off) Took me 45 min to get to the top at a brisk pace with no breaks. An hour or so back down going slowly and taking my time to enjoy the view. It hadn't rained in a couple days, so tennis shoes were fine. The parking lot was half full by 8AM. Parking lot was completely full at 10AM.

The hardest part in my opinion was the 20 ft scramble up some rocks between mile marker .5 and .75. There is more scrambling to get up to the top (after the picnic clearing, about 1.75 miles in), but it isn't as steep as the first scramble section. Totally doable if you're in decent shape/aren't afraid of heights.

Some tips:

Don't hike in flip-flops or barefeet. The trail can be muddy and filled with rocks and roots. I saw 7 people in bare feet (presumably because they had worn flimsy sandals or flip flops?) and 2 people in flipflops...it looked like a horrible hiking experience! Tennis and sturdy sandals seemed okay for today since it was relatively dry, but hiking boots would be best for a muddy day.

Bring enough water-- one liter minimum! It gets really humid and hot. Several people didn't have any water...didn't look like fun :p

Bug spray or pants unless you want red itchy bites all over your legs.

Leave early -- I wish I had started the trail at 7AM instead of 8AM to avoid more of the sun and a crowded trail. You could do Nounou West Trail instead to hike with fewer people and on the shady side of the mountain, but you wouldn't get any ocean views until you got to the top.

Remember to practice Leave No Trace ethics, like not cutting switchbacks. Looked like parts of the trail were eroding because people did this.

No bathroom at the trailhead, so go before you start hiking.

Bring a summit beer and enjoy the view!

Beautiful views! Not too mudy when we went, although it was raining in the morning. Got hot in the afternoon, wear sun block. Not well signposted, but ok.. make sure you pass the picnic table, best views after a little climb

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