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on Olomana Trail

19 hours ago

This is a scenic hike that features beautiful views of the koolaus, waimanalo end to kualoa. I’ve only done the first peak but you can see the 2nd and 3rd. It gets steep on the first climb but once your up the others look decent to get to, since your on the ridge already.

21 hours ago

My wife and I were only able to get to the bamboo forest before time constraints made us turn back around. Definitely worth it up to that point though! A beautiful waterfall with an even better one at the end (as seen in pictures) and the bamboo forest is like another world! Really cool looking tree in between the first waterfall and bamboo, like something from a fantasy movie!

It's okay, that's how I can honestly best describe it. Not many good views and very short. You're better off doing this loop and then going to the Pipwai trail for a better hike. Pools are closed to swimming as well, so unless they open it back up, don't even think about that.

21 hours ago

They are not lying when they say it's hard! My wife and I hiked down the Halemau'u trail and cut over to Sliding Sands and hiked up. I can tell you it was extremely difficult for us ascending the 3000 feet, but the views were absolutely breathtaking! Inside the crater feels like you're on another planet like Mars or something! Your mileage will definitely vary depending on your fitness, which may be why it was difficult for us since we aren't in fantastic shape. Take a lot of water and snacks, you will need breaks!

First hike and it was amazing. It wasn't over crowded. We started at about 3:00 and they had lots of places to stop and rest. It does get hot and not to much wind until you get towards the top. Bring water and enjoy the view.

As of October 2018: I recommend starting the hike from the street and just doing the out and back. The path from Manoa Falls Trail is completely overgrown at critical junctures, making navigating very difficult. We made it through the main loop finally, but we were off the trail about 70% of the time hacking through vines. Once we found the other end of the main trail we decided not to continue to the falls because it was getting late.
Next time we will enter from Waakaua St. through the gate and sign saying no trespassing*. Follow the road past a couple bridges and the abandoned house, then it turns into a trail. The trail continues on the right side of the stream.

*I suppose it is possible to do reach the falls from the Manoa Falls Trail without ever crossing private property, but the loop route recommended on All trails does cross this gate going out anyway, so I figure just be polite and no trash and go through.

Love love LOVE going down to the mermaid pools!
It’s a nice place to swim if the tide is low, don’t get in if the waves are big or if any sets are rolling in- it can be SUPER dangerous.

Super easy walk in a beautiful rain forest with views of Mt Waialeale almost the entire trail. We wanted something easy in between awa'awapuhi and alakai swamp hikes. There is a cute little waterfall at the end. The hardest part of the trail is getting over a huge eucalyptus tree that blocks the trail. Other than that, this is an easy hike for the whole family. Turn right at the picnic table to continue on to the little waterfall. The trail connects with the Moalepe trail just past the waterfall. We continued a bit further on that trail but did not see anything too different or special, so we turned around. This trail is perfect if you like forest hikes, shade, and amazing views of the wettest place on earth.

23 hours ago

This is a pretty easy, cool trail with many different sections and cool plants. The bamboo forest is really interesting to walk through. It's good to go once or twice for a quick, easy nature hike.

1 day ago

Amazing view of the west side. Love this hike. Short with some incline.

One of the best hikes on Kauai! Moderately challenging due to the incline but easy enough to complete in a couple of hours. Absolutely beautiful views of Kapaa. The hike to the picnic tables is easy enough, though can get complicated if the ground is slick (but it’s Kauai and slick hikes goes with the territory).

The hard rating is for those who hike beyond the picnic tables onto the giant’s face. There’s a sketchy section of rock climbing complicated by muddy terrain that leads up to a narrow, wind swept ledge with an incredible view. This section is definitely not for those afraid of heights, but for those who push though, one of the most rewarding and beautiful views on the south of the island await!

An astonishingly beautiful hike. The trail is mostly downhill through root-lined switchbacks, which is great on the way down, but definitely save some energy for the hike back.

The trail opens up on a wide cliff ledge with sweeping views of the canyon before continuing on to two waterfalls. The smaller of the two hides behind a rocky scramble, but the true gem of the hike is a few yards away. A short, easy scramble places you atop of Waipoo falls, with the canyon opening up far below you.

If you have a drone, definitely send it out for one of the most amazing views you will ever see.

For my first hike ever it wasn’t bad. Paved and well maintained. Not a lot of people at 1200 and parking was easy. Saw some people swimming in the pools but I was not about to do that hike. Very kid friendly!

love the hike some parts of the trail are very misleading tho, overall very nice and would do it again

It rained the day before. The trail was extremely muddy and slick. Definitely recommend having good hiking shoes for this trail just for the sake of traction. Lots of roots and big branches you have to duck underneath towards the middle of the hike. The view is amazing. We had a decent breeze. But very humid. Started off around 9 am. It was about 89 degrees when we finished. You just hit these pockets of hot air during the hike. Bring a bottle of water with you. Not sure if I’d do this one again. The view is gorgeous but I personally don’t like this much mud on my hikes. Call me dainty if ya want. Ha.

Protip: make sure to use bug spray. We sprayed before the hike and I still managed about a dozen bites. Imagine if I didn’t have any spray on.

This. Is. Tough. But totally worth it. It gets a little tricky after the road ends to find the trail but once you do the climb up is spectacular. Follow @jjbowen on insta for pics!

Beautiful trail, good workout, and very few people around. You are able to move at your pace and enjoy.

BUG SPRAY a must. #staysafetbm

I'll be in Honolulu (November 5th to November 9th )to hike stairway to heaven if anyone want to enjoy me please email me to ds_orti@aol.com

Tough hike but beautiful

great hike!

3.5 stars! Super muddy at first then leveled out and became a beautiful forest trail. Gradual uphill slope and then very uphill for almost a mile.
Beautiful diverse trees. Do it early!!!

Gorgeous colors, breathtaking views. Small black sand beach where you can take a dip, as well as areas to camp (permit required). Was a bit crowded on the beach, but the trail was great. Must see!

I’ll be in Oahu next week October 22-23 and looking to join others doing this trail and reach the top of the stairs the legal way or go with someone that has hiked it before, If somebody is planing doing it these dates please send me a message instagram: octaviocastilloa email: octaviocastillo1995@gmail.com

3 days ago

Really fun trail and has beautiful views. Went on morning hike and it was raining the entire hike up. No views on the way up. Just rain and clouds, but the hike was still fun! Very slippery b/c much of the ground is either red clay, rock or both. It can also be very muddy. The path can be both straight or winding; uphill and downhill; muddy and rocky. My downhill trek had more views because the clouds were dispersing. I almost ran back to the top, but the summit still had no visibility. Heading downhill in the wet conditions was tough. Take your time and be careful because some parts are narrow. Was able to see the waterfalls and river on my descent. Beautiful hike with benches at vista points along the way.

Tried to hike this trail but couldn’t enter due to the “no trespassing” signage as well as guard dogs who charged us when we stepped over the chain per a previous hiker’s review.

nice trail. it was tough for me not for my hubby. the falls were small but pretty. killer hill workout.

Very fun for families, and it is easy & quick enough that even young kids stay motivated. My 4 & 6 year olds had a very easy time, despite the mud.
Park at the back of the golf course and walk up the first clearing. There’s an old metal chain blocking cars from driving up the hill. This is the start of the trail...it’ll soon come to a large graffitied basin. Turn left right before you reach it, where there’s a clearing in the trees with an obvious path up. This first 10 minutes was the muddiest for us, and it’s red mud so be prepared for stained clothing.
Follow the trail thru the obvious path (marked with pink ribbon every so often, but also pretty easy), and then turn right when you reach the tree with blue markings. This point is about 5 minutes from the falls.
There’s only one point where we thought we may have gone the wrong way, but you just need to duck down theu the tree branches and walk over a sort of rock wall. It’ll open again within about 20 seconds.
The falls are awesome! We went the day after a rainstorm, so the water was really going. It’s fresh water and is safe to play in! There’s a shallow pool right at the base of the falls that’s perfect for kids and adults alike. There’s even a large rock right in the middle that’s perfect for sitting for a snack or a photo op!
My kids easily tolerated going barefoot in the pool. The water flows pretty hard, so watch young kids with getting under the fall. There are also some easy spots to climb up the surrounding rock walls.
Overall, a very family friendly hike with a cool payoff! Especially good for young kids or people not accustomed to the more strenuous paths.

The permit is for the Waikane-Schofield Trail where you have to start at the same point behind the water towers. You dont need a permit to hike Wahiawa Hills as you dont cross military land.

Yes there is a sign ‘Area Closed’ immediately after the rockwall at the start.

3 days ago

Try Kalauao Falls hike or Aiea Ridge Trail if you want something more challenging. The Aiea Ridge Trail has some scenic point along the way.

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