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Not an ounce of shade on this trail but worth it for a great view of the ocean and coast! Easy and paved!

Stunning views! Be prepared to endure the heat along this very scenic shoreline hike, because there is little of no shade. As you walk through the Ka’ena Point Area National Reserve beyond the stretch of sand dunes with birds nesting, you may encounter seals resting in one of the many shoreline pools. Besides packing a sufficient amount of water and a snack or two, you also may want to bring along your swimsuit, as you may need to cool off in one yourself before you head back. Easy hike if you can endure the heat.

18 hours ago

The trail is long, but not too strenuous. There are some steep areas but the view at the top is beautiful and so worth it.

20 hours ago

Be aware of the trail conditions before hiking down. It gets muddy and very slippery. Also pay attention to the surf. Rogue waves can sweep people out to sea at any time. It is a great spot to watch the sunset, but you have back up the trail in the dark, so be prepared.

the hike isn't hard but the rating hard for me comes from the arch itself.

I would I say I'm a pretty good hiker and have hiked way dangerous ones than this one but don't under estimate the arch. If you go up the arch go back down the same way you came up and then use the trail on the right to go under the arch(there is one on the left I heard about but didn't see it ) I saw that there was a little edge area on the right near the top that could access the trail under the arch DONT go this way, I tried to jump from here needless to say lost my footing and got scratched up quite a bit from the fall. It was pretty sketchy because of the incline and the loose rocks on the trail below. Please head my advice and use the trail to the right .

otherwise great little hike and experience

Beautiful views!! Paved road the entire way, it’s exposed so it will be hot to walk on during the middle of the day.

Pretty easy hike. It can get humid so definitely bring lots of water and bug repellent. It can be get muddy in certain areas.

off road driving
1 day ago

My husband and I took our rental Jeep out to the green sand beach. It was the last day of our honeymoon and I have to say it was my favorite part of the trip! We didn’t hike the trail but we highly recommend you get a vehicle with 4WD and drive out there. Beware - it’s a BUMPY ride! But so worth it. The whole drive is along the coastline and is absolutely gorgeous. When you get to the beach itself you will be amazed. There are beautiful cliffs and you can go in the very warm water. Give yourself at least a half day so you have time to get there and back and to really enjoy the beach and go in the water. Honestly so beautiful and a spectacular memory that I will hold near and dear to me!

One of our favorite memories from Kauai! You hike to a beautiful coastline with a waterfall and then continue along the coastline to a beautiful natural swimming pool formed by the tide.

FYI: there are only about 8 parking spots at the trailhead. You can choose to wait in a line of cars waiting for your turn at the next open spot, or park far away and walk in. There is no parking on the street in the surrounding residential area.

Also we went after it rained and the trail was extremely muddy and slippery. Definitely wear good hiking shoes or water shoes, and be prepared to get your car filthy afterwards unless you brought something to wash off all the mud- there is no shower to wash off. As a result of the slipperiness, I wouldn’t recommend it for young children or elderly people (I actually fell on our hike!).

Also wear a swimsuit if you want to get in the bath!

Do it! It was so worth it and a great memory!!

Not many people there and it’s a beautiful hike to a beautiful coastline and beach! Be prepared for it to rain on and off and wear good shoes!

A nice and easy walk with an amazing view!

A little steep to go down because of the mud, but it is a really nice beach. There is not a lot of people!

What an amazing beach! The hike is steep and muddy but it is really short! It’s more an easy-moderate hike!

Amazing kayak and hike! What a great experience! Amazing views and a good workout too!

Must go spot! The views from the trail are amazing. The path down to the blowhole is very rocky and you definitely need good shoes. The views from the bottom are even more spectacular. When we went, the blowhole was not that impressive, but it is dependent on the tides.

Love this trail. Especially when it’s cloudy. Kid friendly

The hole was cool to see. It’s Not really a hike, my wife crossed the rocks in her flip flops without much trouble. It’s worthwhile to take the short walk to see the hole close up, but don’t get too close, you may end up swimming with the dolphins!!!

Not a hike, more of a running/biking trail.

3 days ago

Fun short hike from the Princeville/Makai golf course area out to the “Queens Bath” cliffs and tide pools. Went on a sunny day and it was still pretty wet, muddy and slippery in the shady parts on the trail. I recommend wearing a bathing suit or bottoms and a top that can get wet/muddy and either plan to hike barefoot or bring sturdy water shoes or hiking boots. We hiked barefoot for lack of planning and I wouldn’t recommend it, especially down on the rocks around the tide pools. Plan on using your hands when hiking as there are some big steps at some points and much of the hike involves stepping over and between tree roots.

At the bottom of the hike you’ll find the tide pools, get a great view of the coast, watch turtles swim around and people jump off the rocks into the pools. If you walk past the first tide pool there are a few others where the water is calm and in the summer the waves crash hard enough to add water to the pools but not sweep over the top with a lot of force. Judging by the height of the location I’m guessing that it’s less accessible in the winter months when the surf and weather is much stronger.

It took us about 20 minutes to hike in (all downhill) and another 30-45 out. It is a heavily trafficked hike and parking could potentially be the biggest headache. There are only 20ish spots next to the trail head and no parking on the surrounding neighborhood streets. I highly recommend this short hike and swimming in the tide pools. Kids can do this, we saw plenty on the trail.

Pretty views! Go early to avoid the hot sun and to grab a parking spot in the parking lot. I suggest sunrise because it is quite beautiful as the sun peaks over the lighthouse! Mostly uphill, but completely paved. Good workout first thing in the morning!

on Olivine Pools Trail

4 days ago

One of my favorite hikes on Oahu. If you haven’t done it yet, be smarter and take advice from everyone here by not doing the whole loop. It’s just not worth it because you spend more than 2 hours in bushes with mud till your ankles and some places even till your knee, scratch all your legs and the worst part, that you don’t see any view since the bushes is so high up.
Just start as a crouching lion hike. Hike as far as you can see a nice view and since you feel it it’s getting too challenging and view is gone, turn back and come down the same way.
Overall, spectacular views.

We kayak to the island without rush. Left the kayak on the shore and climbed up the small but still challenging hill for a great view. Sun is strong out there so be prepared with sunblock and water. And since it’s already popular destination don’t expect for a peaceful sit back on the top off the hill or even for some good pictures. It’s just small platform and so crowded, like in a lot of places in Hawaii.
Fun activities for day with family or friends in general. The view and the nature makes it so worth it and beautiful.

Great hike! One of my lifetime favorites! Beautiful, tropical scenery, clifftop views, gorgeous beach, big waterfall with a swimming hole - amazing! We did the 8 mile round trip hike to the falls and back, and it's tough, especially because the last two miles are two of the hardest, all up and down instead of just down, like most trails on the last two miles. (funny, though, they didn't seem so hard on the way in, when I was fresh!)

Well worth the trip. Very rocky. Make sure you have good footwear.

Any update on the trail opening? Is there another way to access the trail (kayak or another trail head?) Are there other long hikes on the island that you all like? My gf and I like to hike and booked a trip in August, but it looks like our luck has run thin...

Absolutely beautiful beach without many people around. The trail is steep and muddy but it's short and there's ropes to grab onto. Wear hiking sandals and you should be good to go!

Beautiful views at the bath and a pretty waterfall on the way down. The hike is absolutely worth it, but I underestimated it with the short distance and moderate rating. I mistakenly thought flip flops would work since it's only about a half mile trek but hiking sandals would be ideal. It was so extremely muddy, I ended up going barefoot. If you can find a hiking stick I think it would be very helpful as it was slick and hard to find traction on the way down. There was also several people around which complicated things further. If it has recently rained, expect to come back with mud covered legs.

While it's a short hike, it is a challenge. getting up to the ridge takes some navigating. We started up the top of the arch decided against it. The gravel up the right side was super slick. Don't trust any rock not to come loose. Test handholds and footholds. All that said, it was one of the coolest hikes on the island! Views were breathtaking!

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