Photos of Ahuimanu Trails


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6 days ago

It took me two hours in and an hour back. Moderate level. I wouldnt take young or very old since some steep incline, dropoffs at the end, and stream crossings. Always bring at least water and wear bugspray. But short and sweet. I also spent time taking photos. Gps leads to trailhead in a little field between houses. There was a little memorial at the trailhead. I didnt realize until after I came back out that it was for our famous local spiderman. RIL. The trail started off decent it's a little odd seeing houses both sides of a trail. They disappear a quarter down the trail. There were about 3 small trees that have fallen on the trail so had to manuever around them. After crossing a stream the path splits. I took the left following the map. I had slight showers about 3 times but the waterfall and streambed were still dry at the end. Still looked nice. I imagine that it would have to be flashflood weather for it to be flowing. I got some cool photos and I like to see each trail for myself so it was worth it to me.