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It’s closed for now according to locals

18 hours ago

Stunning hike along the ridge line - keep heading right to the end (past the first ‘picnic’ spot) for the best view along the coast.

Awesome trial, but VERY muddy and slippery. I recommend hiking shoes with good traction (I wore merrels and was sturdy). I do not recommend sandles or flip flops. if you are not surefooted this is not the hike for you, know your limits, we went with some very inexperienced hikers and it was quite difficult for them. Otherwise the trail was beautiful, the views breath taking and the waterfall worth it. I definitely recommend jumping off into the pool below, if you are afraid of heights jump off one of the lower areas. Enjoy!

21 hours ago

Slightly slippery to get down to the water, but the walk along the rocky shoreline is easy with good footwear. Beautiful way to watch the waves crash along the shore and fun to see the Queens Bath (while we didn’t swim in it, it looked safe enough during low tide.)

Awesome hike...would I do it again? Probably not.

We started out from the Makapuu parking lot where people park to hike Makapuu trail. As I parked I noticed a police officer sitting in a SUV in the Makapuu Lookout parking lot. They were parked as we ascended the trail and were still there when we returned but did not say anything to us. The trail is as described in others reviews. Follow the fence up the hill. A short way up there is a gate in the fence go through it and follow up. You will see the trail from here. The first 15 minutes were ascending, If you are not used to a steep incline you may find it tiring. The biggest challenge we found with the trail was it is over grown because of all the rain we had lately. In some areas it was totally over grown and was difficult to follow but thanks to GPS on Alltrails we were able to stay on track. It was not too difficult as the trail follows the ridge. It took us approximately 1 hour and 15 or 20 minutes to reach the Puka. It was immediately after we went down the ridge and back up again. This is as far as we went. The ocean views are outstanding. We live in the islands and believe these are some of the most beautiful views there are. I would recommend wearing leg coverings on this hike. There is a lot of brush you will pass through and some of it is thorny. Bring lots of water, there is little cover and lots of sun on this trail.

Great hike! And yes is was a bit muddy and slippery but unlike the previous review, (I hike it the same day) it was completely manageable. Quite honestly, the trail is probably always wet in certain parts. The interior was beautifully thick and lush and the bird songs were amazing. We too, saw a barefooted local who shared with us a handful of strawberry quavas she picked along hike. The approach to the summit was actually easier and footing better due to exposed solid rock. The views at the summit were breathtaking and rewarding and If you explore, you will find several keyholes in the rock. Yep, trekking poles would have been nice but light hiking shoes are all you need.

1 day ago

Beautiful ‘jungle’ hike along an old logging road, which makes for a good trail. Muddy and slippery at parts but easily handled; your shoes will get covered in mud though! Giant trees, beautiful views and a wonderful view of the higher ridges in the distance all make this very worthwhile.

There is a downed tree near the start of the trail, but you can scramble over it fairly easily.

Beautiful short and steep hike with amazing views! The rain was a tad bit muddy, lightly rained the day before, which made climbing up/down a little more difficult! I would classify this trail as a scramble, with use of hands and provided ropes. Parking is just past the trailhead on the other side of the road (make sure no valuables are left in the car!)! The trailhead can be found by looking for the ‘Do not enter’ signs! The trail is marked sparingly with orange ribbons tied on trees.

Parking available right off the highway. Follow the dirt/gravel road until it veers into the bamboo. Not a very difficult trail but when my husband and I went it was a mud river! I wore water shoes with decent traction and it was perfect, his hiking boots got completely destroyed and had to be thrown out after! Once you clear the bamboo you will follow the stream, crossing a few times, and walking up and over rocks (only real elevation gain on trail). The falls are absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth all the mud! I am 6 months pregnant and completed the trail very easily, and we passed families with children as young as 6 yrs old that didn’t have a problem! Highly recommend!

1 day ago

Absolutely amazing views make for some pretty impressive photos! My husband and I completed the hike on a sunny, dry, yet windy day (I would NOT recommend this hike after a day of rain)! I would consider the trail a scramble, with use of hands and provided ropes. Not for the faint of heart or those who are scared of heights! I’m 6 months pregnant and did not have a problem conquering this trail, just make sure to wear good shoes! Go for it, the views are worth it!!

Trail entrance in near bus parking area, through the bamboo!

Great Views.trail is always packed so recommend to start in the morning. We walked all the way up, starting at Honolulu zoo, so you don‘t have to pay for parking nor worry about getting a parking spot. It‘s an easy trail. But stay hydrated.

The beginning is really muddy, once you are at the bottom at seashore its full of lava rocks which. The queen's bath is worth the hike, just becareful with the waves.

1 day ago

Closed at the moment due to the severe flood of 04/15. it will take months till it will be reopened.

1 day ago

Did this trail 2 years ago. Well worth. View at the end is amazing. Strenuous to walk up again. One should wear hiking boots and poles for sure. We also experienced the trail muddy and slippery. I would recommend it only to good hikers. Compared to the canyon trail which is also rated moderate, this trail is really moderate to hard.

Great trail. Great view. Well worth the walk. Pack sunscreen. We really enjoyed that walk/hike. Walk til the end to the beach.

Did the hike today. Moderate Trail. Can be slippery and muddy. View into the canyon is great, standing on top of the waterfalls also. Trail is very highly trafficked. We started at the lookout. Trail was disappointing compared to other trails on the island.

Love the drive having completed it several times since moving here. The Tantalus Mts were an added treat, plan for curvy roads. If you're only driving this time, come back to the Moks and kayak to the islands from Lanikai beach.

Great trail! Lots of mud. Gets tough at the end, but worth it with the 360 view of the mountains!

Excellent trail, just the right amount of scenery and exercise.


When it rains, the farm that manages trail limits public use but allows paid visitors who are part of a tour through. Lots and lots of tourist - so if you’re looking for a nature hike go elsewhere. If you’re just breezing through, this is a nice stopover

1 day ago

Nice trail with a really interesting change of foliage as you go along. It was kind of rainy and the trail was super muddy and slippery. Still doable, but wish I had brought old shoes instead! There are a lot of trails in this system- lots of great options!

The route was good just got muddy at some points and kids needed assistance

Trailhead was easy to find. The first .5 mile a flat walk walk, then it starts climbing a fairly step grade. It was a good work out, but I’d couldn’t see much. Did I mention it poured on me from mile marker 1.5 to the top and all the way back. I’d still give it four stars.

Just went today and even in the rain it was amazing!

really interested in finding a group to do this with, I'll be in Honolulu from 5/3-5/8. Instagram is 05mada05

Beautiful walk to the falls. It's $16 for adults to enter and it's a very easy walk on paved path to falls.

We had a 10 yr old and a 73 yr old with us. The forest was amazing. Granted it was my first hike! But we loved it. Easy, so we did it twice

As everyone else has noted, it is so muddy, but so much fun. Even though it was hot, I made sure to wear a water resistant long sleeve layer to fend off mosquitoes as they are everywhere! This hike is technical, so bring some trail running shoes or hiking shoes with some sort of rubber grippy part on the bottom. You will get muddy and wet, so maybe step into some mud to start your hike off right!

Be sure to bring a change of clothes if you choose to jump in the swimming hole :) If you want to take pictures of the waterfall, I recommend bringing a wide angle or fish eye lens to really capture it!

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