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there are more bike trails than walking but I have fully explored all but two which are bike only paths. tons of great views and easy to navigate. my favorite park so far

Such a great ride and well marked

trail running
19 days ago

I enjoy hiking and running these trails. If you get to know the traffic and when you can best avoid heavy biking times, it’s a great hike. My dog loves the access to water and swimming at multiple points. There are several trails - the best for hiking is mosquito flats + mosquito bite. When running, I enjoy Dwellers Loop (if I can get there early enough to avoid bike traffic.) It’s a difficult run for some that may not be used to trail running so be cautious. Also, tons of deer can be seen on these trails! If you enjoy photography, you can really get some great shots.

Great if you are a mountain bike not so much for hikers

mountain biking
30 days ago

One of the best beginner mountain biking trails that’s not completely flat that also has some nice and basic features.

My husband and I are hiking fans, and we probably should have guessed by the parking lot and about 100 cars with bike racks that this was a place where hoping was an afterthought. while the facilities were nice the trails were confusing with one way totes that changed based upon the day if the week. this looks like a cool place for beginners to moderate mountain bikers, but not enjoyable for hiking.

The road biking feature needs to be removed from this park. No paved trails…

It was a nice area to hike. You just have to share the rials to the bikes who have the right of way. I went mid morning on a Monday so it wasn’t bad from a traffic perspective. It says in the description CW some days and CCW the others . I think that is actually for the bikers which is the primary intent of these trails. The rules are hikers and walkers go opposite direction of bikes. I did not but definitely next time. So if you go se which way the bikes are headed and select the opposite part of that same loop.

Lots of up/downs & windy trails. Probably really fun for mountain biking

2 months ago

Awesome trails. Got lost and ended up on the bike trail for that day, whoops.

nice walking trail once you cross the bridge and turn right. didn't run into any bikers

We had to read signs carefully and dodge bikers throughout, but it was a nice hike. Even took a cut through to spend a few moments by the lake. Lots of places to rest with benches. Very up and down, like a roller coaster.

This is a mountain bike trail - so bikes should be respected at all times, and pedestrian traffic should be in the opposite direction. This is well marked at the start of the trailhead. That said, your best bet for hiking or trail running is very early or late in the day, so that you are not in the bikers way (because, after all, this is a biking trail first and foremost).

Great single track trail with a good variety of obstacles. Green, Blue, and Red sections loop - so you can add more distance to the walk as desired. Nothing really scenic - just a walk in the woods.

Skip this trail if you want to go hiking in the woods. The only walking trails are really paved beside the river. Once you’re in the woods, it’s a constant barrage of mountain bikes speeding toward you and then getting upset if you don’t see them in time.

Nice and very scenic. Loved this park! Will be back soon!

I enjoy the trails. Walkers need to be mindful of those on bikes. The scenery is heavenly.

Well maintained by SORBA. Diverse terrain of deciduous and pine trees, rises and falls, straightaways and switchbacks. Must stay alert for bikes AND roots/rocks. Avalanche loop 1 & 2 take you above the Little River at a dam and another white water spot. You can hear I-575 traffic, especially in winter. Avalanche loop 3 escapes car noise.

very co did I g with bikers

It's ok - trails need work and you have to dodge bikes that you often don't see in time

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Trails seemed geared towards mountain biking rather Rahman hiking. It's pretty easy to get lost as well.

Lots of biking trails but the walking trail is really short.

mountain biking
Saturday, July 15, 2017

There was only 1 walking trail! There was a lot of mountain bike trails, so you can't walk on the trails or you will get runned over by a mountain biker! It was only a 10 minute walk there and back on the walking trail! There were tons of people canoeing in the lake! So I would recommend that!

very crowded on the trails for walking.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Unfortunately we were caught in a pop up rain storm, but we'll try again!

Very scenic

trail running
Saturday, May 20, 2017

Love it. Lots of ways to stop and take in the scenery and you can bring your dog!

mountain biking
Sunday, May 14, 2017

I rode the trail for the first time. A lot of fun. The trail flowed perfect. It rained a few hours before I got there and was very muddy but that just added to the fun. Can't wait to return.

trail running
Thursday, May 11, 2017

Very nice trails, think it would be perfect for biking. Only drawback for trail running is that some trails are forbidden to runners, and obviously dodging bike traffic is tedious.

Great little park. Lots of places to swim, bike, hike or hang a hammock. A popular launch spot for kayaks too. Parking is really limited, so you might have trouble finding a spot on the weekends, but there's an overflow lot that's not too far of a walk. I find if I come here closer to dusk I need to wear bug spray, which is my only real complaint. There's lots of pools of standing water along the trail we generally walk, which just breeds mosquitoes. I get eaten alive here if I'm not prepared.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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