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1 day ago

My son is named after this place ... will always be my serenity ...

Love this short trail. Rarely see anyone. Good climbing. Good downhill. Not well marked. Nice river views. Picnic table at the top. Boardwalk first half mile. Hike or trail run

Like others have said, the rocks on the red trail can be tricky. Almost more like bouldering. I did take my dog and she loved it, so it is possible with dogs. Taking the white trail back avoids having to go back over the rocks and trades distance for the more rugged parts of the red trail.

Stunningly beautiful. Lots of different trails to follow

Nice hike , haven’t hiked for about a year and it wasn’t bad.

Good hike love the water fall at the end

Great time with my brother! The driving path was closed about a half mile from the start of the hike so we parked at the sign and hiked, finding downed trees and giant puddles in the driving path so definitely heed the warning if you see the sign. There was a small brook where we could fill our bottles too. It was an awesome experience and would definitely recommend.
Here’s a video of our trip.

Selected this trail since it had waterfalls and was the shortest looking trail on the map as we passed through. Did not consult AllTrails... lady at visitor center said “you know it’s 1200 steps?” And I said to myself ...”is that a lot? I can do 12k steps in a shift at work”...
What I didn’t hear was STAIRSTEPS. Lots and lots. Thank goodness for all the little landings to wait for my heart to slow back down. Well worth the journey, though!
And I agree re dogs and the grated steps... ours would not have made it very far had we brought him.

Hiking, Beautiful place. Waterfall.

It was a good hike , got my legs burning

3 days ago

Good trail for a fast easy workout.

Great trail to day hike. The first 3 miles(including the steps) was the most strenuous part. I left from Amicalola Falls State Part at 8:30, peaked Springer right at noon and hiked all the way back by 3:30. Distance according to my Apple Watch was 17.3 round trip. Not any views along the trail other than the falls at amicalola and top of springer. Very well beaten path that can be easily hiked as long as you can handle the distance.

GPS will take you to an entrance for the hike that'll take you about an hour to get to the tower. I wouldn't say it's hard but definitely a work out. The view is beautiful, the clouds are right in your face. Other pluses; camping is free and the drive up in nice.

Poorly marked trailhead. Went about .3 mile to dead end / gravel road after following trail under power lines. Gave up and went to Amicalola Falls. Do not recommend this “trail”.

Like to hike up above the falls and rappel.

Nice long trail - road. Have to travel a bit from the west side of the mountain to hit any real rocks but did take the Rig through some dips. Best part is towards the summit where some serious 4x4 is needed to over take some nasty rocks and then down the other side but too bad most of the time this part of the trail is closed it seems. There is a cool rock hut turn around before the nasty stuff.

Okay so here we go I will try to be quick. We did this trail today January 11th 2019. Many people say they are hiking this trail and they are actually only doing a small portion of it. We parked on Hale Ridge Road which has parking for about 3 cars. The first mile is okay and then it was horrid with downed trees everywhere. Do NOT take anyone inexperienced on this trail right now. Go to one of the more popular starts which are shorter hikes and the trails are clear to the top. This would be an amazing hike minus all the storm debris and we were still happy with the day but I see so many people posting it’s a great hike and look at the mileage and it’s not the true 9 miles. Anyhow be aware that for a while this is twice the hike it normally is and a bit sketchy at times due to the blow down.

Nice hike and worth the effort. Not terribly difficult but challenging at times. The views were great since it was a clear day.

Went here and I was blown away by the power that the falls have on you when you see them in person. The stairs are a challenge but they are worth it!

This is a long one but the waterfall at the end is well worth it. I would stay away from this trail in the hotter months if you get overwhelmed easily. Definitely pack a snack and don't underestimate this one!

This is a trail that I think anyone can enjoy. I would highly suggest going in the cooler months due to the fact that the trail length can start to get to you if you aren't in the best shape. Overall the nature that will be surrounding you is some of the best in Georgia and I would highly recommend this trail to anyone seeking a good fun workout.

This trail has always been one of my favorites. If you need some kind of reward to get out and go hiking this trail is for you. The waterfalls that you can observe at this park are some of the best in the state. The fact that you can camp at Cloudland makes things even better. If you aren't in the best shape then fear not. The stairs in and out of the canyon are filled with rest stops and places to sit and rest while you enjoy they scenery.

Quick and easy trail.

Walked down the trail then up the steps, both had amazing views!

Great trail along the river!

Loved this hike!

on Amicalola River Trail

6 days ago

Great trail that starts by the river on a boardwalk bordered by beautiful hemlocks. Be Careful though!! Some planks are missing from fallen trees that broke through. Boardwalk ends at small falls and blue blazes mark the Interpretive Trailhead. The trail is well-marked and easy to follow. There are a few moderate elevation gains but most of trail should be rated easy. A little under a mile is actually true hiking trail that goes through woodland bottoms and ridge lines that have nicely flowing springs. It ends as you summit a small hill. There is a nice little picnic area with a memorial stone. Mount Oglethorpe and Potts Mountain can be seen when canopy has fallen late fall thru early spring. The trail turns to gravel from this point on until about 500 feet when you reach the boardwalk. After the small hill, there is another cleared summit, from here with no leaves on hardwoods, you can see several peaks including Black Mountain, Springer Mtn, et al. The woods trail picks up again on the descent to the boardwalk and then it back to the parking lot. Very enjoyable and just the right length for a short hike with kids or dog.

If you can’t do stairs, don’t do it. My dog had no problem getting down the stairs and she is a husky/German Shepherd mix. This isn’t my first time here but definitely do it during the winter months. I did it in June in 2016 and threw up from the heat, this time I had no problem at all. Had the falls to myself most of the time and loved it.

Did the red trail— beautiful scenery and not a lot of other hikers on the trail. It was absolutely peaceful and that’s what i love!!!

8 days ago

I had a great time hiking this trail

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