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This is a very enjoyable hike with a nice view at the end. be prepared to climb over four or more down trees which are an approximately 2 to 3 ft obstacle. other than that it's not an extremely difficult hike.

Please keep this Trail clean and tell anyone that you recommend this field to, to do the same.

Lots of shade. Trail is in rough shape- many fallen trees to go over. Took about an hour up and back with time to hangout at the top and enjoy the view. Next time we will do the three miles up three miles down road trail- although I was told part of the road has been washed out. Overall beautiful view at the top.

Love this mountain!

Definitely worth the incredible view at the top. Not sure what classifies as a difficult trail, but this one had its challenges. Probably not for the faint of heart or out of shape. Didn't take long to scramble to the top. An easy down and back for a short hike with a worthwhile reward at the top.

1 month ago

great view but do not underestimate how difficult it is. Plan on taking several breaks on the way up. I took my dog and it was way too steep for him, too. We made it and it was well worth the effort but I think it's pretty tough even with a short distance.

Wide gravel road all the way from the road to the radio towers on top. Much litter and trash steadily piling up, but look past that to the forest and the rocks and the vistas. The overgrown house beneath the power lines marks where the road starts climbing steeply up Currahee. Lots of unimaginative graffiti at the top (compare with the School Bus Graveyard on 365), and the high frequency sounds near the towers might bleed into your meditation time while enjoying eastern horizon gazing. The western side of the mountain has anchors for rappelling and nooks for climbing. Combine the Sink Trail with the Currahee trail on the southeastern side and you have a nice workout.

2 months ago

Good trail and nice for July 4. Two other people on the trail. It says 1.3 miles but don’t be deceived; I had 5.9k steps.

The trail is closed and inaccessible due to lack of maintenance. I'm sure it used to be beautiful, but don't waste a trip for a hike. Toccoa Falls are beautiful though.

5 months ago

Pretty decent trail! Smooth trail with steady elevation gain. You can drive to the top if some members of your group aren't able to walk up. Lots of graffiti'd rock at the top and even another small trail up to the little lookout.

5 months ago

From the parking lot of Toccoa Falls.
Find the brown building off by itself. Walk behind it and follow the river. You will walk quite a ways and end at a dirt road. Turn left on the dirt road and then a right on the next dirt road that is only 50 yards or so away. Continue down that dirt road another 500 yards, and you will see some rocks piled up. If you aren’t paying attention, you will miss it. Turn right at the rocks.

5 months ago

great simple hike or you can drive up when the gate isn't up.

Not much shade for walking, and fairly steep the whole way. Honestly more of a horse trail than anything, so really not all that great for hiking.

6 months ago

Views are amazing. Just try not to fall. Won’t be doing much hiking afterwards.

6 months ago

A nice 5.5 mile loop on the Leatherwood. The advertised 6.6 is not accurate due to trail maintenance and rerouting. Great hike for dogs during the week. Only other sighting of people was two horseback riders on the way out

7 months ago

This is the trail from the Band of Brothers miniseries. Check out the museum at the old train depot while you’re in town

7 months ago

Great short hike with a fast elevation gain. Plenty of exposed rock and wandering paths near the top. Nice views for such a quick hike.

8 months ago

Enjoyed hiking in reverse this time up to the top of Curahee Mountain for we had previously hiked down this trail after driving to the top several years ago. Today we had some fun scrambling over quite a few downed trees that were over the trail. We enjoyed many beautiful views from several rock out croppings both at the top & along the way. Even though there is alot of grafitti on the rocks, we still love the view & the only markings we appreciated were the pink arrows marking the trail. Nice day to gain some 700+ feet of elevation in less than 1 mile, while out enjoy a sunny winter day.

9 months ago

horseback riding
10 months ago

We ride here quite often and enjoy it. There is minimal traffic and is very conducive for horses.

10 months ago

pretty solid trail. the view is great! although, there's a cell phone tower at the top of the mountain so you can drive the top if you want to. There's a lot of spray paint on the rock where the view is off of and surrounding trees, but none of it is art. All just names and high school love bs. on the trail itself, there is a number of downed trees but nothing insurmountable or dangerous. the trail head itself is just a gravel cutoff from the highway. There's a yellow gate that blocks the gravel road leading to the old trailhead. technically, this trail is closed for good, but it's still very doable even though unmaintained.

horseback riding
11 months ago

Since Irma Hurricane there are several big trees down on Frady Branch Trail had to turn around and double back

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Moderate-level hike up the mountain, the view is worth the climb!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The directions on the previous reviews were very helpful. Trail is pretty well maintained, some down trees but still very easily to navigate. Did this trail with my dad who is 57 and not in fantastic shape. He did it pretty easily with only a few stops. Fantastic view for such a short hike!

scenic driving
Sunday, August 13, 2017

Also known as Currahee Mountain Road. As some others have stated, it's a wide dirt/gravel road. If you just want to see the view I suggest driving up. If you want a more nature filled hike I'd suggest the Currahee trail. My group hiked Currahee Trail and then drove up this for its historic nature. This trail is historically significant given its ties to WWII and the 506th Paratroopers. Driving up does give an appreciation to what the troops did in their training.

There are great views on either side of the summit, but the top is taken up by cell towers that are fenced off. To get to the graffiti rock overlook you'll need to walk by the largest tower (Currahee Mountain Observation tower on Google Maps) and there's a trail that's decently steep on the backside of that tower which leads down to it. This also happens to be where the Currahee Trail leads, but from the other side of the mountain. The view on the Col. Robert Sink Memorial Trail side is about 600 yards down the road from the large tower station.

I'd caution drivers, hikers, and runners alike to keep an eye out for the other since this "trail" is also traveled by motorized vehicles. This would be a great trail for exercise, especially with its steep sections at the end, but as a nature hike there are definitely better options in my opinion with one being on just the other side of the mountain.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

This trail is pretty well hidden and when we went there was no one else on the trail. It seems like a little known trail. The parking for it is just down from Mountain Sweet Honey Company, but if you blink you could miss it. The trailhead is behind a locked yellow gate (shown in pictures) and was a bit overgrown. You may feel like you're in the wrong place, you're not.

The first third of the trail is pretty wide and looks like shared access for powerlines that aren't far up the trail. Once in the clearing under the powerlines the trail continues straight ahead, but narrows considerably. It's pretty much single file from that point on. Also, if you're not used to looking for trails it could be easy to miss where it continues on.

While the first third is on a very mild incline, the rest of it is much more inclined. It's very doable for those in decent shape. My wife actually did it with our 12 lb 2 month old in a front carrier.

The last third of the trail you'll start to see some decent rocks and rock formations. When you get to the end of this trail you'll find the overlook that's covered in graffiti. While the trail does continue to the "very top" of Currahee, it's not really worth it continuing unless you're just wanting to add distance or say you did it. The very top connects with Currahee Mountain Road. There's not much to see unless you like cell towers.

The trail isn't the best maintained trail around. There were several downed trees across the trail but they were easy to get over or around. Overall it was a very enjoyable hike. Without stops for the baby we could've easily been in and out in an hour. I'd recommend this lonely trail.

trail running
Thursday, August 03, 2017

Basically a gravel road to the top. Beautiful view at the peak. A good workout but most significant in light of WWII history. Glad I did it. Makes me appreciate the soldiers doing it with full gear.

off road driving
Saturday, May 27, 2017

Awesome Jeep trail if you go off the main route every now and then. great view at the top!

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Enjoyed very much.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

great hike....nice wide road...steep sections that are very strenuous...nice panoramic view at the top...only downside is the graffiti all over the rocks :(

horseback riding
Thursday, November 24, 2016

Nicely maintained trails

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