This wasn’t really a hard trail. Super super windy when we when and there were bugs EVERYWHERE. I applied bug spray but you can just sort of expect to get bit up here. It’s not super wooded, path is wide and trees aren’t right up in you like they usually are, it feels more open. The fire tower gave a good view to eat lunch on though!!

Awesome and challenging hike. Saw a big black bear run across the trail about 39 yards or so in front of me. Got an ok video.

Nice and easy walk. Shaded at lower elevations. Nice view but nothing spectacular. Good for a quick one.

over grown
14 days ago

This is a nice short walk in the woods. At this time there are many downed trees across the trail due to recent storms—all passable safely though by climbing over or around—actually added a nice challenge. Don’t be confused when reading the other reviews talking about another close by trail called cooper creek which is a part of the yellow mountain trail. This here trail is a 1.7 miles loop—trailhead is located directly across the road from a large parking lot along the creek. The longer more difficult trails are located on the left of the road before you get to the bridge once you have driven past the campgrounds

Spoiler: there is no real view at the end of the trail, however there are a couple of overlooks with good views on the way. The trail is scenic overall but don't be too distracted by the views along the trail because some sections require attention to the trail itself as they can be rocky and slippery.

1 month ago

I enjoyed this trail because you could hear the sounds of the creek the entire time. Unfortunately for us, it looks like a major storm ripped through the area very recently. We had to climb pass several huge fallen trees off trail. Some we just climbed through the dense limbs. Half the trail is very wide and very easy to walk.

We hiked this back in February. The view was amazing and the hike is pretty solid. It’s all shaded throughout the hike. After rain it can stay pretty muddy for several days after and wet rock so plan appropriate foot wear. I had no regrets in wearing my boots. It’s very rocky and a good elevation gain. So worth the view, it’s absolutely stunning. Going on a busy day can make parking a little difficult, so plan an early trip if you go. Bathrooms are available at the head.

Easy, quick hike. Peak was pretty!

This trail is closed officially due to covid. We just tried to hike and the national forest rangers were there

Woody Gap parking lot was really crowded on Saturday, but that is because the weather was so nice. Wasn’t hard to find a campsite, though.

great hike, great views

2 months ago

Had no problem finding a parking space in the lot at Woody Gap in the early afternoon. The trail was a little muddy--and is rocky--but is well kept. The ups and downs in the trail lead you to many great views and the trees keep it cool and shady. Took our 1 year old dog and she enjoyed the small streams and waterfalls throughout the trail. Encountered few hikers along the way and some small swarming flying insects that don't appear to bite or sting.

Very nice hike, although we recorded 8 miles, also there is a portion where the app was telling me that I was off trail, don’t freak out, you still on trail, just follow the white blazes. The views are spectacular, trail is well kept and several nice camping spots.

Great hike today! We got a late start in the afternoon and it was quite windy and cool, but we were prepared. This is a good combination trail with ups and downs and in between. A couple of small running waterfalls from all of the recent rains, so it was nice to see some of it that way. We had no issue with parking and encountered a few other hikers in and out. We clocked more than the 6.9 listed at 7.3.

Great hike on this trail today, we did go about half way to Granny Top past preachers rock. The trail did became easy past preachers rock. The trail was a bit soggy, but no concern of slips. Wonderful view from Preachers Rock. Moderate rating is accurate. Heavily trafficked with about half with dogs. Parking can be full, but just wait your turn. Bathrooms are available.

This short segment of the AT is way overrated but still nice. It is so short, but probably good for people who aren't in better shape and want a decent view of the mountains. But you could do so much better.

I’m new to hiking and in average shape. The last little bit of the trail was steep but the view was well worth the small workout. Great short hike for kids who may not have the attention span for longer trips.

Went out in January rained the night night prior, temperatures in the Mid 40’s. The trails are marked well and were in great shape despite the rain 24 hours prior. Parking on both sides of the road for approval 50 cars or so. A hard site bathroom is available at the trailhead. Easy walk for 90 % the last 400 meters are a bit steep but certainly an average persons health could make it. Once at Preachers Rock your blessed with a view only an Eagle gets when soaring up high through the Valley below

Went on a rainy January day midweek and saw 4 other people. Great quick hike that’s pretty easy, but the small ascent to preachers rock can be a bit rocky, muddy and slippery in the rain. Well worth the view once you reach preachers rock. A magical place.

Awesome trail. We did this actually from Hightower Gap to Woody Gap, point to point. Mileage was a little more than 12 miles and took us about 6 hours including a few short rest breaks. Trail is very easy to follow. I enjoyed this very much and would do it again, but only during winter months. The views are so much better.

Beautiful trail and I registered 7 miles from Woody Gap to Gooch Gap and back. Very windy today especially on the mountain portions.

5 months ago

This is a nice moderately challenging trail with the best views between fall and spring. The two views provided were beautiful. I originally thought Long Creek Falls was on this section of the trail because of the pictures, but it’s much further than the 6.9 out and back indicated here.

While the trail is still reported as closed, the log bridge has been rebuilt and the trail is in passable condition. Most of it has new blazes, although I’m not sure which brain trust in the USFS thought green blazes were a good idea. (Apparently one that does not hike.) I met a few fishermen at the trailhead coming and going but otherwise Willow and I had the trail to ourselves today. I did see some fire tacks descending to the creek, but I’m not sure I would recommend this trail for a night hike just now, while I had no difficulty following the trail in daylight, between the limited field of vision provided by a headlamp, the leaf litter on the trail matching the rest of the forest and those interminable green blazes, it would be easy to wander off trail if you weren’t careful.

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