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good for time

I walk this loop 3-5 times a week primarily early in the morning when it is the least crowded. Stone Mountain is such a beautiful place if you like to run or walk. I have taken so many beautiful sun rise pictures. Just love this special place.❤️

be ready to ascend and descend some extensive trails

A completely different side of Stone Mountain Park. Get away from the crowds and enjoy the scenery. You might just forget you’re at a park.

Epic!!!! Don’t miss this incredible adventure!!!

trail running
3 months ago

It’s beautiful and very natural woods but very isolated farther in. Narrow single lane trail overgrown with tall grasses, branches, fallen debris. There are several fallen large tree trunks you’ll have to climb over and places where you have to traverse rocks. Seems like it isn’t trafficked much beyond the initial wider path front of trail areas. The trail became impossible to distinguish at one point and I got off trail and had a really tough time finding it again. There were some points closer to 78 that it felt unsafe to be alone being so isolated and on an unmarked trail deeper into the trail. Surprised the park doesn’t upkeep the trail better.

We have hiked up and down 2miles, then around the mountain on the Cherokee white trail. This weekend will be 4 weekends in a row. It has some good variety. 6.61miles total is a good morning workout. Then we head to Decatur for a Farm Burger. Makes a great Saturday.

You will love this mountain! Exhilarating and lots of amazing pictures! Don't miss the laser show and don't bring the family in the rain!


I doubt I would be paying to an entrance fee to ride my bike. Not worth it with so many other trails nearby

very beautiful trail in woods with lake / river view.

great views easy climb

very well marked trails. we started on the Cherokee trail (not too many people) and used the connection and when up the mountain and the continue with the rest of the trail 7 miles. Beautiful sceneries it will be worth it.

4 months ago

This a great trail filled with changing scenery. Staying on the white blaze to the green and to orange connector is a much easier hike as opposed to going across the mountain to complete the loop

Great place go several times a week and do the trail two times! Great place to do everyday training for thru hikes when you live in the city. Strap on your full pack and do a 10 plus mile shack down!

trail running
5 months ago

Seriously confusing system of markers and many trails are unmarked or the markers are missing or worn off. The trails are clear and maintained well. The biking and equestrian paths are moderately technical for hikers and trail runners. Beautiful scenery and you’re completely surrounded on all sides by the natural world. I will absolutely come back often but only after studying the trail system and downloading it to my phone. You could easily get lost if it gets dark. There are bathrooms at trail heads and plenty of places for photo ops.

This is a nice trail. it is well marked. You go from level to uphill to downhill. You walk over gravel, dirt, granite and roots. It intersects the walk up trail which is a nice feature. I will hike it again.

5 months ago

I parked and went up the Walk-up trail at the West entrance up the park to where it bisects Cherokee trail. Lots of folks doing the walk up to the top of Stone Mountain, but surprisingly, I did not pass very many people on the Cherokee trail at all

It was wonderful

Great hike but parts of the trail are not well-marked, so it's easy to get off-course. Because the trail is around the mountain, however, it's hard to get lost.

Great quick get away trail with diversity of terrain and river views. A little confusing . Really need better markers!

8 months ago

You start by the water then into the woods. Beautiful and easy trail to follow. Be careful with the connecting path (tagged orange.) not to difficult of a trail but worth the hike

8 months ago

Outstanding short Hike. There are lots of pretty views of Stone Mountain and the lake. The trail crosses several creeks along the way.

Great trail. Recommend going counter clockwise so the carving is at the end. Great way to end the hike.

8 months ago

Nice park to walk your dog. Depending on the crowd you can get up in the woods and let your dog off leash or not. We had a lot of exposure to the river today. It was cold but sunny.

A handful of spots where the white blazes are hard to locate, but otherwise a nice hike with Great scenery and solid exercise.

Enjoyed it very much; took grandma to this one and she was able to keep up alright. It’s not deep enough in the woods so you can still hear the noise from the other attractions.

Easy and yet invigorating; not a dull moment. They have trail markers but no signs.

Well marked by white blazes and signage. Constantly changing terrain from wide leveled trails, to roots, to exposed granite faces makes for an exciting run.

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