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Very nice hike. You stay along the lake most of the hike.

15 days ago

Nice easy flowing slightly up and down trail. Not many roots or rocks.

We followed the Yellow trail markings which is not exactly The Fort Yargo Lake Loop on AllTrails, but it's close; following the Yellow trail cuts off a small portion next to the lake. Our GPS said 6.2 miles. Easy trail, very well marked, not terribly crowded particularly on the opposite side of the lake. Very minor ups and downs. Pretty.

Good hike and beautiful views with snow still on the mountain. Hiking boots a must and walking stick would be helpful if it’s winter! BUT, do not.. repeat.. do not go down the switchbacks to the “archaeological site”. First off, most excruciating, muddy path ever. My two friends and I were dying and we are avid hikers. Second, the “archeological site” is 5 rocks that are stupid and not worth it. Supposedly has Native American carvings, and nothing amazing was seen. Stop at the peak and enjoy that! It’d recommend the hike up to that point! If you have enough energy you can even do the 1.1 Brasstown Bald hike too.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail

lost the trail twice, but mostly our easy distraction.

Great trail by the water for a bit.

trail running
2 months ago

I tried my bet to run the whole thing but that is sort of out of the question. This trail beats you up if you are not adequately prepared. Ultra sick trail though. It's really cool how you can see the tower at the top when you are still miles from it.

piece a cake trail. got a bit lost once I hit road area but I have to rate this trail as easy...

2 months ago

While it was an amazing experience with AMAZING views, this trail is not for the faint of heart.

My friend and I decided to challenge ourselves for the start of 2018 by hiking of one the hardest hikes in North Georgia on one of the coldest day of the season. We went into the challenge with 11-12 miles in mind but somehow or another ended up tracking 15.6 miles spanning a total of 9 hours (we stopped multiple times to take pictures).

Boy, was I glad that I bought the hiking poles the day before because I don't think I could have made it all the way had I attempted the trail without. The impact on my knees were drastically reduced purely because I had support. Please bring a lot of water and snacks since the trail feels a lot longer than expected if you're hiking from Track Rock Gap Road. This is a great trail to train on if you're planning to do the Appalachian Trail.

Great views from Brasstown Bald parking lot easy if you go out one and half to two miles and back. Beyond 2 miles moderate to hard.

2 months ago

great trail. favorite.

3 months ago

Great trail in winter. Beautiful and low traffic. So much fun doing 12 miles!

3 months ago

This trail was amazing. Hiked it from the bottom (Track Rock Gap Road) to the summit of Brasstown Bald today. Five of us left at 715 am (three killer hiker kids age 8, 10, and 13, and two adults) and summit 1045 am. Stopped for about an hour and then headed back down the mountain. Back to car about 3 pm. First two miles are very stout inclines of grueling switchbacks. It was an amazing and challenging hike. We would do this one again for sure. Not for the out of shape!

Beautiful hike along a lake with many hills.

3 months ago

I attempted this trail almost 2 years ago with a 30 lb pack, and tried it again yesterday, still not making it all the way. Make no mistake, this trail is tough! Right now the views are awesome, and are worth the knee pain! Do yourself a favor, and bring trekking poles...I was glad I had mine!

Easy hike around a shallow lake. No hills to speak of. At points the trail was difficult to follow, especially when the trail hit roads or the campground.

Not a trail for the beginner. My wife, 8 yr old son and myself started at track rock gap rd. 4 hours later we make to Brasstown Bald. Gift shop and supplies at the top. We were so tired we tried to locate an Uber to take us back around to the truck.
My phone said no cars available:/ so we grabbed a few supplies and started back down the mountain.
Trip back was much faster, but killer on our knees and our thighs felt like rubber.
7 hour total trip!
I'd split this trip into a two day, hike in, camp, hike out.
There were some pretty awesome camp spots along the trail.
They should give you a t-shirt for hiking this trail:)
All in all, it was a great time!

5 months ago

Did the whole loop, and it was nice hiking, well used trail and pretty views of the lake. But this was the worst marked trail I've ever hiked. I'm a good navigator and am a very experiences hiker and I got lost twice in the campgrounds because there aren't signs at proper intervals and the trail goes in a couple circles. Also, all the maps showed "you are here" in the wrong place.

There were also several intersections of trails that had no markings or labels whatsoever, so we had to guess. Every intersection should have a label!

nice easy trail. took my 2 little dogs and they loved it!

I just loved.

great trail had a good time well beaten down wide path,nice seanery watch for exposed roots. l would definitely hike again.

Great loop for hiking. Nice scenery. Trail could be marked better - easy to get off the inner loop (7 mile hiking trail) and onto the outer loop (15 miles - bike trail)

6 months ago

Started at Trackrock Gap Road and headed east, some really tough switchbacks in the beginning and I'm a seasoned hiker. Some great views along the way and had the trail entirely to myself. Coming back was easier but going back down the switchbacks was slightly rough on the knees.

7 months ago

Hiked up from track rock gap. First 1.5 miles up was extremely tough, unrelenting steep incline. After reaching the ridge, you’ve got mountains on both sides, though views are generally obstructed due to trees. From here out, hike was moderate to difficult but definitely beautiful. We made the extra hike up to Brasstown Bald and were rewarded with clear, exceptional views. A tough hike, but well worth it!

7 months ago

After walking up to the summit of Brasstown Bald my husband dropped me off for a downhill walk to Track Rock Gap Road where he picked me up. I had the trail to my self. There are many rock outcropping and the trees and understory plants change as you drop in elevation. It is a moderately easy hike down but I could tell the reverse would be strenuous. Beautiful.

Well maintained trails with views of the lake for about 1/3 of the walk.

Hard but great!

8 months ago

Great hike! Slightly steep at times but a great workout.

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