Nicely shaded trail near Roswell...I’ve enjoyed coming here for many years now and today was just beautiful!!

Wonderful set of trails through a forest, at times next to a river. Lots of ups and downs. Definitely a bit challenging.

21 days ago

Nice flat paved trail through the woods. Took off a star because there were a lot of bikers.

Closed currently 4/26/20

Closed due to Covid19

Trail was blocked off - No sign to indicate if it was due to COVID-19. Recommend running shoes for the pavement rather than hiking boots. Lol.

A beautiful Sunday morning hike for me. You can bike or walk these trails. I got out early so there was about 3 other people on the trails before 9 and a few others mainly bikes after 9. There are a variety of trails with signage as you pass each area and the trails intersect. I missed about two loops so I walked about 4.5 miles which took me about 2 hours. There were plenty of shade from the trees and it was cool out since I started in the early morning. The trails were very woody not much scenic areas. However, it’s a great moderate walk if you walk or bike all the trails at one time.

Temporarily closed as of March 31, 2020

2 months ago

Wonderful paved walk. Lots of boardwalks and nature.

A really good, long trail for bikers and hikers alike. I took all 3 routes which range from easy to medium to hard. I would say this classification is more for bikers, but I found myself sweating at the end of the most difficult route. Hikers - be ready to move aside several times for bikers. The scenery is really great but there is the occasional muddy trail. Overall a great hike for 1, maybe 2 people but I do not recommend in groups (trails size is small and lots of people).

2 months ago

Good trail running. But BEWARE!! Many dogs off leash!!

Good trail for dogs and kids. We spent a couple hours here exploring.

Really wouldn't call it moderate. Not really a trail--packed , wide path. Enjoyed it tho.

not all moderate. Easy and paved. flooding caused large parts to be closed, so check before you come. very pretty setting.

Thunderstorm with many lightning strikes. We move through the trail quickly

4 months ago

BEWARE OF DANGER! If you venture more than the 1.4 miles marked in the linked you trail, you may regret it. The 3.7 mile loop I did was NOT EASY! Very very very narrow trail for a lot of it - and in addition to that it’s filled with with rocks, steep incline/descent, roots, etc. I had trek poles and was still very uncomfortable for much of it. At one point the path is almost non-existent over a drop off steep hill into the water. I was not happy! If you aren’t a confident experienced hiker, avoid the longer trail completely! Parking fee is $5 cash.

4 months ago

NOT AN EASY TRAIL!!!!!! Much of the trail is very narrow, uneven and even dangerous in spots. I had trek poles and was nervous for much of it. It’s beautiful, but unless you are very confident hiker I don’t recommend it. Parking is $5.

Well manicured, light/moderate challenge. Lots of road noise in parts. Easy dog trail.

6 months ago

Flat, wide concrete trail. Lots of bikes. Really a lovely trail, in beautiful surroundings. I agree with a couple of other reviewers - it’s not a “moderate” trail.

4 laps around blue trail

great rigorous short trail, definitely everything except level, lol.

The majority of this 5 mile loop is for bikes. The walking trail is significantly short at less than 2 miles.

Fairly easy trail, do recommend at least tennis shoes.

I walk this trail 2-3 times per week. Its actually 2.25 mi with another .25mi if you walk around the small pond (I wouldn’t really call it a lake). I’m 68 yrs old and would classify this trail as quite easy. I figure that if a mom can push a baby carriage completely around the trail, that it must be easy, rather than moderate. There is nothing particularly interesting on this trail. I’d probably rate this a 3.5, but since its close to my home I’ll bump it to 4.

Brisk walk with small amounts of jogging up the inclines. High heart rate upon completion

Hard to call this hike intermediate. Even on a hot day the 2-2.5 mile trail (depending on the route you choose) is pretty easy. it can be a little noisy near the road, but once you get back into the trees it is very peaceful. Well maintained as well. Good for any age or experience level.

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