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create a bike only-pedestrian only lane for safer riding and walking.

Nice, short trail with water views. Perfect trail for kids.

trail running
23 days ago

Well maintained paved paths and boardwalks for a longer run or tempo run. Enough turns and elevation change to keep it interesting. Clear mile markers and signage for the greenway keep you going in the right direction. If you’re looking for additional mileage, add on the Ivy Creek Greenway (a left up a wooden walkway around mile 3.3) which is more heavily wooded and has some pretty views.

24 days ago

Nice flat easy walk. Would be great if it was connected to the White Oak trail.

road biking
24 days ago

Can be enjoyed by biking or walking. Many different types of scenery. Best to go on a weekday

25 days ago

Beautiful scenery along the paved trail. I went on a Sunday evening with my dog and the trail had people on it every now and then. Types of people on the trail: bikers, leisure walkers, fast pace walkers, runners. Would be a great place to take a relaxed stroll with a friend or ride your bike without having to worry about traffic.

30 days ago

This is our "every night" trail, we see deer, beavers, Great Blue Herons, hawks, snakes, fish, turtles. Such a great place for an evening walk. Mostly shaded.

A fun hike, but it lacks a view and a “payoff” for the climb.

I was disappointed that you cannot access the river from this trail. The map shows the trail running right by the river, but there is such a steep dropoff and brush blocking the view that my dog could not jump in the river.

I had heard about Keown Falls and living close by, I decided I would go. The weather was picture perfect. Clear and sunny with a temp of 70 degrees. Loaded up daypack with water and snacks and packed up the dog with his harness and leash along with water, and away we went. When we got out of the car, the transformation was amazing. Gone was sounds of the city and rural area that I live in, replaced by the sounds of a small creek running and making its way over rocks. Of course, the dog had to go for a quick dip before we could hit the trail. The area out of the parking area is a little grown up, but it is summer, so it is to be expected. We crossed the small stream and we got on the main trail. I like this area because it is wide and fairly clear, so you can see if there are any snakes. We continued on the main trail and came to a resting bench, so we stopped for a moments to drink some water and have a small snack. As we got close to the falls, the trail narrowed quite a bit and was grown up, but it was still hikeable. The view, stunning and beautiful, were a welcome sight. We continue around and arrived at the falls. Nice, nice, nice. The dog wasn't too sure about the falls, but then we got in front of it and loved splashing in the pool of water. We decided to continue on around, but it was severely grownup and we backtracked and went to the overlook. At this point, we rested for about 30 minutes taking in the beauty while resting our feet and joints, then we began our return to the car. It's a nice trail and secluded enough that we did not encounter any crowds. I wish it was maintained more than it is, because it is a truly spectacular place. I will definitely go back again, probably in the fall.

1 month ago

Nicely paved walking/running path - easy to follow. Takes about 30 min walking at moderate pace one way. Plenty of parking at both ends of trail. Goes mostly through the woods and a neighborhood for a small portion. Has a picnic area, volley ball court on sand, basketball court, and small playground near the Fountain Park entrance. There is a small workout equipment area on the other end. A peaceful, super easy daily or weekly trail that I wouldn’t consider hard/scenic enough to be hiking or long enough for biking.

road biking
1 month ago

This is my "go-to" trail during the weekday. Very accessible if you live in the Kennesaw vicinity without having to travel too far to the mountain bike trails. The trail is decent fun plus enough elevations for a workout. No dirt paths. Pretty much paved trail.
The big negative of this trail is the how it crosses busy roads. You must be super attentive, careful and safe. I've biked this trail several times and know all the tricky intersections but I don't feel comfortable riding with my kid on the full length of the trail cos of the busy traffic points. Lots of hikers and joggers but there is plenty of space for everyone.

on Yellow and Orange Loop Trail

1 month ago

Was definitely disappointed. Anticipated an easy to moderate trail run, a mile and a half loop a couple times, only to find out what somebody had considered “trails’ was really a paved walkway that looping around some fields. Not what I expected. Trails aren’t paved. Other than that, okay.

If there are some trails there, please let me know. Didn’t see any.

Really enjoyed my walk here. Beautiful scenery. Lots of people but still quiet enough. Loved it!

on High Falls Trail

1 month ago

Heavily used trail with great views of the falls.

The rock outcropping offers a beautiful view and multiple flora can be seen thought this nature lovers trail.

Flat easy trail for first 2 miles, then there are more hills, climbing, and creek crossings. This is listed as a loop trail but we hiked 5.5 miles then the trail ends and sign says turn around so our hike was 11 miles - a little unexpected. Nothing that interesting after about 4 miles, so just turn around there if you are truly looking to just do 8-8.5 miles.

This is a beautiful trail. Approach from Keown falls for the best up/in down/out route. Cap off your water if needed from the stream above the falls, and be sure to filter. The trail IS NOT well blazed once you pass the falls and get to the John's mountain loop. It's also very grow over right now in late June, so anyone who wants to bring some loppers or a machete can help everyone by cutting back the trail overgrowth. Go in the morning, as afternoon storms make the trail very slippery. There is NO water past the waterfall, so in June I carry about 2 liters.

love this trail for long runs when I'm in town. friendly runner and cyclist all along.

The Falls that cascade over the boulders are beautiful! The trail is very easy. I’ll go again!

moved up this way from Decatur and am very impressed with Gwinnett County and the trail system!

Great easy trail. A little hiking on the wildlife trail. I came across two Doe a deer, a female deer ... you know the rest

Beautiful trail and easy to walk. The trees provide enough shade on a warm Georgia day.

Great trail! Beautiful views!

Beautiful walk and a wonderful place to spend a day around Atlanta.

Basic trials, lots of rules, dogs loved it though. Found some cool looking mushrooms. It was alright.

Part of trail is closed until August 15 2018.

road biking
2 months ago


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