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on Hemlock Falls Trail

4 hours ago

Beautiful, easy hike! My Labrador loved it too!

Variety of fun on this trail! My only complaints are: 1) the amount of traffic in beginning (starting from Visitor Center side); and 2) it was slightly confusing as to which way the trail led at the top of the mountain. We found out way with the help of another hiker. Other than that, this trail was packed with elevation climbs, beautiful views of the distant city, and awesome rock formations. As a hiking rookie, I would call this is a moderate/difficult hike. However, we brought our dog and he led the way the whole time! Will definitely visit this trail again.

Great hike, quite scenic but also quite busy on the trail around the visitor’s center. A little bit of confusion at the top so maybe a few more trail markers but I would definitely recommend.

Awesome trail, extremely pretty, but not very well marked, although it is still fun to navigate with AllTrails. The lake is beautiful and the hike is a gradual incline. If you do this loop you will definitely enjoy yourself. Basically a smaller Stone Mountain with not greenery.

15 hours ago

Great short little hike to round out an easy morning.

17 hours ago

Shaded trail with a beautiful waterfall at the end.

17 hours ago

Beautiful views from the top!

Challenging. Took rough ridge to jacks to rice camp to cowpen. Can camp before upper falls river crossing and after lower falls crossing. Yellow sign marks no camp zone. A lot of burn damage/downed trees. There is some water on cowpen, at the stream shown before cowpen connects with hickory ridge, but it’s a steep scramble down to collect.

Did this on a day hike, all the way from the visitors center. The stairs are not easy, even with just a light pack. The falls and initial scenery are breathtaking. The walk going up kind of fools you with how it seems easier than it actually is. Your sore feet will remind you of how much climbing you really did. Coming back was faster, but not easier. The stairs coming back down are a joy (not).

mountain biking
1 day ago

first time doing a MTB trail and it kicked my ass.. might stick to sidewalks for now

This is one of the lovelier hikes I have taken in a while! It seems spring may be the time to go; I could still see great views and the wildflowers were spectacular! I passed only one other person and had the entire trail to myself after that. To some reviewers' points, the trail is rugged, but even in my sandals, I had little trouble navigating it. The weather was a perfect 80 degrees and very windy (some of the larger snags were a bit nerve-racking)! The trail intersects with white and then orange and I got off track at that point, but I realized it pretty quick and backtracked. My hike was closer to 11 miles because of this, but I still enjoyed the flowers, the waterfalls, the rocks and snakes. Just beautiful.

2 days ago

Near Iron Hill Trail. I like to run Iron Hill then hike this right after. A bit challenging at a few spots. Several spots to veer off and sit on small somewhat-secluded beaches and modest overlooks of the lake. Very nice scenery.

2 days ago

As far as non-secluded parks go this is a very nice one. Not much nature, but safe, flat path for people of all fitness levels to enjoy and so many great features and activity options for gathering (pavilions, skateboarding, kids’ play area, expansive dog park area)

trail running
2 days ago

Easy walk/jog. Very nice escape. Easy-to-follow path. Couple good spots for dogs to swim too.

There are many trails of many varying distances and difficulty levels throughout Kennesaw Mtn trail network. I go regularly and have not tired of it three years on. I enjoy taking friends and family who visit the area, as it is often their favorite activity that we do in the NW burbs. Definitely some challenging stretches. TAKE WATER.

This is a pleasant easy walk culminating in a nice waterfall. Take the low trail back to stay near the brook.

Beautiful scenery but take note: this trail on the app is not talking about the gorge floor. Hiking the loop across the suspension bridge is a lot of steps but nothing is better (but more difficult) here than the gorge floor leading up Sliding Rock Trail. Took my husband and I about 3.5 hours to hike (and climb and wade in freezing water) from the Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center then down to the suspension bridge then further down to the gorge floor (no pets allowed on the gorge floor) then across the rocks and along the rocks all the way to Bridal Veil Falls. The real challenge is the 45 degree angle climb up Sliding Rock Trail for about .25 miles and then up to the South Rim trail and across the bridge and North Rim Trail back to the center. Difficult but so worth it! Permit is required to go down to the gorge floor (only 100 given out each day).

saw a baby snapping turtle and enjoyed the trails but nothing over spectacular today. was looking for trails to ride mountain bike on but found nothing really.. but realized there's no MTB riding listed here..

It’s not just about the falls. My wife and I have taken this hike numerous times. We bring water and snacks and just enjoy everything this location has to offer. The river alone is enchanting. The trees are amazing. We love this hike.

Beautiful scenery from both sides. Quite the workout if you decide to hike the trails from one side to the other. Take the stairs all the way down to the bridge, cross it, then come back up the stairs on the other side. It was abt 11,000 steps trail and steps.

Easy and great for kids. A little crowded. View are nice, but overlooking a road and chicken farm:(

Good easy trail I use it for trail running if I add a little I get 5 miles per loop

Breathtakingly beautiful. There’s even stairs!

3 days ago

hi I love this Trail there's actually 3 at Lake Russell. As far as possible poison oak, poison ivy, it appears we're in the National Forest; remember to learn how to use a compass possibly an orienteering one and map...so the trail marks won't bother you. GPS should never replace these. Just a few recommendations for casual hikers. best to stick to Buford dam, Roswell walkways. At one time they were considering closing the lake, this area is beautiful, and there are no power boats allowed. if you've ever camped here, it's a hidden gem (Better than Dockery Lake) and I'm glad it's here. It keeps the area less congested. I'm training for (SALT). Then the AT. Please remembet Leave no Trace, and thank you to the MGMT for keeping this location open.

perfect for my area.

Great trail and BEAUTIFUL water falls. Will definitely visit again.

Awesome trail. We started and ended at store parking lot and did total of 7 miles. Definetely challenging coming up steep climb back to car for last mile. Would highly recommend this trail

Just beautiful, it was well worth the strain of climbing the steps to the top. I would definitely go again!

4 days ago

This is a mountain biking trail.

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