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Went here a couple of weeks ago and there are two different trails. The one listed on All Trails is not paved, but is short, beautiful, and had great views of the lake. It’s the one to the left at the end of the parking lot. There were a couple of downed trees on the path, but easy to get around. We went with our kids (8 and 3 years old) and they had no problem.

The one that is paved is off to the right when you enter. The is a small parking area as soon as you get there and the bigger lot just a few steps away. There are two loops and you get an obstructed view of the lake.

Not 5 star because it was very heavily trafficked. But it was a beautiful Sunday and the views were great. Especially at the top of the trail. Will do it again but will go early in the morning to avoid crowd.

It was just an amazing, gorgeous day. Took my German Shepard with me and made five miles easy. The volunteer staff there were super friendly. I didn’t find any water away from the park so take your hydration system. There was a wedding on the canyon floor which was awesome to see. Met some awesome people on the trail who recommended going to the Omaha Brewing company nearby, which was a great way to finish up the day. It was a really positive experience!

Was a fun hike NOBO from Neel Gap. Last mile or so was the epitome of the AT’s PUDs moniker as it was very steep while running close to the highway which would have offered a more moderate incline.

We followed directions from Blairsville and Miller Gap Road deadends by some houses, no signs for the trail and definitely no parking. Google and Apple maps give the same directions. Huge disappointment as we plan for hikes every Thursday and brought our dog for this one

Hiked from Springer Mtn to Gooch Gap with a daypack just to get a feel for the trail and some miles (~16 miles) in the log book. I thought the trail was in great shape, all blow down has been removed and the trail seems to drain and dry out well. Made good time, still LOTS of thru-hikers starting out. Nice to see them.

Took this trail to the Cooper Creek trail then to the Mill Shoals trail back down to the camp area. Made a great loop for a three hour walk. First half is up then down. Think best times to do this trail would be Spring and Fall.

Great trail to warm up on. Would not advice to do it in reverse as there is a fairly steep stairstep that is hard enough coming down. Great waterfalls in the distance and numerous small streams to cross. Also has a couple of good campsites. The overlook is worth the off main trail hike and a good place to rest and have a snack. Would highly advise using trekking polls. I'm a 74 year old male, so you can do it!!

Trail was very rocky and has lots of tree roots. Had to walk with our feet sideways the majority of the time on side of the mountain. Ran into some trees down on trail near end. This trail should definitely be rated hard/difficult instead of moderate. It’s not just a steep hill and then levels out.....it’s constant the entire time. River view was nice. Park had other trails you could get on that I would say we’re moderate, which we took back once we went the length of this trail

over grown
1 day ago

Great hike. A few areas were over grown but nothing major. There's a few trees down easy to step over. Watch for snakes in warmer weather passed 2 copper heads.

The trail was pretty well maintained and there are a lot of tees for disc golf. There aren’t many good points to view/go on the waterfront, but there is a nice dock/entry big enough for a boat. It’s behind a housing complex, but it did a good job of winding in and out of the green so I forgot I was even around homes. Some of the trails led to dead ends or grassy/overgrown patches, but it was pretty easy to stay on trail and walk/run for me! A nice quick get away in Suwanee.

just finished this today starting from the south trail is pretty good till bray field after that it gets a little confusing on the river crossings the last 5 miles are the worse as all the down trees and some river crossings are not marked but as long as you keep going down river youll be fine in the end its a good trail for the first 7 miles the last 6 make the juice not worth the squeeze the trail has 38 river crossings from knee deep to waist deep after a week without rain 3/24/19

First time with a group 46 and it was challenging, I am a walker not a hiker but I completly enjoyed it will do it again.

Other than mosquito attacks (an expected part of any walk near water in Georgia) it was amazing. My dogs loved it.

I did the Turtle trail and found it to be a easy hike with not much elevation change. It would be suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels as long as you are aware of its distance of around 4 miles. The entire trail is through the woods with lots of shade which makes it great for young children and hot sunny days. The only downside is that it is narrow as others have said, no more than 2 people wide at its widest, so when bikers come by you have to step off the trail. The trail head can be found by walking along the fence of the dog park.

Happy Trails!

2 days ago

Beautiful trail amazing views. This was me and my boyfriends first time hiking together. We started the hike from the top of Brasstown Bald hiking down to the wagon trail. Trail had a few knocked down trees but nothing too major. We hoped to see more wildlife but overall great hike. There was a mix up at the Nature center or whatever it’s called. I asked one of the park rangers about the trail first he wasn’t sure if the trail was open, failed to give us the accurate miles on the trail and he didn’t have a map of the trails which didn’t bother me but the fact that he didn’t even try and look was what did but whatever maybe he was have an off day.

2 days ago

It was a decent trail, however it was rather boring. Several rocky spots, muddy areas and a couple places where trees were blown completely across the already narrow path.

This was a nice trail - well marked. Dirt trail along the lake.

This is a fabulous trail. Beautiful views, good exercise and well marked. Highly recommend!

This trail is apparently closed. No signs marking trail. Had to look for a “possible” entrance based on AllTrails directions. It had a gate and sign posted that said “No Trespassing”, but we figured that applied to vehicles. We went on our Merry Way and got some of the trail, but the others seemed to disappear. We circled the park and camping area to add length and time.

Indian springs was a lovely walk through the woods. I Did not find any trash on the trails, only a few pieces near the picnic areas. I surprised a doe, saw a hawk spread its wings, and a tiny chipmunk cross my path. The hills were not too challenging, and it was very peaceful. 5 thumbs up.

Trail was great! Ran into a pack of wild hogs..had to wait for them to pass. Other than that scare, all was good! A few tough hills to pull, but the majority of the time there were benches on the side once u made it to take a breather and to get a sip of water.

A beautiful paved trail around the lake with playgrounds and ball fields. Well maintained, plenty of gorgeous views of the lake and even some baby birds!

This past fall I hiked this 4 times. Last time I was there, we heard a bear moaning. Never saw it, but the sound was unmistakable. So I’ve been leery to solo hike there. Until today. Saw no one else, which is the way I like it! Bear Creek was not exactly rock hoppable, but I came prepared with water shoes. Lots of wild azaleas and a few dogwood trees blooming. Not an abundance of wildflowers, but did see 3 varieties of violets, foamflower, squaw root, violet wood sorrel, yellow star grass, crested dwarf iris, bluets, and rue anemone. I began from the playground parking lot, which saves about a mile, as opposed to beginning at the Backcountry camping parking lot. Camping is now allowed at the 2 primitive campsites, with reservation. Costs $8/person per night.

3 days ago

We did the hike from the middle of waterfall and it was wonderful. The view and the stairs aren’t too bad; slightly slippery. Besides that’s it was amazing

Solid little trail run. Some inclines, finished nicely along the River. Only reason it’s not 5 stars is because I feel like that’s reserved for Rocky Mountain trail running or something. This is just a nice quiet little place for a solid run.

Good lookout and fun to hike along water. Went with a meet up group on 3.5 mile route. Note that there is limited parking and need to pay or get park pass.

Would definitely recommend this trail for anyone. Like the description says, the trail has a steady incline till the end. Following the creek the whole way provides plenty of spots to sit and chill for a bit, or hop in the water to cool down.

Tried to fit this in on a business so had very limited time. Perfect April day and absolutely fantastic trail. It was more difficult than I expected, first of all I missed my trekking poles a ton with the elevation change. But I wasn’t carrying a pack like everybody else so no complaints.

The rocks especially on the freeman trail were brutal, some of the toughest terrain I’ve done in a ‘popular’ trail. Still managed to finish in 3 hours but I was hustling and am paying for it after...

Also managed to go the wrong way for way too long at a trail intersection. Completely my fault trying to rush to much and not looking.

Jealous of all the NOBOs I ran across!

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