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Great park and highly recommend coming here. Quite and not a lot of people.

We enjoyed this beautiful place last weekend.

Nice hike. Not sure why they says it’s 5.1 miles. We took the long route and it wasn’t quite four miles. Still a good workout with a nice view of a waterfall.

Skip this trail if you want to go hiking in the woods. The only walking trails are really paved beside the river. Once you’re in the woods, it’s a constant barrage of mountain bikes speeding toward you and then getting upset if you don’t see them in time.

7 days ago

A solid neighborhood park to get a nice walk in during the week! Loop twice = about 3 miles? The ladies room is always clean too, so added perk!

8 days ago

Nice place and quick stop off interstate to explore. The sounds birds chirping, sound of water rushing down the rocks, butterflies everywhere so relaxing after Atlanta traffic! Seen people doing yoga by the cascades. Very cool!!

18 days ago

Easy and beautiful.

18 days ago

I absolutely LOVE this place!! From the trail to the waterfall, it's very beautiful. I love getting in the water and absorbing everything around. It's an amazing place, no matter the season!

Nice and very scenic. Loved this park! Will be back soon!

Great walk. Only came across 3 other groups and no riders. Very quiet.

So this really isn’t trail for hiking but a place drop in the river. May be able to explore around bit and shore fish. So 2 stars. 4 stars for a kayaking/canoeing. Perfect place to cast a line.

One of our favorite go to hikes. Shady and nice waterfall to end the hike on a warm summer day or enjoy waterfall without getting in

The trail hasn't been taken care of from what I could see. Used the recorded trail map given and it was difficult to follow due to no cell service (you have to buy pro to use offline). Got lost a few times due to the lack of upkeep (fallen trees) on the trail and there were multiple pathways from the main trail. There is also a Ranger area that was restricted near the trail. Also, if you're okay with your shoes getting wet or taking off your shoes, you cross the river on this hike. Didn't get to complete the entire trail due to the sun setting and it raining on us halfway. Aside from that, it was beautiful and would definitely go back to clear up the trail and try again.

It was $5 to enter the trail. With all the free trails out there, I don’t see a purpose in paying $5 to walk less than 2 miles.

1 month ago

Well-marked trail. Combine this trail with the trail across the river for a great hiking day.

We followed the Yellow trail markings which is not exactly The Fort Yargo Lake Loop on AllTrails, but it's close; following the Yellow trail cuts off a small portion next to the lake. Our GPS said 6.2 miles. Easy trail, very well marked, not terribly crowded particularly on the opposite side of the lake. Very minor ups and downs. Pretty.

DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR AT THE END OF THIS ROUTE. The owner gave us a earful for picking up our kayaks at the end. It is private property so don't plan on picking up your kayaks there.

Besides that, it was a beautiful route to kayak. We did not have to get out of our kayaks because of down trees.

Really hoping someone here can answer this question for me...
Is this a hiking trail or is this the river? I can’t find information online.

1 month ago

Only saw 3 other backpackers. They were a few blow downs on the trail that we had to cut trails around. There’s a creek crossing about 7 miles in from the hwy 76 trailhead that was a little challenging to cross.

lost the trail twice, but mostly our easy distraction.

1 month ago

Uhhh The Chattooga Trail is alot more than 20 miles. It goes all the way up to Ellicott Rock at the Ga and NC line.

The 2.2 loop description is a little misleading seeing that there are several trails inside that loop that range from easy to just short of hard. Depending on how you use these trails it can be a full day of hiking.

I agree that the trail marking is virtually non-existing but using landmarks you can get back to your car even if you have make your own way.

2 months ago

Liked it. Worth the price of admission. Wish it was a little longer of a walk but still very good and well maintained.

2 months ago

I love this park. I hike out to the lookout tower is awesome, you can see for miles around from the top. So many sights so much history.

2 months ago

This is right off I-75. A nice spot to stop and stretch your legs!. Beautiful falls!

Well maintained by SORBA. Diverse terrain of deciduous and pine trees, rises and falls, straightaways and switchbacks. Must stay alert for bikes AND roots/rocks. Avalanche loop 1 & 2 take you above the Little River at a dam and another white water spot. You can hear I-575 traffic, especially in winter. Avalanche loop 3 escapes car noise.

piece a cake trail. got a bit lost once I hit road area but I have to rate this trail as easy...

paddle sports
2 months ago

Let's be clear about the subject. This is a water trail. In fact, there are two of them. Both begin at the boat ramp near the park office.

The first is marked by red metal tags on trees; some are faded. Red trail proceeds more or less up the middle of the lake and upstream Fifteen Mile Creek (the source of the mill "pond") to the bridge where US Hwy 80 crosses it. Current is very, very slow to the point of being almost indiscernable.

The other trail is a loop that follows the shoreline around the lake. It is marked by green metal tags affixed to trees. These are also faded, so they may appear gray. Of course, this makes them difficult to find. If the water level is low, the green trail is impossible to follow. Furthermore, this loop trail threads through brush and around closely spaced trees. It is a navigator's challenge.

Aside from the challenges mentioned, it is also worthwhile noting that wasp nests are sometimes found on trees. They grow as the seasons progress, so that by fall they can be pretty large. Don't mess with them. Don't bump into trees containing them or you will have a bonnet full. And you can't just jump out of your boat and run away.

Watson Mill Pond is a very peaceful and beautiful place to canoe or kayak. Birdwatchers will be delighted with the swamp canaries, herons blue and white, chickadees, painted buntings, and many other species. You might find a beaver lodge or two. Cat-face scars can be seen on old stumps resulting from turpentine works back in the days before the pond was built.

Watson Mill Pond seems like a likely place to fish. I have fished there many times, but have never had so much as a bite. If you want fish for dinner, you better stop at the grocery store in nearby Twin City.

I highly recommend George L Smith State Park and Watson Mill Pond trails. For a great camping experience, pick a site in the campground near the pond and paddle your boat to your heart's content.

Nice little loop trail for a quick hike. A moderate incline in the middle is worth the effort, offering fleeting glimpses of the river through the trees during the seasons when the foliage is minimal.

Nice easy hike but was not a loop, it was an out and back. 10 miles total on GPS.

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