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Omaha, Georgia Map

Took my son and dog for an afternoon trip. Easy trail and safe. Beautiful views.

This our trial run to get our packs adjusted before starting on the Application trail. we have been going here for many years, and love it

4th time out here this year. The canyon walls are gorge-ous.

Not a difficult walk down to the bottom of the canyon, from there on it’s pretty flat and a lot of fun to explore!

25 days ago

great place to go and spend some time exploring the canyon.

There is not a 2-mile trail - only a 3 and 7 mile trail.

Beautiful views and fun trails! Different levels for everyone with the 2 or 7 mile trails.

Beautiful place to visit. Don't be fooled that it's listed as EASY and 2.1 miles. That's just the ground-level loop. The real fun is in exploring the depths of the canyons. (Check out canyon#5 for sure!)

Coming back up via the 3- or 7-mile hikes is the real adventure! There are some short but moderately intense inclines (careful - they're slippery after rain) on those paths. We're going back in the fall after the leaves have changed.

Great trail for all. Definitely some of the best views in Georgia. We'll be returning.

I loved this park - it’s probably one of the best parks in South Georgia - the views of the canyon are amazing! It was definitely a fun hike.

Went for a quick hike with my dog. The trail is fairly simple and amazing views! Definitely worth going to.

Definitely one of the most enjoyable trails in the area. I’ve gone multiple times and enjoy it every time.


Amazing Hike Loved it!!!

The Little Grand Canyon nevera disappoints!

6 months ago

Loved the vies from the bottom!

Stunning views! Couldn’t believe this was Georgia!

Loved this hike! I took my German Shepherd and it was a great mix of hills and flat area!

Best views and hiking you can get in South Georgia.

7 months ago

awesome views from the bottom of the canyon. be prepared to get a little wet on the canyon floor. the rim trail is neat too with old cars at the halfway point.

As a beginner and someone very into geomorphology, I LOVED THIS HIKE!

The trail was easier than I expected and quite busy. The wet sandy stream beds felt wonderful on bare feet ;) We had a k9 companion in our group and he loved it too!

This place is gorgeous! We will be going back for sure!

This was such a pretty hike! Definitely recommend good grip hiking shoes because of the smooth surfaces and shoes you don't mind getting covered in orange clay mud and possibly even waterproof to keep your toes dry unless you plan on being very careful. My friend and I brought my dog and she loved it also! I plan on going back!

My friend and I took my dog through the canyons and then walked around them to see the canyons from a different angle. They were so gorgeous. You couldn't really see into the canyons until you got about half way around (we took the trail off of the creek in the canyons and not the one closer to the cars) but there were some cool old cars before you got to the lookout points. Next time, if I go through the canyons first again, I will probably just look into the canyons from the lookout spots near the cars rather than walk the whole perimeter.

10 months ago

the views were beautiful! the trails were easy, so much nature to take in. We just did, trails 1-5 this time with the little one.

The trails go through creek beds and it's mostly shaded.

Great for kids or dog walking. Nothing too challenging, but lots of interesting sites. Hiked this with a small group of friends and had a picnic at the end.

Very fun, 2-3hr hike. Took my dog, who loved it. Very easy to locate, trails clearly marked. Did not get a chance to do top upper loop due to rain, but enjoyed the day a lot. Will return.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Fun place.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Odd, misplaced "canyon" about 20 miles northeast of Lake George in Eufaula, Alabama.

First, and most important, it's $5 for a vehicle to enter so be prepared.

A short but steep descending trail falls into the canyon floor. The trails consist of sandy creek beds trailing off into each small, wooded canyon. The creek beds were wet today but never enough to come over the sole of my shoes. Small rivulets of water drain slowly in all directions. Oh and the water and sand is very red from the clay so you might get a bit stained.

The numerous warnings to not climb the canyons doesn't seem to deter many nitwits who freely climbed about as they liked. So is the state of our country, right? But I digress. The canyon walls are very fragile and should be left alone folks.

One last thing...come to find out, the "canyons" are mostly man-made. Years of aggressive farming and erosion reeked havoc on the soft rock and developed what is now the state park you see. Interesting.

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